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SOS Power Point Presentation


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BWC Visual Technology Powerpoint

Published in: Science
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SOS Power Point Presentation

  1. 1.  Science On a Sphere® was invented by Dr. Alexander "Sandy" MacDonald, the director of the NOAA Earth System Research Laboratory in Boulder, CO and OAR Deputy Assistant Administrator for NOAA Research Laboratories and Cooperative Institutes.  Dr. MacDonald came up with the concept for Science On a Sphere® in 1995 as an outgrowth of other visualization projects he was directing within the former Forecast Systems Laboratory.  An early prototype of Science On a Sphere® was built in 1995, followed by an earnest effort to develop a complete system beginning in the year 2000.  David Himes was the original lead software engineer on the project, who along with others, engineered, developed, and integrated all of the software and hardware components used to create a Science On a Sphere® system.  A patent was awarded to NOAA for Science On a Sphere® in August 2005, with Dr. MacDonald credited as the inventor.
  2. 2.  A large visualization system that uses computers and video projectors.  Display animated data onto the outside of a sphere.  An animated globe that shows dynamic images of atmosphere, oceans, and land.  Education and outreach tool to describe the environmental processes of Earth. Cite des Sciences de L Industrie Paris Alaska State Museum, Juneau, AK Museo delle Scienze, Trento, Italy
  3. 3.  68”, 60” and 48” carbon fiber spheres  2, 3, or 4 projectors  One Linux-based desktop computer, plus one spare  Proprietary software
  4. 4. SOS software renders Lat/Long maps into four spherical images for the projectors to display
  5. 5.  Over 500 Standard Datasets  Over 40 Movies produced for SOS  Over 30 Real-time Datasets  Categories: Atmosphere, Land, Ocean, Astronomy, Models & Simulations, Extras
  6. 6.  Authorized SOS Distributor and Installer  Manufactures the carbon fiber sphere  Installed over 100 SOS systems  Provide technical specifications for hardware required to build a complete SOS system  Provide detailed installation and technical requirements  Knowledge of equipment specs and installation logistics  On staff SOS tech support  Supply customized content and dataset service  Developed specialized tools & techniques for a successful SOS installation  Work with customer staff to ensure that the site requirements are met  Provide upgrades to the SOS system software as they become available
  7. 7. Desktop icon to switch from main to backup computer.  Single click alignment backup and restore icon. Desktop icon to turn on auto backup function that sends alignment file to other computer. Single click to switch video output from one computer to the other. Music visualizer: Displays dynamic images on the sphere that are synced with music. Real-time Satellite Tracking: Tracks and maps satellites in real-time and displays them on the sphere.
  8. 8.  For Scientific Studies, and Data Tracking  Educational tool that is used in science museums & visitor centers  In Zoos, aquariums, laboratories & schools  Stimulates students’ interest in science related careers  Offers a spectacular look at our world and the universe  Viewers can see and hear music visualizations  Watch climate change over 500 years  Travel back in time to the late Paleozoic era to see Pangea  Watch the journey of a young loggerhead sea turtle named Delta  And Much More…
  9. 9.  Creates exposure to Earth science, with an estimated annual visitor ship of more than 24 million people  Enhances environmental literacy and improve understanding, value, and use of weather and water information and services  Engages audiences of all ages and builds public understanding of the scientific, technological, and environmental topics ESRL NOAA NASA, GSFCSpace Foundation VC
  10. 10. “Brings science to life” “This is excellent material to understand the earth and Mars! I am not good at the science, but it's easy to understand for me! You should show all children in the world. Everyone loves it.” “Would come back as often as possible. Wonderful learning experience.” “Simply the idea of it - never seen anything like it! I'm not even much of a science person - it's just very cool.” “Excellent, easily understood visuals.” “Too numerous to list and brought sense to all science classes learned in school and college.” “The 3-D images on a sphere are unique and explain and show effects that cannot be seen in 2-D.”
  11. 11.  Over 100 worldwide SOS installations in: Museums, Visitor Centers, Aquariums, Labs, Zoos, Schools/Universities  62 Domestic Exhibits in 28 States  42 International Exhibits in 25 Countries
  12. 12. Features Include: Easy to use interface for maximum interactivity Over 115 datasets, including real- time datasets with descriptions Educational videos linked to specific datasets for deeper inquiry Tours that create a narrative through the datasets and help users make connections Analysis tools to easily measure, probe, and plot data from the visualizations Immersive, first person experiences: walk on the Moon or pilot a submarine
  13. 13. 4 Rail System Arch Rail System
  14. 14. Pictured left to right: Scott Muller (CTO) & John Marciniak (President) with BWC Visual Technology. NOAAS’s Dr. Alexander “Sandy” MacDonald, Inventor of SOS and Director of Earth System Research Lab, Boulder, CO. NOAA’s Mark Schaefer, Assistant Secretary for Conservation and Management.
  15. 15.  Trade Shows, Fairs, Corporate Events  Two days for installation and basic training  One day for dismantle, packing and shipping ASTC 2003, Minneapolis, MN SC-12 Internet 2, Salt Lake City EU Celebration, French Embassy, 2008 Natl. Science Teachers Assoc. 2009 CNES 2003, Strasbourg, France, 2008 AAAS 2010, (Washington, DC)