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Google AMP - What is it and is it right for your website? SLCSEM, Oct 2016


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Is it too early to begin thinking about Google AMP outside of the Google news carousel? I’ll take you through the commons pitfalls of AMP and some of the results publishers are seeing.

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Google AMP - What is it and is it right for your website? SLCSEM, Oct 2016

  1. 1. @jessesem Accelerated Mobile Pages Project What is AMP and is it right for your website? October 2016
  2. 2. @jessesem Jesse Semchuck Director of Online Marketing at Purch @jessesem
  3. 3. @jessesem@jessesem
  4. 4. @jessesem@jessesem
  5. 5. @jessesem
  6. 6. @jessesem 1 BillionMonthly Visitors @jessesem
  7. 7. @jessesem Google’s Definition of AMP @jessesem
  8. 8. @jessesem
  9. 9. @jessesem Make the web great again? ¯_(ツ)_/ ¯
  10. 10. @jessesem Google AMP is… A web component library, validator, and caching layer for reliably fast web content at scale. Translation… You will need to code a stripped down version of your web pages according to Google’s rules. Google will then approve, cache and serve your AMP pages.
  11. 11. @jessesem Google Is Going All In On Mobile @jessesem
  12. 12. @jessesem I’d Rather Have My Car Stolen Than My Smartphone @jessesem
  13. 13. @jessesem • Smartphone dependency is increasing rapidly. They are not just phones with internet. They are our workstations, our connection to our families, our place to shop, and our televisions. • Over 60% of all searches start on a mobile device.
  14. 14. @jessesem I’m ”Above Average” @jessesem
  15. 15. @jessesem • US adults spend an average of 3 hours per day on their mobile devices. • 4 years ago this was under 1 hour.
  16. 16. @jessesem The average mobile page load time is 19 seconds @jessesem
  17. 17. @jessesem Human Attention Span Is Shorter Than Ever @jessesem
  18. 18. @jessesem • The average human attention span is 8 seconds. • The average attention span of a goldfish is 9 seconds. 19 SECONDS? 40% of users bounce after 3 seconds
  19. 19. @jessesem • Lack of user empathy for load times on mobile devices. • Lack of prioritization for speed enhancements. • Programmatic ad serving can be incredibly slow. I’ve seen pages that run through over 100 different ad servers before loading completely. • If your business model is dependent on ad revenue, you’re guilty. Publishers Have Broken The Mobile Web
  20. 20. @jessesem 2017 Ad Blocking Projections • Desktop: 29% • Smartphone: 11% • Up from 3% in 2014 At Purch, we have some properties well over 30% already. If you have a tech savvy audience, expect higher rates of ad blocking. The Result? Rise of the Ad Blockers
  21. 21. @jessesem Can Google AMP Save The Day?
  22. 22. @jessesem
  23. 23. @jessesem AMP Is Fast. Really Fast. @jessesem
  24. 24. @jessesem AMP pages load in under 1 second
  25. 25. @jessesem Why Is AMP So Fast? @jessesem
  26. 26. @jessesem • Allow only asynchronous scripts • Size all resources statically • Keep all third-party JavaScript out of the critical path • All CSS must be inline and size- bound • Font triggering must be efficient • Minimize style recalculations • Only run GPU-accelerated animations • Prioritize resource loading • Goal: Load pages in an instant Translation… AMP is fast because Google is caching and serving your content for you. Standard: top-10-inventions-changed- world.html (responsive) AMP: top-10-inventions-changed- world.html
  27. 27. @jessesem JS tags Desktop, Mobile & AMP @jessesem
  28. 28. @jessesem Desktop (over 100)
  29. 29. @jessesem Mobile (over 60)
  30. 30. @jessesem AMP (21)
  31. 31. @jessesem AMP – Saving The Mobile Internet? @jessesem
  32. 32. @jessesem • Washington Post — 23% increase in mobile search users who return within 7 days • Slate — 44% increase in monthly unique visitors and a 73% increase in visits per monthly unique visitor • Gizmodo — 80% of Gizmodo’s traffic from AMP pages is new traffic, 50% increase in impressions • Wired — 25% increase in click through rates from search results, with CTR on ads in AMP stories up by 63%. • Relay Media — in the last 30 days alone has converted over 2.5 million AMP pages for publishers like The Daily Dot, Hearst Television and The Miami Herald which says mobile users who start with an AMP article spend 10% more time than those who land on regular mobile pages. • 80%+ of the publishers realized higher viewability rates • 90%+ of the publishers drove greater engagement with higher CTRs
  33. 33. @jessesem So What’s The Problem?
  34. 34. @jessesem CNN Example - Query: Hillary Clinton @jessesem
  35. 35. @jessesem • This page loaded in under 1 second! • When clicking the back button or the x at the top of the page, it takes you back to the Google results. NOT COOL GOOGLE • CNN needs to fix their navigation elements on AMP pages. • Google needs to give readers an easy way to drive deeper into the site.
  36. 36. @jessesem Why Would Google Do This? Two words: Ad Impressions Also, to make the mobile web experience better for users.
  37. 37. @jessesem Livescience Example - Mobile vs AMP @jessesem
  38. 38. @jessesem
  39. 39. @jessesem Mobile Performance
  40. 40. @jessesem
  41. 41. @jessesem AMP Performance
  42. 42. @jessesem AMP / FBIA Results For Purch @jessesem
  43. 43. @jessesem The Good… • Faster pages! • Millions of pages run through AMP since launch – 4% of total traffic • AMP / FBIA are delivering traffic increases • Bounce rate -25% • Page scrolls +22% The Bad… • AMP – Below 55% cannibalization is profitable. Additional testing required to determine rate of AMP / FBIA cannibalization • Types of ads you can run are limited • Page clicks -62% • Time on site -44% • PV/V 1.06
  44. 44. @jessesem Facebook Instant Articles vs AMP @jessesem
  45. 45. @jessesem Spoiler: AMP is winning
  46. 46. @jessesem ALP is Coming @jessesem
  47. 47. @jessesem
  48. 48. @jessesem Google is aggressive Come on over! Let’s work together to make the mobile web great again! @jessesem
  49. 49. @jessesem Your development resources @jessesem
  50. 50. @jessesem Should You Launch AMP Pages? @jessesem
  51. 51. @jessesem ”It Depends…” • If you are have a site in Google news – YES! • If your traffic is over 500k visitors a month - YES! (in most cases) • If you monetize through lead gen – NO! • If you’re a small/mid-size ecomm website - NO! But probably soon! • If your blog is on Wordpress with no monetization - YES! (plugins available) • If you don’t have the resources to keep your AMP pages up to date – NO! • If you don’t plan on building and testing independently of Google – NO!
  52. 52. @jessesem AMP Implementation Tips @jessesem
  53. 53. @jessesem 1. QA your analytics tracking code – then QA it again 2. Create easy ways for users to drill deeper into your site 1. Links to related articles at the top 2. Navigation menu should be visible 3. Link to the main version of the article 3. QA your ad units 4. Use the AMP validator tool: 5. Prepare for ongoing testing – AMP is not ”set it and forget it”
  54. 54. @jessesem Do People Even Know What AMP Means? @jessesem
  55. 55. @jessesem
  56. 56. @jessesem Will It Increase Your Revenue? @jessesem
  57. 57. @jessesem • Who is your customer? • How many visitors per month do you get on mobile vs desktop? • How is your website monetized? • What are your business goals? • Will you get more out of making your standard mobile pages faster?
  58. 58. @jessesem One Size Does Not Fit All @jessesem
  59. 59. @jessesem Thank You! @jessesem