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The Healthy Sandwich Project


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Published in: Self Improvement
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The Healthy Sandwich Project

  1. 1. „The Healthy-Sandwich-Project“of class 8 e & fof theKurt-Tucholsky-Gesamtschule
  2. 2. Tunawitchby Nathalie andSirintwo slices ofwhole-grain breadsome creamcheesesome lettuceabout 5 slices ofcucumbersome tuna
  3. 3. The WonderItalianiby Serdar and Paultwo slices ofwhole-grain breada little tuna creamsome gherkinssome slices oftomatoone slice ofcheese
  4. 4. VegetableSmackerby Sapena andJeremytwo slices ofwhole-grain bread5 slices ofcucumbersome lettucea little BBQ-sauceone slice ofcheesetwo tomatoes
  5. 5. MustacheSandwichby Berrak and Ayşetwo slices ofwhole-grain breadone slice of coldcut (poultry)some lettuceone slice ofcheeseone or two slicesof cucumber5 olivesa little mayonnaise
  6. 6. SandwichBlasterby Mykolas andKevintwo slices ofwhole-grain breada little mayonnaisethree slices ofcold cut (poultry)6 gherkinssome herbstwo to three olives
  7. 7. The NaturalBreakfastSandwichby Diana and Juliatwo slices ofwhole-grain breada little butter2 slices of salami2 slices of tomatosome gherkinssome lettuce
  8. 8. AngryCucumberby Michael andVithusantwo slices ofwhole-grain breadone slice ofcheese4 slices ofcucumber
  9. 9. Thaddeus faceby Kübra and Büşratwo slices ofwhole-grain breadone slice ofcheese2 slices of tomatoSome lettuce2 olives2 gherkins
  10. 10. Smiling Tunaby Nicola andMauricetwo slices ofwhole-grain bread2 slices of tomato2 slices ofcucumbersome lettucea little mayonnaisesome tuna