Group 2 project IT Entrepreneurs


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Group 2 project IT Entrepreneurs

  1. 1. Social NetworksAlex Rugguri, Kemi Ajibare, Jessica Miele, and Matt Price
  2. 2. MySpace Myspace was launched in August 2003 by Chris DeWolfe and Tom Anderson. It is a free online social networking site that allows users to communicate between friends all over the world. Users are able to create a customizable profile that may include personal information such as picture albums, age, location, a playlist of songs, and of course, a friends list.
  3. 3. MySpace‟s Growth From 2005-2008, MySpace was the most visited social networking site in the world. It surpassed Google as the most visited website in 2006.
  4. 4. Popularity of MySpace It was the latest and greatest way to social network. Mostly every teen had one or knew about it. Users have the option to change the layout and background of their profile. Users can communicate with others and view their profiles and pictures.
  5. 5. Decline of MySpace Newer social networking sites became more popular. In 2008, the newer social networking site, Facebook, overtook Myspace by the number of worldwide users. During that time of downfall, the site was purchased by Specific Media and pop music star Justin Timberlake.
  6. 6. Facebook It was founded Mark Zuckerberg in 2004. It is a social networking website intended to connect friends, family, and business associates.
  7. 7. Facebook‟s Growth In 2006 the network was extended beyond educational institutions. Between 2006-2007 Facebook traffic grew 89%. As of January 2012 has more than 800 million active users.
  8. 8. Facebook‟s Popularity It allows users to create a personal profile. Facebook allows users to add other users as friends. Users are able to exchange messages and join groups. Facebook is a great way to reconnect with people and is great for business.
  9. 9. Twitter Twitter was created by Jack Dorsey in March 2006. Twitter was launched in July 2006. It is an online social networking service. It enables its users to send and read text-based posts with 140 characters or less.  These are known as “tweets.”
  10. 10. Twitter‟s Name“We came across the word „twitter,‟ andit was just perfect. The definition was „ashort burst of inconsequentialinformation,‟ and „chirps from birds.‟And that‟s exactly what the productwas.” – Jack Dorsey –
  11. 11. The Appeal of Twitter It allows private instant messages between users. Twitter is simple and easy to use.
 Twitter makes it easy for users to “follow” the news they are interested in.
 Twitter has become more popular recently with the declining interest in Facebook.
  12. 12. Google Plus Google Plus was created in June of 2011. It was made available to the public in September 2011. The company that created Google Plus is Google. It is the newest social network.
  13. 13. Google Plus‟ Growth At first users had to be invited to use Google Plus. In October the number of users was 40 million. Google Plus now has 90 million users.
  14. 14. Google Plus‟ Popularity People want something new and are tired of the other social networks. Hangouts  People can video chat with groups of people in real-time. Circles  Users can separate their contacts into separate circles. Instant Uploads  Certain phones allow users to instantly upload pictures.
  15. 15. In the Future Since 2003 there have been several popular social networks. People will still be using social networks in the upcoming years. However, the ones that are popular now will not be in the future. Technology is constantly changing and progressing.  Networking sites will be more interactive.
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