World usability day 2011 presentation v2


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World usability day 2011 presentation v2

  1. 1. WORLD USABILITY Making Social Media Work For You DAY 2011
  2. 2. WHAT IS WORLD USABILIT Y DAY? It’s about making our world work better. It’s about making life easy and user friendly. It’s about developing technologies in a way that serves people first. WUD was founded in 2005 as a UPA initiative to ensure that services and products important to human life are easier to access and simpler to use. Over 200 events are organized in over 43 countries.
  3. 3. THE PRESENTERS ForeSee Results – Kamaria Campbell TechSmith – Daniel Foster General Motors – Terence McKinney Detroit Medical Center – Julian Bond Deque Systems – Dylan Barrell MSU – Constantinos Coursaris
  4. 4. FORESEE Kamaria Campbell – UX Best Practices for Social Media How and why Foresee researches social media How: Heuristic Evaluations, trial and error, experiments, books. They came up with a list of best practices, which a Nielsen Norman report later confirmed. Ex: structure of a Tweet
  5. 5. TECHSMITH Blowing up the Suggestion Box – by Daniel Foster Engaging with customers through social media can create long-term customer relationships. Empowering users, who can look at a product and say, “I influenced that.” Requires commitment from employees to contribute Open BETA – Snagit for Mac
  6. 6. GM IN OVERDRIVE Terrence McKinney – UX Manager Team usually called upon to make usability evaluations of existing websites. After success of Answer Me Now blog used during financial crisis, higher-ups at GM wanted something more permanent.
  7. 7. GM IN OVERDRIVE - CHALLENGES More demand than resources Lack of analytics SharePoint 2010 Security and Legal Issues
  8. 8. GM IN OVERDRIVE Every user/department has a profile, and subscribes to other streams. Daily news, leadership messages, engineering, HR concerns, technical issues, polls Harnesses wisdom of the crowds Requires reading and accepting terms of service agreement
  9. 9. DETROIT MEDICAL CENTER Julian Bond – Hospitals and social media Used social media to boost employee morale To advertise Talk about medical breakthroughs Share patient stories.  One patient was on the Today Show after Matt Lauer saw her accomplishments.
  10. 10. DETROIT MEDICAL CENTER @dmc_julian Participation  What October show are you most interested in?  Fillmore live music venue Sporting events ticket give-aways. Sign-up for marathon event. Raising Awareness  Live chat about Medicare  Fire safety education
  11. 11. DEQUE SYSTEMS Dylan Barrell, VP of Product Development at Deque. Leader in accessibility - ARIA Converted a Flash application to HTML. They were able to do it using JQuery and Raphaeljs. Challenges: IE6, IE7, IE8, and integration with the back - end. Tools: RAMP, FireEyes
  12. 12. CONSTANTINOS COURSARIS, MSU Making sense of social media metrics and analytics. You can’t manage what you can’t measure. Hard to put a monetary value on social media stats. Show the human element, offer unique value, post daily, keeping information current. Passive affiliation is worth less than active engagement.
  13. 13. CONSTANTINOS COURSARIS, MSU Engagement is more important because it often precedes sales. 1% engagement is a good benchmark. Social media increases engagement:  Target – “The best thing about fall is…”  You fill in the blank on Facebook. Social Media empowers people to make changes.  Delta Airlines
  14. 14. CONCLUSION Social media can be very beneficial for a business, but it requires a lot of dedicated effort on the part of the company. Social Media is very powerful, and it’s not going away. Social media is at the forefront of progress made in technology and culture, and you have to remain involved to keep up.