Album covers


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Album covers

  1. 1. Album Covers
  2. 2. PortraitsPortraits which are used an album cover art are very effective when used to portray solo artists. It is a great way to sell the face of the artist, from which consumers can then go on to buy other products bythe same artists if they enjoy listening to their music.
  3. 3. Photo manipulationPhoto manipulation is a more complex version of the portrait style in cd cover art. The image which has been chosen to be used has lots of editing made inorder to make it stand out from the rest. This sort ofimage is used as a way of portraying the band/artist in a particular style, which moulds the way the audiences see’s the band/artist.
  4. 4. Image basedImage based cover art is the most original form of cdcovers. This is because there is such a wide range inwhat can be used as an image for the album. As likethe other types of cd cover art, the image based type can show the unique style of the band/artist, whilst also adding mystery and edge to the band, especially when the text font for the album is small.
  5. 5. Type basedType Based album covers are those in which have a certain typing usually for the band/album name across the cover. This draws the audience’sattention. The type based album covers are the one of the less used types, however it can be used well with the right bands genre.
  6. 6. Black and white Black and White CD covers are seen all over themusic industry. They have many different purposes,whilst also having different meanings. The black and white style is widely used for its visual effects,making the album visually pleasing therefore making the consumer want to buy the album, and others from the same band.
  7. 7. Digital The digital album cover design is more of a modernstyle, aimed at the younger generation who are more drawn towards interesting colours and lights moulded together in a digital format. This is one of the most differing types of album cover.
  8. 8. Hand drawn The hand drawn type of creating album art work isanother un-common style, mainly because with theother styles the facilities are almost always there for a large amount of people to be able to create such album covers. Hand drawn are typically used for alternative artists who are more creative. Also it reflects the artists type of music video; low budget and unique.