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Advanced Custom Fields Lightning Talk WordCamp Miami 2018


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These are the slides to my lightning talk at WordCamp Miami on Saturday, March 17th, 2018.

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Advanced Custom Fields Lightning Talk WordCamp Miami 2018

  1. 1. Getting Started with Advanced Custom Fields
  2. 2. Jesse Velez • Working with WordPress for over 5 years • 90% of my business isWordPress related • Using Advanced Custom Fields for a few years • Loves giving away knowledge • Blog: • Biz:
  3. 3. Advanced Custom Fields (ACF) • From now we’ll call it ACF • Free plugin developed by Elliot Condon ( • Makes Creating Custom Fields easier • Easy to use interface • Programmer and non-programmer friendly
  4. 4. What are Custom Fields • Custom Fields allows you to add additional information when writing a post and stores that information so you can use it later. • For example, creating an Address book. • You can add fields like, Name, Address, City, State, Zip and Phone Number • You then can use that information in your website (maybe a private client list). • WordPress allows you this flexibility, but…
  5. 5. The Hard Way to make Custom Fields • Creating Custom Fields can take a lot of coding • ACF does the coding for you (you can also export code if you like)
  6. 6. ACF Makes it easy • I don’t work for ACF, but I appreciate the plugin developer for making my life easier. • ACF helps you to keep your information organized • ACF can display Custom Fields in custom post types, so if you only want some fields to show up when you create a new blog Post or only on Pages, you have an option to make that happen.
  7. 7. Friendly to Non-Programmers • By friendly, I don’t mean NO programming. Just not as bad. • There is plenty of documentation to help you Cut and Paste code (always make a backup of the file your editing first). • • Don’t forget to make some friends here at WordCamp that can help you out with some PHP pointers.
  8. 8. ACF PRO • There is a PRO version of ACF which I use and it helps out to have some of the PRO features. • I consider it a good value and when a new PRO version was made, I got the upgrade for free.
  9. 9. ACF PRO • The PRO feature that I use is the Repeater, which allows you to create nested Custom Fields. • For instance, let’s say you want to create your own slide show. • You can create some fields like: • MainTitle, Subtitle, Image, Button • But you want to use it over again for the a few slides, the Repeater Field gives you that option.
  10. 10. ACF & Custom Post Types • ACF can be made to only appear on all or specific kinds of PostTypes. • On these website samples, there were multiple types of artistic expression and I was able to create custom post types and assign Custom Fields to each individual PostType.
  11. 11. LOTS OF CUSTOM POST TYPES LOTS OF ACF Fields going to Specific Post Types
  12. 12. Advance Custom Fields Plugin • Although I have enough skill to type up the code for custom fields, the time I save and with my poor spelling makes ACF a great choice. • Questions?