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setting the stage


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setting the stage

  1. 1. Setting the StageMark Greenspan, Executive Director, nextMEDIA #NM2012 #DIGIS2012 Mark Greenspan, Executive Director, nextMEDIA 1
  2. 2. With The Rise of Multi-Screen Behavior comes the expectation of anytime- anywhere experiencesPressure on media publishers, brands and advertisers to satisfy this expectationCausing an unprecedented amount of industry collaboration within the advertising, media and technology industries. Re-think of media and advertising
  3. 3. Key Characteristics of Anytime-Anywhere Experiences Highly Engaging Social Personalized Contextual Measurable
  4. 4. The Good News isDigital has the potential to deliver against this
  5. 5. The Bad News is It’s difficultbut don’t worry that’s what this conference is about
  6. 6. Advertising no longer works as effectively as it did unless bolstered by additional marketing channelsNo Single Medium Can Afford to Stand Alone
  7. 7. What is the opportunity? Increased complexity but increased rewardGreater efficiencies and greater returns
  8. 8. What are some of the constraints ?
  9. 9. Brands and Publishers Lag in Deploying a Converged Media ExperienceMindset varies by department; social team often catalyzes changeDepartmental silos hinder converged deployments. Disparate tools leave marketers kneecapped at the workbench
  10. 10. Agencies Too Limited by Campaign, Channel Campaign-focused mindset at the expense of sustained engagement Channel-focused agency teams miss opportunitiesAgencies struggle to keep up, frustrated with ever-changing tool sets
  11. 11. How does it relate to what we are doing here?Understanding the landscape better Understanding each other better Creating more forward thinking strategic partnerships
  12. 12. What are we going to look at ? Digital Consumer Behaviors Converged Earned, Owned and PaidActivities across Social, Video, Mobile, Gaming Measurement Technical Platforms Creation of media experiences
  13. 13. Setting the StageMark Greenspan, Executive Director, nextMEDIA #NM2012 #DIGIS2012 Mark Greenspan, Executive Director, nextMEDIA 14