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Kansas City's Green Solutions Pilot Project, URS Green Solutions, Kansas City


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An overview of the Kansas City's Green Solutions Pilot Project, by URS Green Solutions, Kansas City.

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Kansas City's Green Solutions Pilot Project, URS Green Solutions, Kansas City

  1. 1. Engineering + Ecology + CreativityTurning Stormwater Challenges IntoCommunity BenefitsKansas City’s Green Solutions Pilot ProjectMay 2012 1
  2. 2. Engineering + Ecology + CreativityBlending Sound Engineering with EcologyURS Green Solutions Kansas City has helped clients solve problems by integratingengineering and ecology for decades and has real world, “dirt under the fingernails”experience in both municipal and industrial applications. Projects have ranged frombioengineering for streambank restoration to rain gardens for CSO control (below) toindustrial stormwater treatment wetlands.Thought Leaders Streambank restoration, bioengineering Constructed wetland designed to remove nutrients Urban Raingarden For CSO Controls 2
  3. 3. Engineering + Ecology + CreativityKansas City’s Green Solutions Pilot ProjectThe Middle Blue River Green Solutions Pilot Project is using green infrastructure toreduce CSOs while helping revitalize an urban neighborhood. The project is testingthe technical effectiveness, constructability, and cost-effectiveness of 150 BMPsretrofitted into a residential and commercial neighborhood. Construction includes73 raingardens, 39 bioretention gardens, 36 curb extensions, a bioswale, tree planters,below-grade storage systems, and over 5,000 feet of porous sidewalk.Turning Problems into Opportunities:Selecting the Right Solutions for Your Community Below-grade storage is hidden beneath a rain gardenPilot Testing Green Infrastructure for CSO ControlsStormwater BMPs included in this project were designed to intercept stormwaterbefore it enters the combined sewer (photo at upper right), providing storage and Porous sidewalk soaks up stormwater andinfiltration which will reduce runoff to the sewer. BMPs such as porous sidewalk and reduces winter icingselect bioretention gardens also include subsurface storage (a total of 370,000 gallonsthroughout the project) which will be released back into the sewer at a controlledrate. 3
  4. 4. Engineering + Ecology + CreativityKansas City’s Green Solutions Pilot ProjectOver 100 raingardens and bioretention gardens were included in the designthroughout the project area. Distributed detention more closely mimics naturalhydrology, promotes infiltration, filters pollutants, and creates attractive streetscapesin the process.Raingardens and Bioretention Bioretention Raingarden 4
  5. 5. Engineering + Ecology + CreativityKansas City’s Green Solutions Pilot ProjectWhen talking to residents at the neighborhood meetings and help during thedesign phase, one common concern raised was speeding through neighborhoodstreets. The curb extension design was created to integrate stormwater storage withtraffic calming devices to address specific neighborhood needs. Many of the curbextensions also contain below-grade storage systems for extra detention volume.Curb Extensions Curb extension inlet Check dam 5
  6. 6. Engineering + Ecology + CreativityKansas City’s Green Solutions Pilot ProjectOver 5,000 feet of porous pavement and pavers have been constructed. Poroussidewalks and gutters are used in this project both to store and convey water.Materials being tested include porous concrete, pervious pavers, porous streetgutters, and below-grade storage systems beneath the pavements.Porous Pavements Storage cubes under porous pavers Porous gutter conveys stormwater 6
  7. 7. Engineering + Ecology + CreativityStormwater Challenge: Combined SewerOverflowsKansas City’s Green Solutions Pilot Project is pilot testing multiple BMP types anddesign variations to select the most reliable and cost-effective approaches for theMidwest climate, landscape, and soils. The lessons-learned from this project will helpURS select the right approaches for future stormwater retrofits.Improving BMP Design:Details Improve Performance Plant locations and varieties are a key design detailSweating the Details of Green Solutions Design to ImprovePerformance and Reduce MaintenanceSmall details can make the difference between success and failure in stormwater Field testing engineered soil for infiltration ratesmanagement BMPs. Preventing erosion, managing sediment, promoting infiltrationthrough proper bed preparation (photo at upper right), selecting the right plant forthe right place in a rain garden all improve performance, reduce maintenance, andsave headaches. URS Green Solutions Kansas City has built hundreds of BMPs, made afew mistakes along the way, and improved designs each step of the way to help makeit easier for the next community to invest in green infrastructure. 7
  8. 8. Engineering + Ecology + CreativityKansas City’s Green Solutions Pilot ProjectURS Green Solutions, Kansas City is pushing the limits of the green approach tostormwater management and charting new waters in green design to create a newgeneration of cities with sustainable stormwater infrastructure.Creative Solutions Custom inlet and trash basketAddress Local ChallengesProject designs were adapted to specific project challenges. The photos aboveillustrate: A cascading raingarden on sloped streets; a low profile bioretention Smartdrain underdrain in bioretention bedunderdrain; a custom inlet to keep debris out of storage chambers, and porous streetgutters and sidewalks. 8
  9. 9. Engineering + Ecology + CreativityURS Corporation8300 College Boulevard, Suite 200Overland Park, Kansas 66210913.344.1000913.344.1011 (fax) 9