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We have developed a new and unique branding platform designed to increase any company’s brand equity – guaranteed!

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LFR Branding Presentation Deck

  1. 1. The Next Generation in Acquisition & Retention Grow Brand Equity with Customized Recovery Labels
  2. 2. A Unique Solution to a Common Problem People lose things all the time — cell phones, laptops, digital cameras, wallets, keys — and less than 5 percent of unmarked items actually make it back to their rightful owners because the people who find them have no way of returning them. The fact is, if you los e something of value right now, you will probably never see it again. When your customers attach Recovery Labels and Tags to their valuables , they are 15- times more likely to get their lost property back – that’s more than 75 percent of the time! Did you know… Approximately 8-million cell phones go missing each year? Enterprise Rent-A-Car finds 50,000 items in their rental cars every year? Hurried travelers leave 12,000 laptops behind in U.S. airports each week? The New York City Transit Authority collects more than 100,000 lost items every year? In one year more than 116,000 mobile devices were left behind in Chicago cabs? Airlines spend nearly $3 billion annually compensating passengers for lost items and shipping late bags?
  3. 3. Customized Recovery Labels The nation’s most comprehensive on-line lost and found recovery service, lostfoundreturned, inc., introduces a revolutionary branding and marketing opportunity, and value-added service, with our Customized Recovery Labels and Tags. They are branded with your organization’s logo, the message: ―RETURN FOR REWARD‖, a unique identification number, as well as our Website and toll-free telephone number. You give them to your customers, they put them on their property – cell phone, iPod, digital camera, passport, etc. – and you watch your Brand Equity grow exponentially. Finders of these lost items contact us directly and we handle the entire lost and found process for you. We have developed a proprietary internet-based system, which provides the necessary infrastructure for handling all front and back-end functionality for customers to create secure accounts, activate ID numbers, register items and manage item inventory. Customers will not pay any shipping fees* on recoveries and have an unlimited number of recoveries. Finders are rewarded with one of your Customized Recovery Labels or Tags for free , along with any monetary reward (optional) your customer posted when they registered their Customized Recovery Label or Tag. Call To Action Your Logo Finder Unique ID Contacts Us Number *additional shipping costs apply on items greater than 8lbs – shipping times may vary based on finder's availability – excludes Express Courier Service.
  4. 4. Customer Engagement: The New Way of Branding Common branding strategies include television and radio spots, press releases and direct mail campaigns. However, markets and customers are constantly changing. Customer Engagement is rapidly becoming the standard branding trend. One of the most notable transformations of this new trend is the shift into social networking. Companies are using this arena in an attempt to build on-line communities where they can create buzz and spread the word about their products, services and promotions.
  5. 5. Grow Brand Equity Increase Exposure •Customized Recovery Labels and Tags are on-the-go and your logo will be seen frequently. •The next time your customer needs your service, they will think of you first. •Your customers will refer you more often to their friends and family. Brand Equity Create Buzz (Customer Engagement) •Customers will get their lost items back more than 75% of the time – and they will thank YOU! •They will spread the word about you via word-of-mouth and social networks. Buzz Build Customer Loyalty •Helping customers get their belongings back creates an experience that can’t be duplicated. Exposure Customer Loyalty •You will gain a customer for life.
  6. 6. Integration Opportunities We can help you get more creative with your branding and marketing campaigns to make you stand out even more from the competition by offering complimentary Customized Recovery Labels and Tags to your clients. Customized Recovery Labels and Tags make any branding and marketing campaign more creative and are a cost-effective way for your organization to meet the ever-changing challenges and demands of maintaining consistent branding efforts to your customer-base. As our economy continues to struggle to recover, it’s more important than ever for banks to continue to give customers more – not less. A Label/Tag Combination Pack can be given to every customer that opens up a new checking or savings account. Wireless communications companies can offer Recovery Labels as an upsell item at point-of-sale: as an alternative for customers who decide the extra coverage isn’t in their budget, or in addition to insurance as a way to increase their protection and the chances of getting their mobile device back if they lose it. They can also be sold as accessories on their Websites. Rental car companies can keep their brand in front of their customers every day by putting their logo on Recovery Key Tags. Airlines will see customer satisfaction rates increase by offering Customized Recovery Labels and Luggage Tags to increase return-rates of passengers’ missing property. Hotels can offer Recovery Labels and Tags at check-in, or improve the guest experience and ―wow‖ them by leaving them in their rooms before they arrive. This will certainly drive higher occupancy and hotel sales, as well as help their guests get their missing items back! Why not increase ROI on your next email marketing campaign by offering them as a reward for a call-to-action? They can even be given away at conventions, meetings or sponsored events, instead of pens or coffee mugs, and gain much greater exposure for your brand. Our Customized Recovery Labels and Tags, powered by lostfoundreturned’s lost and found recovery service, offer any organization a competitive edge by delivering high-impact results for a lot less than traditional branding and marketing methods, and provide a real value- added service that your customers will certainly appreciate.
  7. 7. Recovery Labels Customized Recovery Labels are made from durable polyester with super strong adhesive designed to permanently stick to just about anything. Key Tags are made of a laminated 30 mil plastic that will hold up for years. They both come in a variety of sizes and shapes allowing for an unlimited amount of applications. Durable Customized Luggage Tags are also available. The standard label is 1 1/2‖ x 3/4‖ and is the perfect size for items such as laptops, video cameras, portable DVD players, wallets and passports. The slimmer label is 1 5/8‖ x 5/16‖ and is ideal for things like cell phones, mp3 players, digital cameras and sporting equipment, such as golf clubs. Luggage Tags RETURN FOR REWARD www.lostfoundreturned.com Key Tag (877) 800-4416 RETURN FOR REWARD www.lostfoundreturned.com (877) 800-4416 ID #: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 T ID #: 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 L
  8. 8. Packaging & Benefits Each Customized Recovery Label and Tag comes packaged in its own customized card, complete with all of the details about how our lost and found recovery service works. There are a variety of tailored packaging and fulfillment solutions available. We can ship your Customized Recovery Labels and Tags to you, so you can decide who gets them and when to distribute them, or simply provide us with a CSV file and we can send them directly to your customers. We will work closely with your organization in the design process to ensure continuity of brand image, such as logos, slogans and messages. We can create a custom landing page for people to login and register their Recovery Labels and Tags (i.e., www.lostfoundreturned.com/companyname). Having a custom registration landing page is very important, so visitors will know they are in the right place when registering their Recovery Labels and Tags. You can even be listed as a Preferred Partner with lostfoundreturnedtm on both our B2B (www.promotionalbrandingservices.com) and B2C (www.lostfoundreturned.com) websites. In addition, when people click on your logo they will be directed to your organization’s website.
  9. 9. 360 Branding Customized Recovery Labels and Tags can help bring any branding and marketing campaign full-circle via Customer Engagement. Connecting with people by offering them a value-added service of protecting their belongings will result in superior brand recognition; increased exposure, viral buzz, customer loyalty and greater ROI. Brand Exposure Superior Equity Brand ROI Recognition Customer Buzz Loyalty Word-of- Unique Mouth Experience
  10. 10. Contact Us lostfoundreturned, inc. PO Box 816 New York, NY 10108-0816 917.475.2635 info@lostfoundreturned.com www.promotionalbrandingservices.com