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How Not to Let Stage Fear Cripple Your Presentation


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Stage fear affects every presenter. Left unchecked, it could seriously impede your presentation. In this post we explore the neuro-anatomy of fear. Importantly, we look at how to prevent stage fear from derailing your presentation. Or in other words, how to overcome stage fear.

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How Not to Let Stage Fear Cripple Your Presentation

  1. Cripple Your Presentation
  2. “There are only two types of speakers in the world:
  3. before the moment
  4. Are any/ all of these symptoms familiar to you…
  5. Just before you are to deliver a presentation, your….
  6. Know what?
  7. really!
  8. (*A physiological process that the human brain developed to help us survive)
  9. To understand this concept better, we need to
  10. The adventures of (one of our dear ancestors)
  11. Imagine one day, Red-Eye came face- to-face with a lion
  12. Any longer & our dear Red- Eye would be lion food.
  13. Consider a second scenario: Red-Eye sees a lion about to pounce on his child...
  14. How much time would he have to make a decision to fight the lion?
  15. Survival in the wild Savannah required…
  16. Our brain developed
  17. It developed, what we now call the
  18. Four – among many - physiological changes that take place
  19. When faced with danger, our body This is to provide the muscles with extra energy to fight or take to flight. However…..
  20. …the ability to think logically*, Physiological change 1 * Being a time and energy consuming activity,
  21. to pump more oxygen to the muscles. Physiological change 2
  22. High doses of Adrenaline are secreted, which causes Physiological change 3
  23. (it’s all that adrenaline).
  24. our voice cracks Physiological change 4
  25. Our brain’s priming our body for a Blank mind Pounding heart Trembling hands Sweaty palms Cracked voice
  26. that you experience before a presentation Blank mind Pounding heart Trembling hands Sweaty palms Cracked voice
  27. It’s our brain triggering a
  28. Your brain is perceiving
  29. Your brain sees the audience as a
  30. They could They could They could
  31. Of course, these are all mostly exaggerations…
  32. Remember, in situations where the brain perceives danger,
  33. Blank mind Pounding heart Trembling hands Sweaty palms Cracked voice
  34. So, if evolutionary or survival instincts are causing your body to behave like an out-of-control wild horse, then...
  35. It’s time to tame the wild horse…
  36. . Once the nerves settle down, we get more comfortable. Often, it’s in the first few moments of a presentation that one feels intense nervousness.
  37. (Here’s what you can do) (This will allow you a strong opening & help you overcome nerves)
  38. Prepare thoroughly; This eliminates the fear of being left stumped by difficult questions, thus calming your nerves a bit more
  39. This eliminates the fear that you might forget key points, further calming your nerves Make notes in, and use
  40. For more inputs on how to set-up and use Presenter View in PowerPoint, please refer to Chapter 09 of our free e-book, Business Presentation Superstar available at Download e-book • Add a synopsis of all your talking points to Presenter View • Increase the size of your notes while delivering your presentation by zooming in to the ‘notes section’ in Presenter View
  41. delivering your presentation Practice makes perfect, no? It also makes you more confident.
  42. Capture yourself on video Deliver to an audience Practice in front of a mirror Our suggestions for effective practice (in order of effectiveness):
  43. with the place and the people you will address P.S. You’ll have to get to the venue early, for this
  44. • the place is not alien to us • we have ‘friends’ amidst strangers (This will calm nerves a bit more)
  45. (in private, for two minutes)
  46. as though you are a winner, supremely confident and in control…
  47. (our body is literally changing our mind) (Read more about this research, here)
  48. We had seen earlier how oxygen is cut off from the brain and redirected to the muscles in stressful or dangerous situations.
  49. the brain through * * Draw in a deep breath. Hold it for a while and then exhale gently. Do this for three to five minutes. Redirect oxygen back to
  50. • ‘restore’ your ability to think logically (your mind won’t be blank anymore) • calm your nerves
  51. All of these techniques
  52. Script & memorize your first thirty seconds Anticipate & prepare for questions Use presenter notes or cue cards Practice Get familiar with the place & your audience Practice power poses Slow breathing
  53. (yes, even the very experienced ones)
  54. But, using these techniques will ensure that stage fear does not derail your presentation
  55. For more resources on business presentation effectiveness, please visit Mumbai, India
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