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CollabSphere 2019 - Preparing Your XPages Applications for a Changing Future


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The XPages environment served us well for over a decade, but now we face complicated prospects for keeping our applications up-to-date and developing new ones. This session will discuss lessons learned from the process of abstracting a large production XPages application in-place, steps that can be taken with any scale of app today, and some of the options available to us.

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CollabSphere 2019 - Preparing Your XPages Applications for a Changing Future

  1. 1. Preparing Your XPages Applications for a Changing Future What next?
  2. 2. @Gidgerby — — Jesse Gallagher
  3. 3. • I don’t work for HCL • I don’t have any real inside information on their plans • The landscape could change – …it probably won’t change dramatically, though Disclaimer
  4. 4. About the world • XPages itself isn’t likely to go anywhere • Browsers, though, are going to keep moving About you • You’re an active XPages developer or otherwise responsible for current XPages apps • Your plan for these apps isn’t “leave Domino entirely” Some Assumptions
  5. 5. The Future of XPages?
  6. 6. The Future of XPages? • OpenNTF Domino API • Poi4XPages • SmartNSF • XPages Jakarta EE Support • JAX-RS • CDI • Bean Validation • Maven + Tycho • NSF ODP Tooling • Swiper • XPages Debug Toolbar • • XPages SDK for Eclipse • JaCoCo
  7. 7. The Future of XPages?
  8. 8. Let’s Start Simpler
  9. 9. • Ditch SSJS • Use Source Control and Maven • Write less XSP markup • Use standard and ExtLib controls when possible • Don’t go too crazy with client JS • Learn Java 8 (and look at Jakarta EE 8) • Move complicated app code into an XPages Library (even when not yet shared) • Consider JAX-RS and client JS for new apps Short-Term Steps To Take
  10. 10. • This isn’t new advice • SSJS can’t be refactored or processed like Java • Binding the logic with the UI is a disaster • The way the language and Domino API interact leads to bad assumptions • It’s a product-specific language Ditch SSJS
  11. 11. • Even if you’re the only developer! • Source control is an invaluable safety net • GitFlow (and other techniques) let you work with releases, hotfixes, and features properly • And even if you’re not using plugins! • Set up a Jenkins server and have reliable, clean NTFs for every commit • NSF ODP Tooling: Use Source Control and Maven
  12. 12. • Every line is essentially technical debt • …and also increases the cognitive load in the app • Use stock core and ExtLib controls whenever possible • Form table, Dijit tab containers, Dijit content panes, and widget containers are personal favorites • Limit your use of HTML tags, and make them consistent when you do use them • Style (gingerly) with stylesheet files, not inline styles Write Less XSP Markup
  13. 13. • It’s hard not to at this point, unfortunately • Charts, fancy “view” tables, and other widgets are often best done this way • Consider using Dojo first, because it’s included anyway • When writing client JS, look into ES6+ constructs like classes • • If you have to support IE 11, then, uh… get another IT director, I guess Don’t Go Too Crazy With Client JS
  14. 14. • Java 8 is in 9.0.1FP8+ and is fully supported in FP10+ • Lambdas, try-with-resources, new collections methods, and new helper static methods • Check out Map#computeIfAbsent in particular • dev1550-why-java-8-or-whats-a-lambda • Try building a Jakarta EE application to dip your toes in the water • 8385008366f4 Learn Java 8 (And Look at Jakarta EE 8)
  15. 15. • The line where this is best is very fuzzy • It’ll definitely increase the complexity in the short term • However, it makes it easier to work with a large amount of Java code • Eclipse is your best bet, and IntelliJ sometimes works • VS Code, unfortunately, doesn’t work with Tycho projects • 85257EF200408B6E Move complicated app code into an XPages Library
  16. 16. • Faces component references in code • Loose use of DominoDocument • Assumption of FacesContext existing • Subtle things like ICU and the “domino”-package StreamUtil • SelectItem is difficult Reduce Dependency on XSP-isms
  17. 17. • In this case, don’t even use XSP markup at all • Use SmartNSF or XPages Jakarta EE support to write REST APIs • Then use React, Stencil, or any other toolkit to write a client JS app • This eliminates immediate worries about XPages longevity, but is more complicated to learn and maintain (at first) Consider JAX-RS and Client JS for New Apps
  18. 18. Thank You! Q&A