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Belle Tire proposal


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ADV 492 project. Online strategy proposal for Belle Tire.

Published in: Business
  • I was honored to be chosen to present my presentation for Belle Tire in front of a class of 100 students. My presentation was also streamed live for others to view online.
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Belle Tire proposal

  1. 1. BT vs. Belle Online Strategy Proposal By: Jessica Hoffman
  2. 2. A Flat Tire Too many young adults and female drivers think of Walmart or Discount Tire when they need auto care.
  3. 3. Wishing For a Working Tire Belle Tire needs to tap into the young adult and female markets in order gain a larger market share and harness long-lasting relationships.
  4. 4. The Tire Pump of Fresh Air Connect with them in their familiar online environment and introduce them to two characters that represent the battle between male and female and the two types of customers that Belle Tire needs to appeal to
  5. 5. BT and Belle Come to Life Belle BT
  6. 6. BT and Belle Battle of the Tweets BT and Belle will each have their own Twitter and Facebook pages The “sex” with the most fans at the end will receive a prize pack
  7. 7. Finding BT and Belle Search engines rule the world. But you can’t benefit from them if they can’t find you.
  8. 8. Full Tire Pressure •Increase fan base on Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube •Increase hits on Web site •Increase revenue within the first year of campaign
  9. 9. What’s the Damage Minimal: Video Production Costs Online Maintenance Prize Package
  10. 10. Name the Time and Place Gear up for winter driving season in the late summer months and continue reminding them throughout changing conditions of fall and winter roads