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Bullying in Society


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Published in: Health & Medicine, Career
  • Bullying is a social phenomenon that transcends gender, age, and culture. While there are wide ranges in the definition of the term, bullying is essentially characterized by one or several individuals aggressing on a vulnerable peer, primarily to assert control or power. Thus, being a parent I've learned to be vigilant and more particular on the safety of my teens especially when it comes with bullying cases. Then I found this site that provides a protection for children from a safety mobile protection that can access family, friends and 911 in times of emergency. I just downloaded their application on their iPhone. Here’s where you can find it:
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Bullying in Society

  1. 1. Created by: Eileen Carr and Liz Petty
  2. 2.  Bullying is a purposeful attempt to control another, through verbal abuse, which can be in tone of voice, or in content, such as teasing or threats, exclusion, or physical bullying or violence which the victim doesn’t want. Unfortunately, we feel bullying is a learned behavior. So to stop bullying we need to take a look at the cycle of bullying .
  3. 3. Bullying occurs at any ageIn the USA, an estimated 1.6 million students in grade 6th through 10th are bullied one or more time per week. As many as 150,000 victims cutclasses each day just to avoid it.
  4. 4. In different forms Research has shown that girls are more likely to bully others socially. Being bullied can lead to difficulty in forming healthy personal relationships, as well as leading to depression, low self esteem, and even suicide.
  5. 5. IT’S NOT RIGHT!!
  6. 6. Implications in the Classroom Negative: Distraction of class when bullying is taken place. Feelings of the person being bullied on display. Positive: Making an example out of the bully, deterring it from happening again. Encourage students to safely stand up for each other.
  7. 7. Stamp Out Bullying. Through humor and a great presentation, Dr.Banksteaches students how to deal with this social crisis.
  8. 8. Discussion Questions What are some tell tale signs of bullying, we as future teachers, can look out for? Can you suggest some in class rules, that would help to address the prevention of bullying, before it happens?