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Louis jacques-mandé daguerre


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Louis jacques-mandé daguerre

  1. 1. The life of<br />Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre<br />November 18, 1787 – July 10, 1851<br />
  2. 2. Louis was born on November 18, 1787 in France.<br />Louis was an artist and a chemist.<br />Louis started working as a apprentice architect , then at age sixteen he worked as a assistant stage designer in a Paris theatre. He worked for different productions in Paris, he was more popular with lighting effects. His effects were so good, he got applaud in ever show case. He made the show more illusion, making more of a diorama which life size figures. Also using paintings.<br />The way he started using a camera was during his work as a stage designer. He used the camera as a perspective of the paintings. Leading him to freeze the image, like taking a photo.<br />He continued with his theory and led him to make the Daguerreotype, he made this invention by accident!<br />He then got help by a politician; François Arago. He admired the work of the process, took his case up, and the French government commissioned a report on the process. Next thing they announced about the invention. Once the announcement was made, the invention was used a lot! He became very successful with this, and also his partner that helped him; NicéphoreNiépce known as Joseph Niépce.<br />Louis died on July 10, 1851 at age 63<br />Background Information:<br />
  3. 3. Louis and Joseph worked on an experiment together, to make a difference in photography, even though Joseph died, Louis still encountered him in the invention.<br />The Daguerreotype was an accident, Louis he put an exposed plate in his chemical cupboard and some hours later he came back and noticing that the latent photo had developed! Louis then said that this was due to the presence of mercury vapor from a broken thermometer.<br />The Daguerreotype was made in 1837.<br />Known as the first practical photographic process.<br />The Daguerreotype<br />
  4. 4. Timeline<br />
  5. 5. Q:Who influenced or what influenced Louis? A: He was influenced by Joseph Niépce. <br />Q: Did Louis influenced others? A: Yes he did, he influenced others to take photos, to experience more on photography, with his invention he gave the public a new perspective on photography.<br />Q: How was this person important to photography? A: He was very indeed important, because it changed photography, it changed the art of it. After presenting it to the public, they started to use it more frequently, used it on a casual day, occasions, portraits, and later on people would use this development in fashion magazines.<br />Q: Was this person important to another art form? A: Yes, after inventing his creation, he came to the public and said “ From today, painting is dead.” Painting was used for portraits, and more. To see the imagine they would paint, but now why need paintings?<br />Q's & A's<br />
  6. 6. Photography<br />1837 – Louis captures a still life on his windowsill.<br />Late 1838 or early 1839 – Louis captures a picture of a busy street, bottom of the photo, shows a man getting his show polished.<br />
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