Lecture 32 2012 - Future- Casting


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Lecture 32 2012 - Future- Casting

  1. 1. Lecture 32:FuturecastingModule 13Dr. Jessica Laccetti
  2. 2. KeywordsMeNowPersonalRelevantOpenHuman
  3. 3. Me
  4. 4. Tweet @JessLYour favourite and/or most used socialmedia tool
  5. 5. Now
  6. 6. Read more on Pew:http://www.pewinternet.org/Reports/2011/Location/Report/Smartphones.aspx
  7. 7. Now• geo-fenced, geo-targeted mobile couponing, discounts and promotions have arrived.• Shopkick, Foursquare, Gowalla, MyTown, Brightkite, Whrrl, Loopt, WeReward, TopGuest, Hot Potato, SCVNGR, AroundMe, Poynt, Geodelic
  8. 8. • location-based mobile marketing platform• enables retailers to send text messages to consumers when they are in specific “geo-fenced” locations• Customers opt-in to a retailer‟s mobile alerting system and as soon as they are within the vicinity of the retail store, the store sends a location-triggered message to the customer advertising new promotions, products or discounts.via PSFK: http://www.psfk.com/2010/08/shopalerts-location-based-mobile-
  9. 9. Now Via Mary Meeker.
  10. 10. Personal
  11. 11. “„Record‟ is the new QUERTY”~Alexander Ljung, Founder & CEO SoundCloud Listening is set to replace texting
  12. 12. Via Mary Meeker.
  13. 13. Person al &Mobile
  14. 14. Discover Financial Services expanding its efforts to tie its credit card rewards to social media, by allowing gamers to redeem their points for gift cards and online credits.“The deal will allow Discover customers to convert $25 worth ofcash-back rewards points into a $50 Zynga gift card. Newcustomers that apply for a Discover More card will receive a giftcard worth $100 in Zynga points after their first purchase.As a part of the deal, Discover‟s brand will show up within Farmvillegames, as characters use Discover cards or visit a Discover farm.The game is primarily played on Facebook.com, but can also beaccessed through Microsoft Corp.‟s MSN games website.” http://www.americanbanker.com/issues/176_232/discover-zynga-facebook-farmville-1044507-1
  15. 15. • Create stories using social media (twitter, facebook, flickr, google search etc)• Curate the best photos, videos, tweets and more!
  16. 16. RelevantSocial MediaMarketing jobs havegrown by 67%compared to 2009
  17. 17. What does this mean?
  18. 18. More Companies willInvest in Social Media
  19. 19. • More employers are hiring for social media jobs• Social media jobs have HIGHER than average budget (than search engine marketing)
  20. 20. Via Mary Meeker.
  21. 21. Open :: GetGlue“One of the key trends of 2011 hasbeen so-called second screenapps - mobile apps that makewatching television a less passiveactivity. GetGlue, a self-described"social network for entertainment,"is tapping into this growing market.It enables you to "check-in" towatching TV shows and movies(you can also check-in to a greatrange of other activities, such asreading a book or viewing a webpage).”Via ReadWriteWeb
  22. 22. Take a few minutesto explore GetGlue and login (if you want) and tell us whatyou‟re watching/reading/listening to!
  23. 23. OpenAugmented RealityGames & entertainment, but alsoBusiness: public safety, automotive &health care
  24. 24. Open“The dreams of sci-fi writers and movie makersare explored here--playing out on a street cornernear you will be "a cinematic view of the realworld overlaid with digital information" that willadorn your world in the next decade.” ~Nicole Tindall,Institute for the Future Quote from Michael Liebhold
  25. 25. Open :: AugmentedReality, Health & PrivacyModify our environments to help maintain ourhealthSome features include: Embedding sensors in carpets that alert authorities if one falls Mirrors that forecast what we‟ll look like in 1 yr, 5yrs etc Fridge/freezer that doesn‟t open because you already ate Image from Institute for the Future
  26. 26. You get home from work and go to wash your face in the bathroom. You take a look in the mirror and you see your face, only its not your face. Not exactly. Instead, its what your face would look like in a year if you keep up your current exercise and eating habits. Next to the pudgy but recognizable you in the mirror, there is text that reads, "eat lighter tonight." You go to your combination fridge/freezer and open it up. You see a selection of healthy foods and nothing else. Thats not because its all you have in there, its because youre wearing augmented reality glasses that dont allow you to see the frozen pizza and pint of super-premium ice cream, at least not yet. So you sit down with a relatively healthy dinner of pasta and salad, turn on the TV and start shoveling food into your mouth. But after a few bites, your fork starts mildly vibrating, indicating you should be eating more slowly. You finish your meal and head back to the fridge/freezer. You can now see the ice cream, as youve finished your light meal, but thereText and image from Ben Hamamoto at Institute for the Future.
  27. 27. Tim berners-leethe Web is critical not merely to the digitalrevolution but to our continued prosperity—andeven our liberty. Like democracy itself, it needsdefending
  28. 28. tweetA response to tim berners-lee‟s idea of“universality” and openness online
  29. 29. Human
  30. 30. HumanClinton Cards is based in the U.K. and has launched aFacebook competition to give fans a chance to have theirChristmas wish come true.To enter, you simply „like‟ Clintons‟ Facebook page andwrite a brief description of what would make your orsomeone else‟s Christmas the best one ever.Some entries have included going on a holiday, spoiling aloved one, and having a Christmas feast with the wholefamily.via PSFK: http://www.psfk.com/2011/12/card-company-will-grant-a-wish-to-a-facebook-fan.html#ixzz1fb1s4yOU
  31. 31. TrendsMobile InternetInnovationOnline Advertising (finally earning more thanprint)Online Commerce (By 2014, over 3 billion of theworlds adult population will be able to transactelectronically via mobile or Internet technology.)Cloud Computing
  32. 32. The Future of Science
  33. 33. Your TurnTweet @JessL some of your predictions for thefuture of social media