Ncvo october 7 yrhf presentation


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Ncvo october 7 yrhf presentation

  1. 1. Welcome to the future Muzahid Khan Programme Director, BME VCS Regional Programme Yorkshire and the Humber Forum
  2. 2. Why we got involved (2008) • Responding to Social Change National Support Service. • The Forum worked with NCVO on a number of fronts – policy, regions and learning and skills. • This was an opportunity to help develop a new programme and offer opportunities to our members in Y&H. • It was also an opportunity for the Forum to develop its leadership role for the sector by working with the experts on strategic planning and its members on the strategic issues facing them as well as helping to alert others and inform the debates about issues affecting the sector. • The Forum was able to make this “national” training relevant to organisations in Yorkshire and Humber.
  3. 3. What we did • Established a pilot group to assist with the development of workshop and cascade materials • Helped to develop workshop and cascade materials • Promoted the NSS and the benefits of responding to social change • Used YHF Members newsgroups, brokering NCVO involvement in the region • LIO’s conference at Cober Hill (Feb 2009) • Links into South Yorkshire Quality Network • Forum events as a communication channel
  4. 4. What we did • Promotion via email and personal contacts • Helped to organise NSS workshops • Booking accessible venues, arranging catering etc for all NSS workshops, including the pilot workshops • Venue finding, liaison, booking, site visits in September for the October/ November and January events • Liaising with the Third Sector Foresight assistant over event administration and communication with participants
  5. 5. What we did • Facilitated online peer to peer learning and e-mentoring • Engaged with conversations on the Cass CCE online learning website and acting as one of a team of facilitators • Some (limited) input to KnowhowNon-profit (it had only been up and running for a relatively short period) • Engaging with strategy related topics on • Acted as a champion in the tailoring and dissemination of Foresight Info. Regularly adding links to and relevant documents about social change in Y&H • Attending Capacity builders Annual Conference and meeting between the regional bodies and NSS
  6. 6. What worked? – Developing and delivering the training – Identifying the drivers, in particular the relevant ones for Y&H – Feedback was positive – This was a new idea for our members so a difficult “sell”, especially, paid for training
  7. 7. Impact on YHRF • We’ve been better informed and linked the work on the drivers to our other strategic work • We’ve strengthened our links with NCVO’s research team • We’ve had the connections and confidence to go back to NCVO to get them to deliver to other of our projects (BME) • We’ve used the experience to bid for other work (Climate Change and the VCS Tender) developing and delivering training.
  8. 8. What the impact has been on our members/beneficiaries What Chief Executives and Development workers said about the value of strategic analysis during workshops in Yorkshire and Humber in 2008 – “it can make organisations less fearful” – “we can offer better services for our beneficiaries” – “it increases our success rate in terms of income generation” – “it enhances our influencing ability and therefore increases our impact” – Excellent day - informative and very useful" – "Pitched very well; good, balanced facilitation" – 75% thought the handout materials they went away with were very good – 100% of delegates found their understanding of strategic analysis, and its implications, increased.
  9. 9. How this work may continue in the future… • Continue to use and contribute to drivers • Continue to signpost to both and • Continue to work with NCVO to develop and deliver the training to specialist groups
  10. 10. Future Gazing (April 2010) Building on the Forum’s relationship with Third Sector Foresight and taking forward the requirements of the leaders from the BME VCS support and development organisations. An away day was organised by the BME VCS Programme in April 2010, to essentially think about what the future scenario is going to look like for local support and development organisations. It was an opportunity to really think and explore some of the fundamental issues of change, survival and discuss using Third Sector Foresights key drivers. The away day was held in Leeds, facilitated by Sarah Coombes, from the Third Sector Foresight team.
  11. 11. What worked well? • Imagining the future using the Third Sector Foresight drivers • Imagining the news headlines of the future • Isolating the key drivers
  12. 12. What has been the impact? • We’ve been better informed and have linked the work on the drivers to our other strategic work • We’ve strengthened our links with NCVO • Members have benefited from using the drivers as a focused tool • Members benefited from what they said was excellent facilitation from Sarah Coombes • They have gone back to their organisations and started to make use of their learning
  13. 13. The future? One of the major ways of bringing about better strategic planning is to be able to use the drivers and plan for different scenarios. We are continuing the themes of change and sustainability and have been in conversation with colleagues at NCVO to develop further work.