Allen & York Sustainability Recruitment


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Allen & York Sustainability Recruitment

  1. 1. A speciAl blend of inTeRnATionAl mARkeT knowledge And RecRuiTmenT expeRTise ALLEN&YORK SUSTAINABLE RECRUITMENT
  2. 2. SUSTAINABILITY RECRUITMENTIf sustainability means delivering business in harmony with the natural environment,promoting social well-being and economic profitability, then Allen & York are ideallyplaced to help you create a truly sustainable business. we RecRuiT AcRoss The whole susTAinAbiliTY mARkeT We source high calibre international Sustainability Professionals for companies worldwide. OUR ADVANTAGES: Bespoke We offer a blend of technical understanding, access to an extensive international network cosT effecTive of professionals, combined with a bespoke, cost effective and friendly recruitment service. GloBal Network TechnicAl speciAlisTs we develop pARTneRships strateGic recruitmeNt Proud to have been partnering international business for almost 20 years, 80% of our foRwARd Thinking business is repeat business. We take time to listen and fully understand our clients’ exact GreeN iNdustry experts cARbon ReducTion requirements. Our client partnerships allow us to be forward thinking and support their partNerships recruitment process at a strategic level, as well as meeting day-to-day requirements. susTAinAble RecRuiTmenT We take the hassle out of recruitment. iNterNatioNal BusiNess globAl susTAinAble fuTuRe we suppoRT A susTAinAble fuTuRe hiGh caliBre taleNt We are passionate about our global sustainable future and the protection of our natural blend of knowledge we listeN environment; this is after all why we were established by our MD & Founder as sustainability ZeRo hAssle recruiters back in 1993. We are members of the UNEP Climate Neutral Network and were proud to win a 2010 CRRA Award for our CSR Reporting.conTAcT Allen & ALLEN&YORKUK: 0844 371 8986 | INT: +44 1202 888 986 | AUS: +61 (0)39823 6294 | UAE: +971 (0)4446 9828 371 8986 | INT: +44 888 986 | AUS: +61 1300 083 477 | +971 (0)4446 9828 SUSTAINABLE RECRUITMENT
  3. 3. OUR SERVICESLet us represent you in the best light, handle the advert response, first interviewsand provide you with your shortlist. If you have projects to fulfil but can’t justifythe role on a full time basis, allow us to handle your employment arrangements.execuTive seARch inTeRim pRovisionOur premier service, guaranteed to scour the sector for the rare senior individual that will For those business critical times when that post HAS to be filled even if the ideal longadd value to your business. term person is a little way off.mAnAged AdveRTising selecTion in-house RecRuiTmenT co-oRdinATionCarry on with your workload and let us represent you in the best light, handle the advert Work with one of our industry specialists in-house in your offices, on a non-fixed costsresponse, first interviews and provide you with the shortlist. basis to ensure effective process and management of your recruitment. Available fromouTsouRced RecRuiTmenT mAnAgemenT seRvice 1-5 days per week UK wide.No recruitment co-ordination? Need to keep staff and fixed costs down? Take our service coRpoRATe AcQuisiTions TARgeTingon a month-by-month basis and ensure that your managers’ time is not wasted sifting CV’s, Need to strengthen your offering or simply comply with your long term contracts?dealing with agencies and arranging interviews. We will take the stress out of recruiting. Brief us with what you need and we will approach the market for you. Why us?peRmAnenT seARch We know the senior individuals at the firms who matter.Our flagship offering. Brief us with your role and our technical recruitment consultants will TAlenT consulTAncY – Attraction, development, Retentionsearch over 140,000 CV’s in the international sustainable market. Delivered by our full CIPD experienced HR team and specialist delivery partners.TempoRARY conTRAcT sTAffing We can be on hand to carry out psychometric and competency assessment –If you have projects to fulfil but can’t justify the role on a full time basis, allow us to handle numerical aptitude and verbal reasoning, remotely or in-house.your employment arrangements.conTAcT Allen & ALLEN&YORKUK: 0844 371 8986 | INT: +44 1202 888 986 | AUS: +61 (0)39823 6294 | UAE: +971 (0)4446 9828 371 8986 | INT: +44 888 986 | AUS: +61 1300 083 477 | +971 (0)4446 9828 SUSTAINABLE RECRUITMENT
  4. 4. ENVIRONMENT RECRUITMENTWe specialise in providing the most talented professionals within the Environment & Sustainabilityindustry and with highly experienced and dedicated recruitment consultants we consistently excelin our field. Allen & York are particularly talented in finding exactly the right candidate for thosehard to fill positions and can really add value to your business. knowledgeAble & highlY QuAlified TeAm Our recruitment teams are highly qualified (most have environmental degrees) and have OUR DISCIPLINES: csr + sustaiNaBility an extensive knowledge of their specialised area. We keep up to date with current life cYcle AssessmenT market issues and skills demands. eNviroNmeNtal maNaGemeNt enviRonmenTAl policY uniQue in ouR mARkeT sustaiNaBle procuremeNt We consider our Recruitment Consultant’s high level of qualification and knowledge supplY chAin to be unique in our market and their considerable experience is a key benefit to our stakeholder eNGaGemeNt conTAminATed lAnd/RemediATion clients and candidates in the successful management of each recruitment assignment. eNviroNmeNtal due diliGeNce pRofessionAl expeRT seRvice eiA/siA assuraNce Whether you are looking for a straightforward recruitment solution or a blend of wAsTe mAnAgemenT services and expertise to solve more complex or sensitive issues, our expert Consultants waste miNimisatioN have extensive experience to deliver the best results for you. We offer a full range of ecologY reach Recruitment Services for every Environmental discipline. wATeR mAnAgemenT modelliNG AiR QuAliTY Noise & acoustics AsbesTos leGioNellaconTAcT The enviRonmenT | ALLEN&YORKUK: 0844 371 8986 | INT: +44 1202 888 986 | AUS: +61 (0)39823 6294 | UAE: +971 (0)4446 9828 371 8986 | INT: +44 888 986 | AUS: +61 1300 083 477 | +971 (0)4446 9828 SUSTAINABLE RECRUITMENT
  5. 5. PANTONEL ALLEN&YORK ENERGY RECRUITMENT ENERGY GROUP Climate Change, Low Carbon and Energy Management are very much the ‘buzz’ words of the moment and Allen & York have almost 20 years of expertise and experience in this industry. ALLEN&YORK This experience, combined with our extensive global network, means that we can be a real asset to your business. ENGINEERING GROUP we hAve An exTensive neTwoRk We speak to Energy professionals every day. We maintain continual contact with the OUR DISCIPLINES: eNerGy maNaGemeNt/ industry and correspond regularly with our extensive global network of Energy professionals, efficieNcy to ensure we have our finger on the pulse. ALLEN&YORK cleAn TechnologY climate chaNGe we hAve excellenT TechnicAl knowledge low cARbon/susTAinAbiliTY Our recruiters have a strong knowledge of niche Energy markets and skills. We work with fiNaNce & iNvestmeNt ENVIRONMENT GROUP global business in a variety of sectors including; Corporate – FTSE 100, 250 Companies, elecTRiciTY mARkeTs & RegulATion reNewaBle eNerGy EPC Contractors, Engineering & Energy Consultancies, Utilities, Manufacturing, Finance, mechAnicAl & elecTRicAl Trading Houses and the list goes on. If you have an energy requirement, we can help you power systems fill it. civil & sTRucTuRAl Nuclear we suppoRT The whole eneRgY mARkeT oil & gAs ALLEN&YORK The demand for appropriately qualified and highly skilled Energy professionals has grown, power GeNeratioN TRAnsmission & disTRibuTion due to increasing awareness of climate change and a requirement for businesses to reduce wholesale their carbon emissions. We find talented energy professionals from across the world, who TRAding & ReTAil will add value to your business. PLANNING & BUILT ENVIRONMENT GROUP conTAcT The eneRgY gRoup | UK: 0844 371 8986 | INT: +44 1202 888 986 | AUS: +61 (0)39823 6294 | UAE: +971 (0)4446 9828 371 8986 | INT: +44 888 986 | AUS: +61 1300 083 477 | +971 (0)4446 9828 ALLEN&YORKYORK ALLEN & SUSTAINABLE RECRUITMENT SEARCH & SELECTION
  6. 6. HEALTH & SAFETY RECRUITMENTHealth & Safety is an integral part of any sustainable business, the well-beingof your workforce and customers are vital and the mix of Health, Safety andEnvironment (HSE) go hand-in-hand. We are uniquely placed to source the besttalent in the HSE arena. woRking wiTh ouR heAlTh & sAfeTY TeAm Our Health & Safety team are highly experienced and knowledgeable. We work with OUR DISCIPLINES: companies around the world – notably UK & Europe, Australia, Africa, and the Middle HSE Management across: corporate East. You will receive the attention of a dedicated Account Manager selected from a team consTRucTion of qualified and experienced Recruitment Consultants. rail consulTAncY sTRong TechnicAl knowledge outsource providers Each of our Recruiters has a strong knowledge of Health & Safety skills and maintains pRivATe secToR excellent links with industry bodies such as IOSH and the HSE to keep up to date with coNtract work fAciliTies relevant skill requirements within the industry. sAfe hAnds Including: Our in-depth understanding of HSE technical areas means that you are putting your fire safety recruitment requirement in safe hands. We currently work with over 50% of the FTSE 100, cdm-c risk maNaGemeNt plus specialist consultancies and global industry. You can trust us to deliver the highest occupATionAl heAlTh/hYgiene calibre Health & Safety professionals.conTAcT The heAlTh & sAfeTY | ALLEN&YORKUK: 0844 371 8986 | INT: +44 1202 888 986 | AUS: +61 (0)39823 6294 | UAE: +971 (0)4446 9828 371 8986 | INT: +44 888 986 | AUS: +61 1300 083 477 | +971 (0)4446 9828 SUSTAINABLE RECRUITMENT
  7. 7. BUILT ENVIRONMENT RECRUITMENTSustainable planning, architectural design and the construction of our global built environment,are areas in which Allen & York have extensive expertise. We work with Government & LocalAuthorities, Planning Consultancies and Corporate Businesses to recruit the most innovativetalent across the whole spectrum of sustainable planning. peRmAnenT & conTRAcT We realise that there is a requirement within the Planning & Built Environment industry OUR DISCIPLINES: for both permanent and contract employees and we are flexible in our approach. LOW CARBON & low carBoN & sustaiNaBle desiGN SUSTAINABLE DESIGN We will deliver the right person for the job, quickly and efficiently. RETAIL plAnning ReTAil PLANNING eia & sea EIA & SEA dedicATed RecRuiTmenT TeAm TOWN & COUNTRY plAnning Town & counTRY PLANNING Our dedicated team has a wealth of global experience, not only within the UK & Europe, urBaN desiGN URBAN DESIGN but also working with clients based in the Middle East supporting the regions current DEVELOPMENTplAnning developmenT PLANNING reGeNeratioN REGENERATION infrastructure developments. mAsTeRplAnning MASTERPLANNING laNdscape architecture LANDSCAPE ARCHITECTURE pARTneRship builT on sound foundATions TRANSPORT plAnning TRAnspoRT PLANNING We tailor our service to your individual requirements. This approach helps create MINERALS & WASTE PLANNING miNerals & waste plaNNiNG mutual trust and understanding. We keep our promises and you get results. consTRucTion CONSTRUCTION BUILDING SERVICES MANAGEMENT BuildiNG services maNaGemeNt ARCHITECTUREconTAcT The builT enviRonmenT | ALLEN&YORKUK: 0844 371 8986 | INT: +44 1202 888 986 | AUS: +61 (0)39823 6294 | UAE: +971 (0)4446 9828 371 8986 | INT: +44 888 986 | AUS: +61 1300 083 477 | +971 (0)4446 9828 SUSTAINABLE RECRUITMENT
  8. 8. ENGINEERING RECRUITMENTAllen & York recruit for leading international Engineering Contractors and Consultancies.Our particular expertise is within environmental engineering and we have many yearsof experience within the field. globAl engineeRing neTwoRk Our offices within the UK, the Middle East & Australia allow us to fulfil our clients’ OUR DISCIPLINES: requirements to the highest standards. We have a strong global engineering presence Engineering Management across: BuildiNG services and are working closely with a variety of contractors to help support the world’s growing mixed use sustainable infrastructure, consultants, and public sector organisations. iNfrastructure wATeR/wAsTe wATeR knowledge of The indusTRY mariNe Our dedicated team has a wealth of industry knowledge across the traditional engineering nucleAR skills such as Civil, Electrical, Mechanical, Process and Geotechnical, as well as the new oil & Gas mining skills within engineering for the energy and wider sustainable sectors. electricity globAl neTwoRk mAnufAcTuRing We have established a market leading presence and an enviable global network, by continually striving to be not just effective, but the best in our field. You can be assured that when Allen & York are representing your business we are enhancing your reputation and increasing your recruitment success.conTAcT The engineeRing | ALLEN&YORKUK: 0844 371 8986 | INT: +44 1202 888 986 | AUS: +61 (0)39823 6294 | UAE: +971 (0)4446 9828 371 8986 | INT: +44 888 986 | AUS: +61 1300 083 477 | +971 (0)4446 9828 SUSTAINABLE RECRUITMENT
  9. 9. MINING & RESOURCES RECRUITMENT RESOURCES GROUP MINING &We specialise in providing the full spectrum of the most talented Engineers, Senior Technical Specialistsand Executives across the Mining, Minerals Processing, Oil & Gas and Consulting sectors. Ourconsultants have worked within the resources sector for over 15 years and bring a wealth of experienceand sourcing strategies to local and global corporations across the range of commodity groups. KNOWLEDGEABLE & HIGHLY QUALIFIED TEAM Our recruitment teams are highly qualified and knowledgeable, keeping up to OUR DISCIPLINES: date with current market issues and skills demands. Our extensive professional CHEMICAL ENGINEERING COAL SEAM GAS / METHANE network, coupled with dedicated research capability allows us to offer targeted DRILL & BLAST senior executive search, as well as specialist recruitment services. GEOLOGY (EXPLORATION, RESOURCE, MINE) GEOTECHNICAL ENGINEERING UNIQUE IN OUR MARKET HYDROGEOLOGY We are uniquely placed to give access to a large pool of technical and METALLURGY MINING ENGINEERING engineering experts. We work with leading asset owners and developers, NDT SPECIALISTS consultancies and contractors, both locally and offshore. OPEN PIT /CUT PLANNING PROFESSIONAL EXPERT SERVICE PIPELINE SPECIALISTS We have a proactive approach that allows us to build a clear picture of PROCESS ENGINEERING PROJECT MANAGEMENT each organisation’s exact requirements, act fast and make accurate RESERVOIR ENGINEERING recommendations. Our consultants have operated across the gamut of SAFETY, HEALTH & ENVIRONMENT / QAQC commodities and are expert in delivering results for your most difficult to SEISMIC INTERPRETERS SUB SEA DRILLING fill vacancies. TAILINGS SPECIALISTS TUNNELLING VENTILATION ENGINEERINGCONTACT THE MINING & RESOURCES | resources@allen-york.comAUS: +61 1300 083 477 | UAE: +971 (0)4446 9828 | UK: 0844 371 8986 | INT: +44 1202 888 986
  10. 10. WASTE RECRUITMENTNew technologies are revolutionising the waste industry. Our globalnetwork and technical expertise will ensure that you find the leadingtalent for your business. ouR clienTs Whether you are a small local business or a large global player, our services will be tailored to your OUR DISCIPLINES: requirements. Our clients span the whole waste industry and include; waste contractors, consultancy, waste to eNerGy RecYcling/wAsTe minimisATion commercial business and the public sector. We operate internationally and with offices in the UK, corporate waste maNaGemeNt Middle East and Australia our global coverage is impressive. conTRAcT mAnAgemenT loGistics speciAlisT knowledge sAles & bid mAnAgemenT We have recruited into the waste sector for almost 20 years and have developed a team with extensive commercial developmeNt industry knowledge. Our background within the Environmental & Energy industries allows us to identify wAsTe consulTAncY the synergies between the disciplines and to quickly meet the recruitment demands of our clients. orGaNic waste maNaGemeNt hAZARdous wAsTe dedicATed wAsTe TeAm compliaNce maNaGemeNt (iNcl. hse) Our broad knowledge allows us to offer recruitment services ranging from quick recruits opeRATionAl mAnAgemenT for temporary contractors to executive search for board level executives. All clients have a laNdfill dedicated Account Manager, supported by a specialist team of highly qualified Recruitment esTATes mAnAgemenT/plAnning Professionals. We ensure high levels of communication by working collaboratively with you. policy & strateGy AnAeRobic digesTion we won’T wAsTe YouR Time Combined industry knowledge and experience mean we will not waste your time. Instead, we provide customer friendly staffing solutions that add real value.conTAcT The wAsTe | ALLEN&YORKUK: 0844 371 8986 | INT: +44 1202 888 986 | AUS: +61 (0)39823 6294 | UAE: +971 (0)4446 9828 371 8986 | INT: +44 888 986 | AUS: +61 1300 083 477 | +971 (0)4446 9828 SUSTAINABLE RECRUITMENT
  11. 11. TESTIMONIALS“Allen & York has shown a real desire to understand our business and as a result we havealways felt confidence with the candidates presented to us. Their client relationship skillsand honest opinion is something that I have really valued while working with them.”ResouRcing leAd (uk & usA) – bp“Allen & York’s approach is very professional. The most important factor to this mutual “Allen & York had the best selection of any agency that operates in this industry. I would notrelationship is my feeling that you are working for AGT exclusively.” hesitate to recommend them to anyone looking to take the next move in their career in thegeneRAl mAnAgeR, AusTRAliAn gRoundwATeR Technologies energy industry.” mAnAgeR, The coopeRATive gRoup“Allen & York has provided exemplary service to CH2M HILL, particularly in relation tostrategic senior staff hires.” “We had very specific competency requirements for international HSE positions, whichdiRecToR, ch2m hill could not be met through local recruitment. Allen & York provided CVs which were the perfect fit and the candidates have now accepted roles. The service provided met and“Allen & York know their industry and can very quickly identify a specified number of exceeded expectations.”people that closely match the search profile. Also, Allen & York have shown that they hse mAnAgeR, dhlunderstand the client’s needs and are able to adapt accordingly.”diRecToR, Tebodin “What is brilliant about the in-house Managed Recruitment service is that our Allen & York Recruitment Consultant knows exactly who’s worth interviewing; how to manage our“In a challenging market, Allen & York helped us find an excellent candidate - the right blend of relationships with recruitment agencies and has the technical knowledge to fully understandtechnical and non-technical. Allen & York supported us through this process and I feel confident the requirements of our hiring managers, to gain their respect and fulfil their requirements.”that the candidate is the right person for the job.” hR leAd, enviRonmenTAl ResouRces mAnAgemenT (eRm)diRecToR, iTvconTAcT Allen & ALLEN&YORKUK: 0844 371 8986 | INT: +44 1202 888 986 | AUS: +61 (0)39823 6294 | UAE: +971 (0)4446 9828 371 8986 | INT: +44 888 986 | AUS: +61 1300 083 477 | +971 (0)4446 9828 SUSTAINABLE RECRUITMENT
  12. 12. CONTACT USouR seRvice is As uniQue As YouR ReQuiRemenTNo two clients are the same. Every project that we handle has its ownunique characteristics. What remains the same is our commitment to quality,professionalism and project completion.we ARe on YouR sideYou may not always need a Specialist Recruitment Consultancy. But for the times that youdo, it is reassuring to know that you have found one that understands exactly whatyou are looking for.TAlk To usThe Allen & York teams are on hand for an informal discussion, expert advice and supportfor even the most complex of recruitment issues. Our clients benefit from our commitmentto their success.WE LOOK FORWARD TO WORKING WITH YOUconTAcT us To discuss YouR | ALLEN&YORKUK: 0844 371 8986 | INT: +44 1202 888 986 | AUS: +61 (0)39823 6294 | UAE: +971 (0)4446 9828 371 8986 | INT: +44 888 986 | AUS: +61 1300 083 477 | +971 (0)4446 9828 SUSTAINABLE RECRUITMENT