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For the past two weeks a small group from ACG,Education,PR and the Paris and London office went on a journey. This quest lead them to 3D printshow in London and Paris where they would go on to win Best New App for 123D Creature and rock both cities as the premier and only software company at the show.

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  • Add Viper project shots. Visual as possible. Clickable links, CNC utility, 3D print utility, Holograms, Arduino. Current contest, eduMakerBot.
  • 3d print show Europe

    2. 2. PRESENCE: • • • • • • • Autodesk took home the award for best new App! 20x20 Booth – Featuring 4 Artist using Catch. – Also demo’s of Meshmixer and Creature. 4 Partners in Attendance with ADSK logo presence. Autodesk creations found throughout exhibit space. 4 Courses lead by Hilde and Jesse Hilde gave a talk at 3D Hubs and Andy gave a talk at iMaker. We held a members only mixer at iMaker- a 3D printer store in London along side of iMaterialize.
    3. 3. STATS • Estimated 5,000 in attendance over 3 Days • Industry professionals looking for entry level scanning and modeling product. • Artist, Educators, Architects, Designers, Fabricators, Jewelry Makers.
    4. 4. Media & Press (so far) • Autodesk exhibited at this year’s 3D Print Show London which started on Thursday and ends on Saturday. Jesse Harrington Au spoke with a number of media before and during the event, the highlight of which has to be a live appearance on Bloomberg TV EMEA this morning. You can view the coverage here. • Jesse was on camera for over three minutes discussing Autodesk’s role in 3D printing and just where he sees this industry going in the future from a consumer and manufacturing perspective. • We also managed to catch up with a few other journalists as well including: • · Sally Davies, Financial Times – Sally recently joined the tech team in London and this was her first briefing with Autodesk. She’s keen to learn more about the impact 3D printing will have on the Supply Chain, so we’ll be setting up an interview in the near future with Jordan Brandt to discuss this topic. · Sam Gibbs, Guardian. This was more of a background briefing for Sam as it was his first interaction with Autodesk, but he’ll definitely bear us in mind for future stories. · Luke Johnson, Trusted Reviews. Luke has already written up a piece following his interview which can be found here which centres around Jeses’s prediction that 3D printing will become even more affordable in the next year · Laura Hopperton Eureka. Laura plans to write a post-show wrap of the event and will be pulling bits from her interview with Jesse to include in this. · Chris McMahon and Larrisa Mori, 3D Artist. This interview focused on the practical application of 3D printing as well as 123D Creature. · Sarah Dobbs, freelancer. Sarah is writing a magbook on 3D printing which will be part of Dennis Publishing’s ‘Instant Expert’ series and will appear in the New Year • • • • •
    5. 5. Partners • • • • • iMaterialise Sculpteo MakerBot Stratysus We also had a great deal of interest in forming new partnerships with new service providers and other leading consumer level printing brands.
    6. 6. Competitors • 3D Systems- Had no real presence, a few cubes were there printing from smaller service providers and resellers. • Uformia was the only software to speak of that had a true presence.
    7. 7. Awesomeness. • This show was incredible, it really pushed the boundaries on all sides of what this technology is capable of. We found new materials, new printers and amazing artforms and creativity of the likes I have never seen in this medium. • Here is a link to the huge photo gallery and some video as well.
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