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Looking for professional wedding photographer? Then you are at right place.Milanstryja is an experienced professional photographer.

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Wedding photography

  1. 1. EN / CZHOME WEDDINGS PHOTOBOOTH PORTRAITS BOUDOIR PRICES REFERENCES CONTACTBLOG Pam Hogg – wedding dress designer Posted on 19.9.2012 Showcased at current London Fashion Week by Pam Hogg, this wedding dress might not be everyone’s taste, but for sure if you were these your wedding would be hard to forget ;o) If you are planning to wear one of these let me know and I’ll offer you a good deal ;o) Posted in Wedding dress | Tagged Pam Hogg wedding dress | Leave a reply Mad photographer? Posted on 18.9.2012 Slowly but surely I’m building a collection of pictures wedding guests snapped at weddings… and for some reason they always name the picture “mad photographer” – not sure why ;o)
  2. 2. Posted in Others | Leave a replyHampden house weddingPosted on 15.9.2012The Hampden ArmsThe day started for me in the local pub Humpden Arms where I captured groom Richard and his mates relaxing beforethe ceremony.The Hampden HouseSoon we moved to the Hampden house north from High Wycombe, where I had a smallchat with registrar, I snapped few arriving and chatting guests and the beautiful bride Lisa arrived. The ceremony was inthe great hall, which looks really amazing with all the wooden panelling, but lack of natural light proved to be a realchallenge for me. Throughout the ceremony my movement was very restricted, so I felt really lucky I had a secondphotographer with me to cover the ceremony from the balcony with much less restricted movement, bringing ratherunusual “aerial” views. After short ceremony followed even shorter group shoot, with only 7 groups on my to do list, soguest did not got too bored with posing, and few groom and bride portraits in quick succession. I had a chance to snapfew quick pictures of mingling guests, the cake and decorated room, and everyone moved inside to be seated for thedinner.The bride and groom cut the cake in the great hall straight after the speeches and moved into another room to performrather wild first dance. I let them have a bit of fun on the dance floor and asked for more portraits back in the great hall,just to get most of the potential of beautiful Hampden House.Lisa & Richard Wedding Photography
  3. 3. Posted in wedding | Tagged Hampden House, Hampden Wedding, wedding photography Berkshire, wedding photographyHigh Wycombe | Leave a replyKew Bridge Steam Museum wedding
  4. 4. Posted on 26.8.2012Ealing Register OfficeToday’s wedding did not started until 3pm and was last one at Ealing register office. I arrived early as I was a bit worriedabout travelling through summer storm. Luckily the god of traffic was kind to me and I arrived without anydelay, unfortunately the weather man was not so kind to me, and I got soaked thoroughly once I was getting out of carand walking briskly into the register office. Not a great start to the day, it could only get better I thought ;o)The CeremonyThe ceremony was rather short, as they all tend to be, quick group shots at the office stairs, some pictures of groomorganizing a taxi to get guest to the steam museum… just to learn the taxi is not coming, so I kindly offered bride andgroom a lift to the museum, so I doubled up as a wedding limo!Kew Bridge Steam MuseumOnce we arrived at the Kew Bridge Steam Museum I immediately assembled my trusty Bowens flash to snap bride andgroom’s portraits outside of the museum, with the iconic tower in the background. We were finished and moving slowlyinside, once someone started the steam engine round the corner, with a lot of thick yellow smoke everywhere… so Icould not miss this opportunity to get few more “atmospheric” pictures of Emily and David… and because of all the oldstuff around and orange smoke we got some of my best wedding pictures. I used natural light not to spoil the vintagelook.The guest arrived at the venue in the meantime allowing me some ambient portraits as they were mingling. I could notresist to walk around with Bride and Groom around the museum and get more portraits with all the engines. Emily &David were excellent, very patient and happy to pose here and there for me, but also very natural I think.Next point at my agenda was a steam engine train, running at the museum grounds, which was a great fun for the kidsbut also for grown-ups. Moving inside meant I was again struggling with lack of lights, especially as it was getting darkand this was not one of the sunniest days, which meant I had to start using my on camera flash quite soon.The dinner was followed by speeches, cutting cake and first dance, and might assignment was over. I was very sorry toleave as the band was fantastic, just my cup of tea, I was just too tired to stay and enjoy the music. I’ll try to get a linkto the band website if I can get it. And now, enjoy the pictures!
  5. 5. Posted in wedding | Tagged Berkshire, kew bridge steam museum, Slough, wedding photographer London, weddingphotography | Leave a replyI found my favorite wedding dress! ;o)Posted on 2.8.2012I somehow accidentally bumped into a bit sexy Zahia wedding dress … and they have few more nice dresses at theirwebsite and not only wedding dresses but also somenice underwear.
  6. 6. PS: I will consider 30% discount for bride wearing this dress on the day ;o)Posted in Wedding dress | Tagged ideas, sexy, wedding dress | Leave a replySlimming perfume?Posted on 1.8.2012I’m not quite sure what to think about this “news” – gimmick, miracle or serious science? Supposedly serious scienceis behind Veld’s fragrance Prends-moi fragrance & slimming. Brides, what do you think, would this be a good present foryou or would you feel offended? in gift ideas | Tagged Prends-moi, slimming & fragrance, Velds | Leave a replyKew Bridge Steam Museum – pre-wedding meetingPosted on 29.7.2012Yesterday I met in Hampden House, which I thought was an amazing venue, which will be hard to beat… and today Imet David, grom to be, to discuss details about their wedding in Kew Bridge Steam Museum museum is the most unusual venue for a wedding reception. Emily and David will allow me plenty of time on the day,but I have enough inspiration for hours and hours of shooting, with all the steam engines, gigantic spanners and otheraccessories and tools.
  7. 7. yet again picture from my Blackberry, so quality is not quite there ;o)I see a lot of people searching for The Kew Bridge Steam Museum wedding is looking at this post, so please bear withme, the pictures from the wedding are coming soon, hopefully by the end of September, so came back soon!Posted in pre-wedding shoot, wedding venue | Tagged kew bridge steam museum, London wedding photographer, pre-wedding meeting | Leave a replyHampden house pre-wedding meetingPosted on 28.7.2012Today I visited The Hampden House together with Richard, groom to be. I captured the beautiful venue only with myblackberry, but it still looks stunning, I can’t wait to point my proper camera at the venue ;o)Lisa & Richard, thank you for choosing this outstanding venue! in pre-wedding shoot, wedding venue | Tagged Hampden House, wedding photographer, wedding photography HighWycombe | Leave a replyPre-wedding meeting in Marriott Hanbury Manor in WarePosted on 10.7.2012Today I met couple to be Marie & James at Marriott Hanbury Manor in Ware to talk about their wedding details – and Iwas absolutely amazed. I do not remember seeing nicer venue – great choice guys!
  8. 8. forward to your wedding!Posted in wedding venue | Tagged Marriott Hanbury Manor, Ware | Leave a replyClaire & Karl in St Michael and St Mary Magdelene church inEasthampstead in BracknellPosted on 24.6.2012Yesterday’s wedding of Claire & Karl in St Michael and St Mary Magdelene in Easthampstead in Bracknell was in veryrelaxed atmosphere, partly perhaps because I photographed wedding of Claire’s sister Katherine in Peebles in Scotlandlast year, and I knew most of the family and some of the guests.The bride arrived at church in beautiful classic open top Daimler, and was led into the church by her grandfather. Theinterior of the church was very photogenic, but relatively dark making my photography job a bit challenging. Theceremony passed in no time, perhaps because of vicar with a good sense of humour? I really liked his story aboutcouple sharing burger in McDonald’s, that made not only me smile ;o)
  9. 9. The ceremony was followed by quick group shoot outside of church and in few portraits with the car, and then swift moveto the Birdshill Golf course on Drift Road, Hawthorn Hill in Maidenhead. We took the opportunity to snap few pictures inthe car on the driveway and without any delay started with the dinner and speeches. After the dinner we had a fewminutes window to take few formal portraits of bride and groom by willows and pond at the gol course. I managed toprepare the photobooth during the dinner, so we started with the studio shoot a little earlier, with a short break to cut thecake and photograph the first dance. The photobooth turned out to be so popular, that I did not stopped for over 3 hours –which I guess will be a record time for some time ;o)
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