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SEO Experiments at HealthTap


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Jerry Uejio's presentation from the Growth Engineering Meetup:

Learn how SEO plays into the overall growth strategy at HealthTap, how we think about SEO experimentation in the health context, and some results from SEO experiments.

Experiments built with the help Mike Kuan, Alexander Sivura, Allen Osgood, and Steijn Pelle. Presentation designed by Joey Primiani.

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SEO Experiments at HealthTap

  1. 1. Happier, Healthier Lives Through SEO Experimentation Jerry Uejio, Growth Engineer
  2. 2. HealthTap connects people to high-quality and affordable healthcare.
  3. 3. Ask Doctor Free Question Virtual Consults Request Prescriptions
  4. 4. Easily connect with a doctor.
  5. 5. Ranking Search engines index content User Search Land on content Signups % of new users signup Post % post content USER GENERATED CONTENT SEO LOOP
  6. 6. Hundreds of factors impact SEO Factors Impacting SEO
  7. 7. SEO Experimentation → treatment → control Visitor X → treatment Visitor Y → control Normal Experimentation For more info, see:
  8. 8. Hypothesis Spelling & Grammar as an SEO Factor
  9. 9. Minimum Viable Test Analyzed frequency of spelling and grammar errors with LanguageTool Chose a few high frequency errors to fix on the fly (capitalization, punctuation)
  10. 10. ← Launch date 4% % difference in traffic variant - control Time
  11. 11. Next Steps… Identify all spelling and grammar rules/changes Pick and test rules on large public corpus (Google Books) Apply across millions of pieces of content
  12. 12. SEO Growth Experiments Jerry Uejio Growth Engineer Most on-page factors can be split-tested
  13. 13. +7% Traffic (Winner) +5% Traffic +3% Traffic -12% Traffic CONTROL TIE
  14. 14. +6% Traffic CONTROL MORE ANSWERS ON PAGE
  15. 15. SEO Growth Experiments Jerry Uejio Growth Engineer Don’t forget sanity A-A Testing
  16. 16. % diff between 2 control groups on 10% of pages Time ← High impact bug
  17. 17. Off-the-shelf SEO solutions
  18. 18. SEO factors that are difficult to test... ● Content trimming ● Sitemap optimization ● Backlinks and social sharing ● Information architecture ● Design changes ● New page creation
  19. 19. SEO Growth Experiments Jerry Uejio Growth Engineer Thank you!
  20. 20. We’re hiring in SF & Palo Alto!