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Chapter 6 Pp


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Key Points in surviving the "New Boss"

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Chapter 6 Pp

  1. 1.   Losing the old boss can affect the organization  Changes on the top creates opportunities IF your prepared  Focus on how shifts of power can affect your career  Can use as leverage  Take advantage  Avoid being blindsided Bottom Line: A change in the power structure at the top affects everyone in the company
  2. 2.  Starts off with a rumor moves to anxiety, turmoil & dysfunction Time when the weak one gets killed ALL ABOUT YOU Pay attention good chance that you’ll be able to recognize the before the ax drop
  3. 3.   No longer seems to have insider information on reasons for key decisions  Rarely available or more available  Suddenly starts working @ home more often
  4. 4.   Lay low  Only temporarily  Make sure you don’t stay out of sight for too long  Don’t take sides  Wait quietly  Boss departure opens opportunity to SELL YOURSELF  IF you can fill the shoes GO for it  PROVE YOUR VALUE
  5. 5. Once the name is announced you need to start positioning yourself to succeed under the new regime
  6. 6.  1. Do your reconnaissance  Do some research  New boss’s history & management style 2. Nail your audition  New boss identifies those who can & cannot help achieve 1. Be a Native Guide  What worked in the old culture may not work in the new one  Educate & inform 2. Watch for Sacred Cows  Trusted members  Protect the Boss’s back
  7. 7.  1. The Gatekeeper- Trusted loyal assistant…most powerful sacred cow 2. The Enforcer- Tackles difficult issues, authority to cut budget…2nd in command 3. The Numbers guy- CFO, sets budget, controls expenses 4. The Protégé- Younger version of boss 5. The First Pal- Protects the boss & keeps him company 6. The Court Jester- Eases the tension, provides comic relief makes the boss laugh
  8. 8.  Sacred cows present a risk to you only if you ignore their power Do not ever go behind the back or try to compete head-to-head with a sacred cow
  9. 9.   One person is promoted over their peers, the amigo becomes el capitan  One of “us” is now One of “them”  Getting with the program is essential suck it up & smile