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The "Seriously Social" study analysed nearly 800 case studies featuring a social media element that won awards in 14 industry schemes and were later published on Warc between January 2011 and September 2012. Compared to the average of all campaign cases on Warc during this period, campaigns with a social element tended to be shorter, have lower budgets and be less likely to report a quantified effect on financial metrics like sales or market share.

Seriously Social - Sample Version

  1. 1. WARC TRENDS SERIOUSLY SOCIAL (SAMPLE VERSION) >> A casebook of effectiveness trends in social media campaigns >> By Peter Field and Carlos Grande© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Warc Trends >> Social Media Executive summary: Seriously social Social media penetration has come of effectiveness knowledge gaps is including some published after Sep-This is a of age. Now knowledge of how to self-evident. tember 30, 2012. By ‘best’ we meansample use it seriously must catch up. The following report tries to bridge examples that combined a clear use We all knowversion of these two developments. It aims to of social media with proof of its ef- that the rateWarc’s This report offers a challenge - in describe what has worked for brands fectiveness. Finally, we supplemented more ways than one. socially and why. Its primary source this analysis with relevant material of growth inSeriously Nelson-Field and Klose issued of evidence is a body of almost 800 from Warc news, event reports and social mediaSocial TrendReport their warning (see quote, far right) recent cases on Warc featuring social other articles. has far about usage of social media outpac- media. These were submitted to At the outset, we should clarify that ing credible research in late 2010. awards run by Warc partners or Warc most cases we studied used social surpassedThe full report Since then, Facebook has added itself and published on our service. media in combination with other the rate ofis available its billionth user. The daily volume We studied them in three ways. channels. Single channel campaigns credibleto subscribers of Tweets has more than tripled to First, there is a statistical analysis - of any type - rarely feature in the 330m. And Pinterest, Instagram of trends among cases published be- effectiveness and strategy competi- research inof and others have emerged as social tween January 1, 2011, and Septem- tions from which Warc draws its this area.Request a Karen Nelson- platforms of scale. How many people ber 30, 2012. Then, we have summa- cases. Therefore, we try to pick outfree trial at would dispute that today social activ- rised the best cases - most winners the role of social media within mixed Field, Researchwww.warc. ity is still spreading faster than its of Gold Awards or their equivalent - media schedules. Associate,com/trial trusted analysis? Ehrenberg-Bass At Warc, we do not need to look % of Creative Effectiveness Lions featuring most used channels Institute, and far for evidence of this challenge. Gavin Klose, 2012 2011 Director, Fusion Social media was the joint most-used 75% 75% channel at the 2012 Cannes Creative Source1 65% 64% 62% Effectiveness Lions. In total, almost 57% 55% 60% of all case studies published by 50% Warc over the last two years have featured social media in some form. 30% Yet doubts over how to show a 24% 22% commercial return from social media regularly surface in surveys of mar- 11% keters’ top concerns. The irony of the Social WOM, viral Public Branded Online Television same activity featuring on both lists media relations content video of effectiveness case studies and lists Source: Warc indexing of Cannes Creative Effectiveness Lions, 2011-2012© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  3. 3. Warc Trends >> Social Media Executive summary (contd.) Brands’ use of social media is grow- ments were also more likely to: Our view is that social media can 19%This is a ing. A more serious approach could work in a variety of contexts includ-sample create more value from this activity. be shorter in duration ing larger, strategic programmes.version of 2012-2016 involve lower budgets This report cites examples of it beingWarc’s The proportion of case studies on forecast cite impressions rather than used effectively in diverse industrySeriously Warc with social media elements is compound business impact as results sectors and in campaigns across the on the rise (see later charts in this annual growth budget spectrum.Social Trend rate in US chapter). This body of cases is not These characteristics suggest many Social media might not always beReport social media intended to be necessarily repre- advertising brands still view social initiatives as the right choice for every context. But sentative of the industry. After all, it short-term and experimental. Yet the in order for marketers to extract moreThe full report comprises success stories submitted Source: best social cases show these attrib- value from their investments in thisis available to top international awards schemes BIA/Kelsey2 utes are neither essential nor always field, it is time for social media to beto subscribers in the expectation that they will be contributory to success. taken more seriously. recognised as unusually effective.of But the increasing presence of so- Cases using social media were a lower % of Gold winners than of All casesRequest a cial media in cases on Warc echoesfree trial at the many industry studies that have All cases Gold winnerswww.warc. detailed the growing spend andcom/trial priority allocated to social media communications by brands. One school of opinion holds that at least some of this investment is 44.5% 48.9% inspired by faddishness and blind faith. This school may seize on the fact that across the sample of cases studied for this report, cases includ- ing social media elements accounted 55.5% 51.1% for a slightly smaller proportion of Gold Award winners than their pro- portion of all cases. Compared to the average among Included social media Excluded social media all Warc cases during the period, cases including social media ele- Source: Case studies on Warc, January 2011 - September 2012© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  4. 4. Warc Trends >> Social Media Executive summary (final) Taking social seriously means 3. Scaling up of ambition: Many ini- ity; and calls to causes/participation. 186This is a tackling fundamental questions. tiatives felt project-like in scope. Yet The exact mix was determined bysample the best featured substantial dura- insight into what would drive socialversion of This report does not cover how to Number of tions and budgets, and proved their currency in the target audience.Warc’s optimise ad units or messaging personalised commercial effectiveness with rigour.Seriously styles in social media. The answers videos created Taking social seriously involves de- Consider this report itself as a chal- to such implementational questions during manding such standards of proof. lenge - or at least an open invitation.Social Trend Old Spice will alter frequently as social sites try Email us if you have research thatReport ‘Response’ to monetize audiences by developing campaign 4. Including key elements: Staples advances social knowledge. If you new features for brands. Instead, we of successful social campaigns in- have an impressive social case study,The full report focus on overall approaches, goals, Source: cluded: taboo-breaking; humour; un- submit it to a Warc Prize4. We prom-is available budgets, metrics and integration. Old Spice3 usual uses of celebrities; story-telling ise to update future editions with theto subscribers Our summary view is that social or knowledge-pooling; ‘wow’ creativ- best new material. success often turns on meeting fourof main challenges:Request afree trial at 1. The adoption of a social mindset:www.warc. This approach prioritises how brandscom/trial can create content consumers need or want to share - i.e. social cur- rency. It asks: is content share-worthy and share-ready? With its stream of personalised messages, P&G’s Old Spice ‘Response’ campaign exempli- fies this mindset in action. 2. Social articulation of a clear idea: In the best cases, a compelling idea united diverse elements. Marketers must be relaxed enough to enable consumers to add their voices and content to an idea for it to achieve genuinely social expression. P&G’s Old Spice created personalised messages from its frontman for consumers to pass on© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  5. 5. This is asample SAMPLE CHAPTER MEASURING SOCIALversion ofWarc’sSeriouslySocial Trend MEDIAReportThe full reportis availableto subscribersof >> How brands can stand out by a commitment to rigourRequest afree trial© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  6. 6. Warc Trends >> Social Media At a glance Measuring social media KEY INSIGHTSThis is a 1 C ases that depend heavily on social media sta-sampleversion of tistics as their evidence of success are still com-Warc’s mon. But it is much more valuable to use metricsSeriously such as sales or customer penetration, even if itSocial Trend is not easy to isolate social’s exact contribution.ReportThe full reportis available 2 S ome case studies rest on largely unproven assumptions about the value to brands of social media fans and their subscribersof afree trial atwww.warc. 3 I t is important to understand the link between previous usage/preference of the brand and any predisposition to engage with the brand oncom/trial social media. 4 A growing body of best practice cases can show the commercial impact of social media, both as a solus activity and within multi-media campaigns.© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  7. 7. Warc Trends Social Media The need for rigour in measurement The best campaigns demonstrateThis is a their effectiveness usingsample It’s less conventional commercial metrics.version of about dataWarc’s In this report, we have largely collection, steered clear of cases that reliedSeriously because mainly on social media data as proofSocial Trend there’s so of effectiveness. We have focussedReport on those reporting accepted metrics much data such as increases in sales volumes,The full report out there. It’s share, margin or penetration. It isis available time to justify this approach. more aboutto subscribers Whilst there is clearly a rising effort back to to put a true commercial value onof basics and social media activity, a huge oppor-Request a tunity exists for marketers to distin- sticking tofree trial at guish themselves by a commitment a businesswww.warc. to rigour. Of course, one could level plan. Figurecom/trial similar criticisms at many traditional Cases by Dove (above) and Inspired by Iceland show intelligent data analysis campaigns. But it would be a shame out what if social media’s promise were under- demonstrate how this can be done. Asking for this kind of rigour is not three things mined by inheritance of the short- Likewise, relationships between so- the same as being proscriptive about you need to comings of older platforms. cial impressions and search volumes what gets measured. In addition to Above all, case study authors or product requests are useful prox- common metrics, variables success- measure. should avoid over-relying on reams ies to establish. fully used include lowered costs of Kimberly Kadlec, of social media impressions data. But these are only elements in the contact/acquisition and, among non- Worldwide VP , Such data often includes negative full evidence set needed to show profits, savings to the public purse. If global marketing responses or those from irrelevant convincingly how communications social media wants to capture more group, at Johnson audiences. Properly interpreted, it changed the target’s behaviour and spend, it is hard to escape the gen- Johnson can be useful as a measure of reach, the brand’s business results. Inspired eral conclusion that investment in its Source7 especially if it offers meaningful by Iceland6 is a rare example able to measurement will need to grow. That comparisons with traditional media track traffic from a Facebook page to is another consequence of taking reach figures. Brands such as Dove5 full-blown e-commerce opportunities. social media seriously.© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  8. 8. Warc Trends Social Media The need for rigour in measurement (contd.) Social media case authors do Fans/Followers: The most impres- 27%This is a themselves a disservice by quoting sive cases correlate momentum insample ill-defined measures. Fan/Follower numbers to changes inversion of of survey customer behaviour such as productWarc’s Likes: Facebook ‘likes’ should not respondents requests, sampling and, ultimately, be mistaken for automatic evidence said they had sales. The Lynx – Using social mediaSeriously no idea how of an increased new commitment to drive brand loyalty FacebookSocial Trend social media to the brand. This is dangerous as success was campaign9 is an instance of a brandReport likes may be generated in response measured prepared to invest and publish pre- to promotions or may be skewed within their and post-campaign research. In thisThe full report towards existing heavy brand users. company case, the brand claimed, somewhatis available Some brands have connected ‘likes’ Source: controversially, to show increasedto subscribers to fund-raising, by offering to make IAB/LBi/YouGov8 brand spend among Facebook fans donations in direct proportion to compared to existing brand loyalistsof ‘likes’ created. not exposed to the fan group.Request afree trial at Sharing/comments: Reporting and Earned media ROI: The return on awww.warc. analysis of sharing/commenting on social media campaign should nevercom/trial of content can be useful, though it be calculated by estimating how is still rare to see it in detail. Again, much the brand would have needed reach figures need to be put into the to pay via advertising to generate the context of traditional equivalents equivalent to earned media men- (such as offline word of mouth). tions. If estimating ROI is the goal, the safest way to do so is to work out Tweets: The value of a Tweet is de- the incremental net profit after all ad- termined by its sentiment, its sender, ditional marketing and distribution the number and quality of recipients costs (and ideally having discounted and their attention, and its ability other potential causes of the profit.) to attract re-Tweeting from relevant, Lynx published Some case studies convincingly base discrete users. It is to be hoped that dedicated ROI estimates on lowered costs of in future responses by Twitter audi- research on its contact or acquisition, or on estimat- ences will be analysed with greater loyalty drive ed savings to public sector budgets sophistication and granularity. as a result of behaviour change.© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  9. 9. Warc Trends Social Media Data: Digital measurement BRAND STRATEGY IS THE LEADING DRIVER OF DIGITAL KPI KEY FACTSThis is asample Which of the following influences your digital KPI setting? (tick all that apply) A 2011 Warc/World Federationversion of of Advertisers survey found Our brand strategy 82%Warc’s overall brand strategy was Evolution of marketing KPIs 75% the most cited influence whenSeriouslySocial Trend Set in relation to campaign goals 68% setting digital Key Performance Company strategy 50% Indicators (KPIs) in brand ownerReport Evolved out of local market KPIs companies. It was more than 43% twice as likely to be cited as theThe full report Our purchase cycle 39% brand’s purchase available Financial period (quarter/year) 4to subscribers Other 4 ncouragingly, no respondents Eof No influences 0% reported lack of management Base: 28 companies. Source: WFA online survey, 2011 interest as the biggest hurdle toRequest a successful digital measurementfree trial at MEASUREMENT IS A PRIORITY BUT MUST BE BACKED UP WITH RESOURCE in their company. However, mostwww.warc. cited shortages of dedicatedcom/trial What are the main barriers towards successful online measurement in your company? resource and specialist knowl- (tick all that apply) edge. Over half of the respond- ents worried about specific Lack of dedicated resources 71% shortcomings in measurement. Lack of knowledge of marketing teams 67% Lack of expertise in measurement 54% T he table on the next slide also High number of data sources shows the variation between 50% metrics even within social me- Lack of time 38% dia. This underlines marketers’ Lack of past proven accountability 29% challenge in making cross- Cost (too high) 25% channel comparisons. Lack of brand team interest 13% Other 8% Lack of management interest 0% Base: 28 companies. Source: WFA online survey, 2011© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  10. 10. Warc Trends Social Media Data: Digital measurement METRICS VARY DRAMATICALLY EVEN BETWEEN DIGITAL PLATFORMSThis is asample What digital KPIs do you use for the following?version of (please tick all that apply to your company, even if the metric is being used for all platforms)Warc’sSeriouslySocial Trend Online generally Social specifically Mobile marketingReport 1 Activity (requests/registrations) Number of fans/followers Engagement/activityThe full reportis availableto subscribers 2 Direct visits/vistors to website Engagement/activity Reachof a 3 Clicks Number of impressions/page views/ Activity (requests/registrations)free trial at 4 General brand metrics (awareness Reach Number of conversions/registrations etc.) 5 Dwell time Mentions/branded searches on Direct visits/visitors to website Twitter/Facebook 6 Bounce rate Sentiment analysis Clicks 7 Reach Pass on rates (virals) Dwell time Base: 28 companies, Resp: 25. Source: WFA online survey, 2011© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  11. 11. Warc Trends Social Media Case study Inspired by Iceland INSIGHT: By tracking Facebook visi- CampaignThis is a tors in a consideration funnel, this Inspired bysample campaign estimated the total value Icelandversion of of its social communications.Warc’s Advertiser CHALLENGESeriously Promote Iceland With the country reeling from theSocial Trend global financial crisis, Iceland’s tour- AgencyReport ism industry was endangered by a The Brooklyn volcanic eruption. Fear that Iceland BrothersThe full report was an unsafe destination spreadis available just ahead of the key summer tourism Marketto subscribers period. A fast turn around of interna- International tional sentiment was needed.of a SOLUTION The campaign monitored traffic from a Facebook page to travel websitesfree trial at A social-centric campaign built onwww.warc. the idea that 80% of visitors would Search was optimised and a small Nonetheless, the case merits atten-com/trial recommend Iceland as a destina- number of newspaper and radio tion because of its use of Facebook tion. It was agreed that at a set hour, placements used to keep awareness metrics. One in seven Facebook Icelanders - from the Prime Minister high. To sustain momentum and visitors became a fan, and more than down - would be encouraged to go reward active fans, a concert was one in three actively consided an online and upload stories about why held in Iceland and beamed live via Icelandic trip. Other examples: their country was worth visiting. webcast to 52 countries. Monitoring of traffic from the Face- Canadian Videos of celebrities and other book page to travel websites led to Tourism11, Keep RESULTS advocates were uploaded to a an estimate that 9% of Facebook visi- exploring, Inter- website and to a Facebook page More than half of all Icelanders tors were converted into a purchase national which encouraged visitors to forward contributed to the campaign, which opportunity. In total, an extra 79,252 Philippines videos to their friends abroad. led to 2m stories being shared tourists, worth almost £140m in rev- Department of Webcams around the country sent and 45,000 fans recruited. Outside enue, were estimated to have visited Tourism12, It’s live footage to digital poster sites North Korea, how many states could the country. more fun in the in cities abroad and to the website. call on such civic participation? Read the full case study10 Philippines, International© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  12. 12. Warc Trends Social Media Case study Metropolitan Police INSIGHT: A multi-faceted measure- CampaignThis is a ment approach was used to evalu- The case insample ate this gang crime campaign. defence of Deonversion of CHALLENGEWarc’s AdvertiserSeriously London’s Metropolitan Police needed Metropolitan to explain to teenage gang members PoliceSocial Trend the English legal principle of ‘jointReport enterprise’. This meant an indi- Agency vidual involved in a killing could be Abbott MeadThe full report charged with murder even if he or Vickers BBDOis available she did not wield the fatal blow. Theto subscribers audience was hard to reach and the Market budget a modest £300,000 ($480,000). UKof a SOLUTION Facebook-hosted films played out the consequences of gang crimefree trial at The agency developed short, interac- RESULTSwww.warc. tive films for a Facebook page. A films); and over 60% of films werecom/trial trailer introduced several characters The Facebook page had 135,000 watched in full. There was also a involved in the murder of a young unique visitors – four times the original higher than average ratio (28%) for boy, Deon. Individual clips then fol- estimate – at 22% of the budgeted cost converting visitors to fans. lowed each character’s fortunes. The per user. Tracking research reported Taking into account the high mes- audience was asked to guess the that 45% of the audience knew at least sage take out and qualitative post- Other examples: killer’s identity. one element of the campaign and campaign evidence, the case authors Metropolitan All the films ended by explaining recorded high likeability and message estimate they deterred 22 youngsters Police14, Choose that the subject character had not comprehension (59% for both metrics). from being involved in crime leading a different killed Deon but was still charged Several data points suggested the to a custodial sentence. This would ending, UK with murder. TV, radio, cinema and content had drawn in users: 1% of visi- have prevented the need to spend Transport Ac- posters drove traffic to the dedicated tors completed an action on the Face- £2.5m on custodial services, and cident Commis- Facebook page, and educational book page compared to the network’s equated to a return of 1:8.5. sion15, Young materials were created for several average of 0.15%. Visitors typically men pledge a radio and DVD formats. watched eight minutes of video (3.5 Read the full case study13 blood oath, New Zealand© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  13. 13. Warc Trends Social Media Implications Measuring social rigorously 1 PUT SOCIAL STATISTICS INTO CONTEXTThis is asample The value of social media volume metrics (likes, shares, Tweets etc.) isversion of best expressed in figures which can be meaningfully compared to thoseWarc’s in traditional media. Although social volumes are often smaller, they canSeriously provide incremental reach and in-depth contact with new audiences.Social TrendReport 2 INVEST IN LINKING SOCIAL DATA TO AUDIENCE BEHAVIOUR Brands should follow the lead of the best social media cases thatThe full report persuasively explain how they increased penetration and generated salesis available volumes among relevant audience subscribers 3of RESEARCH BRAND FANSRequest a It is worth allocating resource to more research and/or modelling in orderfree trial atwww.warc. to understand the direction of causality between social media engage-com/trial ment and brand purchasing. Do fans ‘like’ you because they are already frequent purchasers, or vice versa? 4 WHERE POSSIBLE, USE ‘CLOSED LOOPS’ TO TRACK CUSTOMER JOURNEYS Even if you employ a range of digital media, there may be particular value in extra monitoring of Facebook properties that provide you with a closed loop of data that can track journeys from initial page visits, and ‘likes’ to e-commerce opportunities. The ‘Inspired by Iceland’ case benefited from one such closed circuit.© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  14. 14. Warc Trends Social Media Read more in the full report FEATURED CASE STUDIESThis is a Contentssample 1 Hellmann’s Warc’s Seriously Social Trendversion of 1 Real Food Move- 4 Report features a summary andWarc’s ment, Canada seven chapters. It offers analysis,Seriously (Chapter 1) cases, data and implications.Social Trend 2 GRAACC, Do- Executive SummaryReport nate your fame, Overview of main findings BrazilThe full report (Chapter 3) 1 The social mindsetis available Planning and insight prioritiesto subscribers 3 Gillette Mach3,of 2 W.A.L.S., India 5 2 trategic or tactical? S (Chapter 5) Adopting the right approachRequest afree trial at 4 NAB, Break-up, 3 oyalty or reach? Lwww.warc. Australia Which goals work bestcom/trial (Chapter 5) 4 Integration or stand alone? 5 Metropolitan Add value to media plans Police, The Case in Defence of 5 Social budgets Deon, UK Fitting funds to ideas 3 6 (Chapter 6) 6 Measuring social media 6 ATT, You’ve Committing to rigour Got a Case, USA (Chapter 7) 7 Future directions Where social goes next Download the full report© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  15. 15. Warc Trends Social Media References and further readingThis is a Content on 1. The Social Media Leap: Integrat- 7. How JJ dropped ‘disruption’ for a 13. Metropolitan Police: The case insample ing social media into marketing content-led strategy defence of Deon isversion of strategy Event Reports, ANA Annual, IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2012 subscriber-Warc’s ESOMAR, WM3, October 2010 October 2012 only.Seriously 14. Metropolitan Police: Choose a 2. Social media adspend to double 8. How brands from Twitter to Tesco different endingSocial Trend To view these in US are managing the shift to digital APG UK Creative StrategyReport articles, Warc News, November 2012 (free Event Reports, IAB Engage, Octo- Awards, 2011 link) ber 2012 request a freeThe full report 15. Transport Accident Commission: trial at available 3. Old Spice: The Man Your Man 9. Lynx: Using social media to drive Young men pledge a Blood Oath com/trialto subscribers Could Smell Like Responds to the brand loyalty for their mates Internet IPA Effectiveness Awards, 2011 Case Studies on Warc, Grey, Mel-of North America Effies, 2011 bourne, 2012Request a 10. Promote Iceland: Inspired byfree trial at 4. Warc Prizes Iceland Cases studied for this report in-www.warc. Warc Prize, 2012 cluded all cases indexed by Warccom/trial 5. Dove Body Lotion: The Dove within the stated periods. School of Body Language 11. Canada: Keep Exploring Direct Marketing Association - Warc Prize, 2012 These came from the following UK, 2011 sources: APG UK, ARF Ogilvies, 12. It’s more fun in the Philippines CAANZ Effies (New Zealand), 6. Promote Iceland: Inspired by Warc Prize for Asian Strategy, Cannes Creative Effectiveness Iceland 2012 Lions, Cassies, DMA International Warc Prize, 2012 ECHO, DMA UK, Effies (Australia), Effies (North American), Euro Ef- fies, IPA Effectiveness Awards, Jay Chiats, Warc Prize, Warc Prize for Asian Strategy.© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  16. 16. About Warc’s Seriously Social report This report analyses more than 800 award-winning Warc Trends Social Media Data: Brands’ use of new platforms case studies featuring social media to identify what Executive Summary Chapter 1 The social mindset NEW PLATFORM USE Q: Which platforms have you recently started using/plan to use next year? 10% 8% KEY FACTS Mobile and location-based tech- nologies top marketers’ lists of recently begun and near-future has worked for brands and why 17% Chapter 2 17% initiatives, according to the As- Strategic or 19% sociation of National Advertisers tactical? 34% 17% 29% 25% (ANA) in the USA. However, any Chapter 3 over-emphasis on the transac- Loyalty or tional opportunities of mobile is reach? likely to put consumers off. Mobile Location-based apps Blogs Chapter 4 Integration or Each of the nine platforms listed stand alone? 14% 10% 9% left has some specific content 9% 10% 11% requirements and timetables. Chapter 5 Social budgets 24% It makes senses to approach Highlights include: 21% 18% these within an overall content Chapter 6 marketing plan that prioritizes Measuring social selected opportunites and re- media sources. Viral video RSS feeds SEO: organic Chapter 7 Future Social networks feature fairly directions 5% 6% low down on this list of respond- 10% 7% 11% 6% ents’ new activities, suggesting they are already well used. 16% 16% 13% Examples of how brands such as Hellmann’s, ATT, Social networks Gaming Search: paid keyword Used less than 1 year Not using, but plan to next year Base: 224, Source8: ANA, Digital and Social Media Survey, 2012 © Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved. Audi and Wal-Mart effectively deployed social media Warc Trends Social Media Case $1m-$5m Knorr Sidekicks Exclusive Warc data on budgets, campaign length, Executive Summary Chapter 1 INSIGHT: Combining TV and social campaigns offers new ways to em- ploy brand icons. Campaign Salty media integration and other strategic issues The social Advertiser mindset CHALLENGE Unilever Chapter 2 Sidekicks was a faltering range of Strategic or Canadian ready to serve side dishes Agency tactical? with reduced sodium levels. It was DDB Canada Chapter 3 suffering at the hands of rivals that Loyalty or had expanded into fast-food brand Market reach? extensions. Although it wanted to Canada draw attention to its low salt formula, Chapter 4 Integration or the brand suspected that functional Analysis of four common characteristics identified stand alone? messaging or a clichéd caring mom approach might not deliver a suf- Chapter 5 Social budgets ficient impact. SOLUTION Chapter 6 Measuring social The brand’s strategy was to promote media itself as a healthier, tasty alternative Social media added other dimensions to the Salty character created for TV across hundreds of effective social campaigns Chapter 7 and create a new brand icon with Future whom consumers could bond. effectiveness with powerful social case study. The campaign drove directions Salty was the endearing star of the media exploitation. Twitter and Face- traffic to the brand website as well resulting campaign designed to turn book profiles helped Salty to interact as to social media on which users around the fortunes of the brand. The with people to find new friends and could upload and share video mate- character was a dejected salt shaker jobs, and online videos were created rial. Commercially, two share points Other examples: who shared his feelings and inse- to dramatize episodes from his ‘new of growth drove sales value growth McDonald’s10, curities about what he was going to life’ such as job hunting. of 18% - entirely accounted for by a Let’s Meet Up, do next – now that his role in family penetration rise of 2.3 points (loyalty China RESULTS mealtimes had been reduced by the pursuers take note). Snickers11, Practical implications for planning, goal-setting, rise of a lower sodium diet. There were many other lovely emo- World’s Longest TV-led, the campaign boosted its tive touches on and offline in this Read the full case study9 Football Match, Middle East © Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved. measurement and other aspects of social initiatives Warc Trends Social Media Implications Focusing on quality reach The full report is available to subscribers of 1 Executive Summary BE WARY OF LOYALTY-BASED SOCIAL STRATEGIES Chapter 1 Until there is more evidence in support of a contrary view, brands should The social prioritise reach and penetration goals in social campaigns over loyalty- mindset based objectives. Chapter 2 2 Strategic or MAKE A GOAL OF ACHIEVING MASS REACH tactical? Not a subscriber? Request a free trial at Chapter 3 For many brands, it is necessary to achieve near mass market reach to Loyalty or gain a sufficient number of new customers and it may be imperative to reach? make attaining this mass reach an objective. You should put social media Chapter 4 reach figures in context of the reach levels achieved by traditional media Integration or stand alone? campaigns. 3 Chapter 5 PLAN FOR TRADITIONAL MEDIA SUPPORT Social budgets In most instances, it will be difficult to achieve mass market reach using Chapter 6 Measuring social social media alone and a combination of social and traditional is most media likely to achieve this. 4 Chapter 7 Future DESIGN A ROLE FOR CONSUMER CONTENT directions Brands can extend the reach of paid-for media by enabling consumers to share campaign material on social media, adding their own content and followers’ reach in the process. This effect needs to be designed into com- munications from the outset for maximum impact. © Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  17. 17. More from Warc… IN THE WARC TRENDS SERIES CONTACT US TOOLKIT 2013 LONDON (HEAD OFFICE) Warc’s analysis of key trends 85 Newman Street facing brands. Includes case London studies, data and implications W1T 3EX for marketers. Available in full United Kingdom and summary versions. +44 (0) 20 7467 8100 Request a free trial SINGAPORE 20A Teck Lim Road Singapore 088391 SHOPPER MARKETING +65 3157 6200 Warc’s report on the latest WARC TRENDS trends in shopper marketing. SHOPPER MARKETING Find the right shopper strategy for your brand Includes case studies and WASHINGTON DC data showing how advertisers 2233 Wisconsin Ave NW are innovating along the Suite 535 customer journey. Washington, DC 20007 United States Request a free trial +1 202 778 0680 © Copyright Warc 2012. All rights reserved. FOLLOW US© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.
  18. 18. About the authors PETER FIELD Peter Field is a consultant and author of several reports into effec- tiveness, including Marketing in the Era of Accountability, jointly written with Les Binet. Earlier in his career, Peter ran the account planning departments at Bates and Grey. He has frequently writ- ten for Warc and Admap and regularly presents at leading industry conferences. Email CARLOS GRANDE Carlos Grande is editor of Warc. He joined Warc in 2008 after eight years at the Financial Times, where he was latterly marketing correspondent. Previously, he was acting deputy on the FT’s UK companies newsdesk and a senior UK companies reporter. Prior to that, Carlos edited Creative Business, the FT’s weekly section and website covering media, marketing, advertising, PR and technology. Email JAMES AITCHISON (RESEARCH) Research on the Warc case study bank was provided by James Aitchison, managing editor of Since joining Warc in 2001, James has been involved in all aspects of the company’s online ser- vice. He now manages Warc’s digital publishing team. Prior to join- ing Warc, James was a public affairs executive at the UK Advertising Association representing the industry to government and media. Email© Copyright Warc 2013. All rights reserved.