Observation assignment


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Observation assignment

  1. 1. Observa(on  Lab  Assignment  30  Oct  2012  
  2. 2. 1.  Challenger  Before  entering  the  store:  -­‐  Entrance  is  widely  opened  -­‐  Outside  shows  some  promo(on  of   latest  gadgets  -­‐  Being  a  gadgets  lover,  I  love  to   know  what’s  the  latest  Environment:  -­‐  The  color  is  plain  and  simple,  I  like   it  as  it  made  me  feel  relax.  -­‐  Simple  (le  flooring.  So  my  focus  is   more  on  the  products  rather  than   the  environment.  -­‐  Ceiling  is  preMy  high  which  makes   the  store  looks  big.  -­‐  Lots  of  white  ligh(ng,  bright  and   clear.  -­‐  It  is  usually  very  loud  because   many  people  trying  out  the   gadgets.  -­‐  No  music,  as  people  could  be   trying  the  audio  of  PC,  ipad,   speaker,  etc…  so  no  need  for   music.    
  3. 3. 1.  Challenger  Environment  -­‐  Store  temperature  is  appropriate.  -­‐  Merchandise  is  well  placed  and   allow  people  to  explore.  -­‐  Cashier  located  near  the  side  of   the  entrance.  -­‐  Not  that  visible  but  there  are  a   number  of  staff  around  helping  -­‐  I  like  to  stay  there  as  long  as  I   could  as  there  is  so  much  to  see.  -­‐  Yes,  the  environment  does   influence  me,  as  I  tend  to  buy   something  unplanned  if  I  stay   longer.  Personnel:  -­‐  Usually  sales  person  won’t  bother   me  un(l  I  request,  which  is  what  I   preferred.  -­‐  No  script.  No  different  in   treatment.  -­‐  Salesperson  to  customer  ra(o  is   about  7:  1  
  4. 4. 1.Challenger  Personnel:  -­‐  Cannot  tell  if  salesperson  is  using   store  products  -­‐  They  all  wear  Challenger  polo  shirt  -­‐  They  look  technical  and   professional.  Products:  -­‐  Tablets  -­‐  There  is  a  central  display  like  an   experience  table,  featuring  latest   products.  -­‐  The  sales  items  are  usually  near   the  entrance  -­‐  Products  are  arranged  by  func(on  -­‐  You  can  request  staff  to   demonstrate  -­‐  Many  products  are  at  eye  level  -­‐  Usually  the  soWware  items  are  in   the  least  accessible  loca(ons  -­‐  It  is  by  func(on  rather  than  by   price  -­‐  Yes,  prices  are  clearly  indicated.  -­‐  Yes  there  are  impulse  items  near   cash  register.    
  5. 5. 1.  Challenger  Customers:  -­‐  Most  customers  are  alone,  usually   are  men  -­‐  Average  age  about  30  –  40  years   old  -­‐  Most  customers  walk  to  respec(ve   sec(ons  of  their  interest.  -­‐  Customers  usually  stay  at  least  30   minutes.  -­‐  Customers  are  encouraged  to   touch  the  products.  -­‐  Most  are  browsing.  -­‐  50%  would  buy  something  
  6. 6. 2.  Bread  Society  Before  entering:  -­‐  Yes  it  draws  me  because  the  bread   displayed  is  so  seducing.  -­‐  The  door  is  wide  opened  -­‐  It  is  very  welcoming  and  smell   fantas(c  -­‐  Very  big  sign  leMering,  simple  font  -­‐  This  is  a  bread  lover  place!    Environment:  -­‐  Yellow  ligh(ng  with  chandelier  -­‐   Simple  (le  flooring,  clean  -­‐  High  ceiling,  make  the  space   seems  big  -­‐  Bright  so  can  see  bread  clearly  -­‐  Noise  level  is  ok,  people  talking  -­‐  SoW  music  playing,  yes  fine  with   the  environment.  -­‐  Temperature  is  fine  -­‐  Store  full  of  all  kinds  of  delicious   bread  -­‐  Great  smell  of  freshly  baked  bread  -­‐  Cash  counter  beside  the  glass   display  
  7. 7. 2.  Bread  Society  Environment:  -­‐  No  security  seen  -­‐  Will  stay  about  15  minutes  -­‐  Yes,  I  tend  to  buy  more  than  I  need   because  the  bread  looks  so  good!  Personnel:  -­‐  There  is  no  salesperson,  only   cashier  and  service  staff  -­‐  Employees  are  young  women,   early  20s  -­‐  There  is  no  difference  in  treatment   to  customer  -­‐  All  employees  wear  very  preMy   uniform.  -­‐  Yes,  the  employees  look  clean  and   like  a  professional  baker      
  8. 8. 2.  Bread  Society  Products:  -­‐  The  first  thing  to  no(ce  is  the  new   products  displayed  near  the   entrance  –  mouth-­‐watering  -­‐  There  are  full  of  display  of  bread,   featured  are  usually  in  the  glass   display.  -­‐  Products  are  arranged  by  type  -­‐  No  free  samples  L  -­‐  Yes  many  are  at  eye-­‐level  -­‐  Only  those  need  to  be  kept  at   certain  temperature  are  not   accessible.  -­‐  No  much  difference  in  prices.  -­‐  Prices  are  well  displayed  -­‐  Near  the  cashier  is  the  glass   display  showing  all  kinds  of  bakery.        
  9. 9. 2.  Bread  Society  Customers:  -­‐  Customers  are  usually  alone  -­‐  Average  age  around  35  -­‐  Mostly  women  -­‐  They  tend  to  walk  in  all  direc(ons,   no  same  path  -­‐  Usually  stay  around  10-­‐15  minutes  -­‐  Products  cannot  be  touched,   strongly  discouraged.  -­‐  Most  are  on  mission.  -­‐  Almost  100%  of  the  people  in  the   store  would  buy  something.        
  10. 10. 3.  Paper  Market  Before  entering:  -­‐  Colorful  display  of  products  -­‐  Door  is  widely  opened  -­‐  It  makes  me  wan(ng  to  check  up   what  they  have  -­‐  Big  sign  with  simple  font  -­‐  It  is  all  about  “Paper”  Environment:  •  Color  is  very  plain  with  simple  (le   flooring,  partly  because  products   are  too  colorful.  •  High  ceiling,  store  looks  big  •  Brightly  lit  with  white  ligh(ng,  help   you  to  see  items  clearly  •  Not  noisy  at  all,    with  soW  music  •  Appropriate  temperature  •  With  many  items  but  orderly   placed  •  No  smell  •  Cash  register  located  near  the   front  entrance    
  11. 11. 3.  Paper  Market  Environment:  •  Store  security  is  not  obvious  •  Like  to  stay  for  at  least  30  minutes  •  In  this  environment,  Items  are  very   aMrac(ve  but  costly.    Personnel:  •  Sales  person  will  leave  me  alone   (ll  I  request  for  help.    •  No  script,  but  know  their  products   well  •  No  different  in  treatment  •  Usually  only  2  salesperson  in  the   store  •  They  are  young  women,  early  20s  •  No  uniform  •  Don’t  see  any  matching  of  image  
  12. 12. 3.  Paper  Market  Products:  -­‐  All  the  preMy  journal  displayed   right  at  the  entrance  -­‐  There  is  a  central  display,  side   display  -­‐  Sales  items  are  normally  place  at   the  front  -­‐  Products  arranged  by  func(on  -­‐  No  free  samples  -­‐  Got  classes  to  teach  you  how  to   make  some  stuff  using  their  papers  -­‐  Products  are  usually  at  eye  level  -­‐  Least  accessible  are  large  size   paper  -­‐  Prices  are  not  according  to   loca(on  -­‐  Prices  are  stated  on  the  items   itself.  
  13. 13. 3.  Paper  Market  Customers:  -­‐  Most  customers  are  alone.  -­‐  Usually  teenagers  and  mostly   female  -­‐  Customers  tend  to  walk  different   direc(on  -­‐  They  usually  stay  about  30  minutes  -­‐  Yes  they  do  touch  the  products  to   feel  the  quality.  But  many  products   are  sealed  with  plas(c  covers  -­‐  Most  are  browsing  -­‐  40%  of  the  customers  will  buy  
  14. 14. 4.  Nespresso  Before  entering:  -­‐  Full  glass  window  with  a  glass  door   entrance.  -­‐  It  does  not  draw  me  as  it  looks   expensive  and  too  high-­‐class  for   middle  income  people  like  me  -­‐  The  door  is  closed  -­‐  If  not  because  I  need  to  buy  the   refills,  I  would  not  want  to  go  in  -­‐  It  is  clearly  for  customers  who   have  high  income  Environment:  -­‐  Color  of  wall  is  plain  but  many   display  -­‐  Simple,  plain  (le  to  allow  people   to  focus  on  the  store  display  -­‐  High  ceiling  and  bright  yellow   ligh(ng  -­‐  Very  quiet  with  soW  music  
  15. 15. 4.  Nespresso  Environment  -­‐  Feel  very  cold,  may  be  because   very  few  customers  -­‐  Store  is  full  of  the  products  -­‐  Great  smell  of  espresso  -­‐  Cash  register  is  at  the  middle  of   the  store  -­‐  Cannot  see  the  store  security  -­‐  I  was  invited  to  have  a  coffee  at   the  coffee  counter,  so  stayed   about  30  minutes  -­‐  No,  do  not  feel  that  I  have  to  buy    Personnel:  -­‐  The  sales  person  ini(ated   conversa(on  immediately  -­‐  Standard  ques(ons  asked  -­‐  I  do  feel  the  different  in  treatment,   they  tend  to  treat  regular   customers  beMer  
  16. 16. 4.  Nespresso  Personnel:  -­‐  As  there  are  few  customers,  ra(on  is   like  1  to  2  -­‐  They  wear  suit,  look  very  professional  -­‐  Yes  they  do  match  the  image  of  the   high-­‐class  coffee    Products:  -­‐  The  Nespresso  machines  -­‐  There  is  a  central  display  of  the   machines  -­‐  No  for  sales  items  -­‐  Products  arrange  by  func(on  -­‐  Free  samples  of  coffee  -­‐  Can  request  for  demonstra(on  on   the  use  of  the  machines  -­‐  Products  are  at  eye  level  -­‐  The  refills  would  be  least  accessible  -­‐  No  different  of  pricing  rather  by   capabili(es  -­‐  Prices  stated  clearly  -­‐  No  impulse  items    
  17. 17. 4.  Nespresso  Customers:  -­‐  Most  customers  are  alone  -­‐  Average  age  about  30  –  40s  -­‐  Mix  gender  -­‐  No  fixed  direc(on,  some  directly  to   buy  refills,  some  browsing  the   machines  -­‐  Yes  they  do  touch,  I  think  its  fine   as  long  as  they  are  not  children  -­‐  Some  browsing,  most  on  mission   to  buy  refills  -­‐  80%  buy  refills  
  18. 18. 5.  Uniqlo  Before  entering:  -­‐  Yes  it  draws  me  because  it  is  very   widely  open    -­‐  Feel  relax  and  welcoming  -­‐  Sign  not  big  but  simple  -­‐  Store  is  simple  with  mechanize  for   daily  use  Environment:  -­‐  Plain  colors  with  simple  (le   flooring  -­‐  Display  cabinets  are  plain  too  so  as   to  focus  on  the  clothes  -­‐  Ceiling  high  and  store  is  brightly  lit   and  always  very  big  space  -­‐  Noisy  environment  as  it  is  normally   crowded  -­‐  Sales  persons  will  be  shou(ng   “welcoming  to  uniqlo”  -­‐  SoW  music  but  not  very  audible  
  19. 19. 5.  Uniqlo  Environment:  -­‐  Store  temperature  is  ok  -­‐  No  smell  -­‐  Cash  register  is  at  the  mid  of  the   store  -­‐  Security  not  visible  -­‐  I  usually  stay  at  least  30  minutes  -­‐  Yes,  I  tend  to  buy  Personnel:  -­‐  Sales  person  won’t  bother  you   unless  you  request  for  help  -­‐  No  script  but  friendly  &  helpful  -­‐  No  different  in  treatment  -­‐  As  there  are  many  customers,  so   ra(o  can  be  1  to  10  -­‐  Young  employees,  20  –  30  years   old,  mix  gender  -­‐  They  will  wear  the  products  -­‐  No  uniform  -­‐  Match  the  image  as  they  all   portray  causal  and  friendly  image  
  20. 20. 5.  Uniqlo  Products:  -­‐  The  sales  items,  placed  right  in   front  of  the  entrance  -­‐  No  central  display    -­‐  Products  are  arranged  according  to   type  and  gender  -­‐  No  free  samples  but  can  try  the   products  -­‐  Most  at  eye  level  -­‐  Least  accessible  are  inner  wear  -­‐  Products  arrange  not  according  to   prices  -­‐  Price  clearly  stated  on  items  -­‐  No  impulse  items  
  21. 21. 5.  Uniqlo  Customers:  -­‐  Most  customers  are  with   someone,  usually  friends  -­‐  Big  range  as  customers  can  be   young  to  middle  age  customers  -­‐  Mix  gender  -­‐  Customers  tend  to  walk  all   different  direc(on  -­‐  Usually  they  stay  about  30  minutes  -­‐  Yes  they  touch  the  products  and   are  encourage  to  try  them  -­‐  Customers  are  usually  browsing  -­‐  70%  of  the  customers  will   purchase  
  22. 22. 6.  Kinokuniya  Bookstore  Before  entering:  -­‐  Wide  glass  window  with  wide   open  door  -­‐  Feel  welcoming  -­‐  Sign  is  big  and  with  simple  font  Environment:  -­‐  Did  not  no(ce  any  par(cular  color   scheme,  it  is  simple  and  spacious  -­‐  Flooring  is  plain,  simple  (le.  The   children  sec(on  is  carpeted,  for   kids  to  sit  down  to  read  -­‐  Very  brightly  lit,  good  for  reading  -­‐  Quite  quiet,  with  soW  music  -­‐  Good  for  reading  -­‐  Temperature  ok  -­‐  Store  full  of  products,  orderly   placed  -­‐  No  dis(nct  smell  
  23. 23. 6.  Kinokuniya  Bookstore  Environment:  -­‐  Cash  register  located  near   entrance,  there  is  more  than  one   of  them  -­‐  There  are  several  security  guards   and  have  security  detectors  at  all   the  entrances  and  exits  -­‐  Can  be  easily  an  hour  in  the  store  -­‐  Yes,  tend  to  buy  books  Personnel:  -­‐  Sales  person  will  not  bother  you   unless  you  ask  for  help.  Usually   friendly  and  knowledgeable  -­‐  No  different  in  treatment  -­‐  Ra(on  can  be  20:1  because  store  is   very  big  -­‐  Employees  are  about  ~40  years  old  -­‐  Mainly  female  -­‐  Wear  uniform  -­‐  Don’t  feel  that  there  is  any  kind  of   image  they  try  to  portray.  
  24. 24. 6.  Kinokuniya  Bookstore  Products:  -­‐  Books  on  sales  near  the  entrance  -­‐  Central  display  for  new  books  -­‐  Items  arranged  according  to   categories  -­‐  Most  books  are  available  for   reading,  some(mes  got  book   reviews  by  authors  -­‐  Most  products  are  at  eye  level  -­‐  Least  accessible  would  be  those  at   the  highest  shelf  –seem  to  be   storage  -­‐  Products  not  arranged  by  prices  -­‐  Prices  are  tagged  on  items  -­‐  Yes  several  impulse  items  near  the   cash  register  
  25. 25. 6.  Kinokuniya  Bookstore  Customers:  -­‐  Most  customers  are  alone  -­‐  Wide  range  of  age,  from  young   children  to  elderly  -­‐  Mix  gender  -­‐  Customers  walk  in  all  direc(ons  -­‐  They  usually  stay  quite  long,  like   an  hour  -­‐  Yes  they  are  encouraged  to  touch   the  products,  though  some  books   are  sealed.  They  can  request  to   open  them.  -­‐  Customers  are  usually  browsing.  -­‐  50%  of  the  customers  would   purchase.  
  26. 26. Insights  &  Hidden  Opportuni(es  •  Spacious  and  simple  design  is  welcoming  •  Explora(on  enhances  shopper’s  experiences  •  Regular  updates  and  changes  give  surprise   and  something  to  look  forward  •  Knowledgeable  staff  give  confidences  and   increase  trust  •  Interest  is  individual  and  personalized,  so   store  design  should  promote  these