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How entrepreneurs can find new clients


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How entrepreneurs can find new clients

  1. 1. Learning How to Find New Clients Jerry R. Mitchell 1
  2. 2. First, You're Probably Asking Yourself: "Why Should I Listen To Him? That's a fair question. Why Would You Listen To Me? Jerry R. Mitchell 2
  3. 3. I have sold in a shorter period of time more products that any other sales person I know. Not once but many times for many different companies. That is the reason my partners selected me as a partner. Jerry R. Mitchell 3
  4. 4. In my consulting business I have developed for many clients very successful international channels of distribution. Have provided strategic guidance for my clients that enabled them to increase their business through the acquisition of companies servicing different markets. Jerry R. Mitchell 4
  5. 5. My background: Been in high tech industry since 1961 Jerry R. Mitchell 5
  6. 6. I meet few people who truly understand the fundamental difference between sales and marketing. So lets get clear on both. At the most basic level, marketing is everything that makes the phone ring, while selling is actually collecting the money Jerry R. Mitchell 6
  7. 7. Your question should be “What's the difference between Marketing and Sales, and how can I integrate the two to build my business?” Jerry R. Mitchell 7
  8. 8. Do I have to sell? Yes! As you will find out, selling is an important part of any business activity. If you are already in business you know it. If you are just starting out, much of your success will depend on your sales skills. Jerry R. Mitchell 8
  9. 9. In reality, salesmanship is persuading others to your viewpoint. Nothing more. There is no mystery to it only hard work and a lot of rejection. Just think of selling as successfully asking someone to do something. Jerry R. Mitchell 9
  10. 10. As an entrepreneur, you will begin your sales career the moment you give birth to the idea of your company. You will need to sell your idea to your spouse, your sources of money, your suppliers, your landlord, and your new employees. You may not call it selling, but that is what it is. You have a message and you want others to buy it Jerry R. Mitchell 10
  11. 11. In your enthusiasm, you do not question your sales ability you just do it. The moment the first person that signs on to your plans is the moment you have debunked the sales myth. You have made a sale without being a phony, without imposing on others, and without lying. You made a sale, because your message makes sense and you believe in it. Jerry R. Mitchell 11
  12. 12. You and your ideas and your vision are your products. How well have you been selling them to those you need to reach? Jerry R. Mitchell 12
  13. 13. Never before in the history of the world has the potential to do extraordinary things been this big for the smallest of teams. Jerry R. Mitchell 13
  14. 14. The reach of the net, the low/no-cost of infrastructure, and rise of fiercely-productive environments have empowered those with passion near superhuman strength in business, by last century standards. Jerry R. Mitchell 14
  15. 15. It's no longer necessary to be big to do big. It's optional. Jerry R. Mitchell 15
  16. 16. Are you struggling to attract clients? Have you heard about Content Marketing, but aren't yet sure what it is, or how to implement it? Would you like to be able to stop spending money chasing prospects and asking them to do business with you? Jerry R. Mitchell 16
  17. 17. Back in 1985 when I started Jerry R. Mitchell and Associates, the business landscape was radically different than it is today. There was no social media. Jerry R. Mitchell 17
  18. 18. By 2007, when cold calling stopped working for our company social media had taken off in a big way. So had WordPress and email marketing. Plus, mobile was also starting to gain in popularity as well. Jerry R. Mitchell 18
  19. 19. What did all this mean to our company? It meant that getting people's attention was becoming increasingly difficult, and as a result, traditional outbound marketing was starting to lose its effectiveness. Jerry R. Mitchell 19
  20. 20. Fast forward to 2013 and, for our outbound sales force, things had become even more difficult. Jerry R. Mitchell 20
  21. 21. Potential Buyers Are Now Invisible Jerry R. Mitchell 21
  22. 22. Now, potential buyers remain invisible and nearly impossible to reach until they want to be found. I say they are invisible because, prior to contacting you, they are stealthily performing all sorts of research using Google,review websites, and social media. You cannot reach them at any point during this phase, unless of course they happen to find your blog or one of your social profiles along the way. Jerry R. Mitchell 22
  23. 23. What does this mean for you? Jerry R. Mitchell 23
  24. 24. Content is Now Your Most Valuable Asset Jerry R. Mitchell 24
  25. 25. How Content Marketing Has Forever Changed! How To Attract Clients And How You Can Take Advantage Of This Shift? Jerry R. Mitchell 25
  26. 26. It means that content has become your most important asset. Blog posts, videos on You tube, white papers, free reports, newsletters podcasts, et al are now the way that you are going to attract your prospects so that they find and connect with you. Jerry R. Mitchell 26
  27. 27. Put simply, the company in your niche that creates the most content is going to become the dominant player in that market. Jerry R. Mitchell 27
  28. 28. Why? Simple. People are using Google to search for answers to their questions, and if you create a lot of high quality content, people will share it on their social profiles, and each time they do, Google is going to bump your content up just a little higher in the search results; each time you rise in the search results, you get more traffic, more shares, and better rankings. The cycle simply repeats itself. Jerry R. Mitchell 28
  29. 29. Or, you can just keep making those cold calls and annoying the heck out of people. Jerry R. Mitchell 29
  30. 30. Outbound vs Inbound Jerry R. Mitchell 30
  31. 31. Jerry R. Mitchell 31
  32. 32. Jerry R. Mitchell 32
  33. 33. Jerry R. Mitchell 33
  34. 34. To really drive this point home, let's use an example with two entrepreneurial companies looking to attract new clients. The first one still has a team of salespeople who are charged with finding new clients. They are cold calling and attending local networking events. For simplicity, we'll call this firm Outbound Marketing. Jerry R. Mitchell 34
  35. 35. The other entrepreneurial company , we call Inbound Marketing, and unlike Outbound, they do not have a dedicated outside/outbound sales team. Instead, they have chosen to use the massive amount of money that they've saved by not having this team to create compelling content that will answer all their potential buyer's questions, as well as to publicly display their work with Clients which, of course, positions them as experts in their field. Jerry R. Mitchell 35
  36. 36. As you might guess, Inbound Marketing is getting much better results than the other firm. This is because they are getting plenty of traffic to their blog, many of those visitors are becoming subscribers, and those subscribers are finding their way through Inbound Marketing's well-crafted sales funnel. Jerry R. Mitchell 36
  37. 37. Their funnel allows their prospects to segment themselves based upon what they are interested in and what phase of the buying cycle they are in. This is pretty easy to do Jerry R. Mitchell 37
  38. 38. This process is working so incredibly well, in fact, that Inbound Marketing doesn't ever call their prospects. Instead, their prospects actually call Inbound once they have consumed enough content to actually be pre-sold on working with Inbound Marketing. Jerry R. Mitchell 38
  39. 39. Jerry R. Mitchell 39
  40. 40. I don't know about you, but to me, that sounded like it would be a pretty nice idea to start using inbounding marketing in my business. Jerry R. Mitchell 40
  41. 41. Jerry R. Mitchell 41
  42. 42. A Real Life Example of Success Jerry R. Mitchell 42
  43. 43. Here's what worked for me. Jerry R. Mitchell 43
  44. 44. We now never cold call prospects. Instead, we have put our effort into creating content (blog posts, free reports, newsletters, videos, etc.) that attracts people to our company's website. As each prospect is continually exposed to their message via their marketing funnel, the ones that are a good fit inevitably make contact with our firm, and when they do, they are ready to do business. Jerry R. Mitchell 44
  45. 45. Let me show you how working with 2 More Profits changed forever our companies strategy Look at these amazing results! Jerry R. Mitchell 45
  46. 46. Jerry R. Mitchell 46
  47. 47. Jerry R. Mitchell 47
  48. 48. Jerry R. Mitchell 48
  49. 49. Jerry R. Mitchell 49
  50. 50. Jerry R. Mitchell 50
  51. 51. How we attracted interest Jerry R. Mitchell 51
  52. 52. We have found the way to attract interest is with high quality video content. Jerry R. Mitchell 52
  53. 53. The way that we found how to attract interest was to focus on the problems that our target customers are trying to solve, and then create content (blog posts, free reports, news letters, podcasts, videos, etc.) that helped them to find a solution to their problems. Jerry R. Mitchell 53
  54. 54. Once we succeed in attracting someone's interest by placing content in a place where they found it, the next thing we did was to capture their contact information; which, in most cases, is their email address. Jerry R. Mitchell 54
  55. 55. This is what we called lead capture at the top of the funnel. You may get plenty more information from them later on, but for now, we just want their first name and email. . Jerry R. Mitchell 55
  56. 56. There are plenty of ways to do this but what we have had the most success with sending a free report. Jerry R. Mitchell 56
  57. 57. Remember one thing, however; just because someone has given you their email address (small amount of trust) does not give you the right to spam the hell out of them! Jerry R. Mitchell 57
  58. 58. In fact, all it takes is one irrelevant email and the small amount of trust that you have earned will quickly be eroded. This is why it's absolutely critical that you set expectations early on as well as give them a way to 'self-segment' themselves in your database. Jerry R. Mitchell 58
  59. 59. How well you nurture your prospects is very likely the single most important factor in whether or not those prospects ever become customers. Jerry R. Mitchell 59
  60. 60. We have created great content that generates new leads and have sales people call and follow up on them. This is still inbound marketing. It's just getting people involved in closing deals. If your product has any level of complexity that prevents it from being completely self-service, you're probably going to have to build a sales operation Jerry R. Mitchell 60
  61. 61. Converting inquires into sales is where the real talent is required. Jerry R. Mitchell 61
  62. 62. We have found while inbound marketing or content marketing is a great way to build our brand and generate lots of inbound leads, the only way to grow predictably - that is have complete control over our distribution – was continuing to use our outbound sales organization. Jerry R. Mitchell 62
  63. 63. Today, as I've just pointed out, the nurturing you do prior to the sale is really where all the skills are needed. Get the nurturing right, and the sale is the natural conclusion to that conversation. Jerry R. Mitchell 63
  64. 64. To illustrate this point, I'll give you just one quick example now. At Jerry R, Mitchell and Associates , we have a mastermind group for entrepreneurs marketing agencies and consultants and the only way people ever find out about it is via our blog, marketing funnel, and our podcast. We don't spent 10 cents to advertise it, and we definitely aren't making cold calls to solicit new members. Jerry R. Mitchell 64
  65. 65. Given that these people have already consumed a fair amount of our content before they ever visit the sales page, the level of trust is fairly high. Once they read the sales page, they see that part of the process of becoming a member is to book a 15 minute call with me, during which time we'll have a conversation to determine if there is a good fit. Jerry R. Mitchell 65
  66. 66. When I do these calls, I generally start off by getting them to sell me on why they want to be a part of the group. The first question out of my mouth is always, "So why do you want to join?" Jerry R. Mitchell 66
  67. 67. Next, I ask them some more qualifying questions to ensure that their participation would actually benefit the other members, and if there is a mutual fit I send them a URL to make the payment. Jerry R. Mitchell 67
  68. 68. On each call, I simply assume that they've already decided to join, and, I'm happy to report that 80% of these calls result in the caller becoming a new member of the group (assuming there is a good mutual fit, that is). Jerry R. Mitchell 68
  69. 69. That's it. Oh, and by the way, these calls generally take less than 10 minutes. Jerry R. Mitchell 69
  70. 70. Now, let me ask you this: how much success do you think I would have if I was cold calling entrepreneurs to try and convince them to join my mastermind? Let's go about ZERO. Jerry R. Mitchell 70
  71. 71. Why? The recipients of my call wouldn't know who I was, they wouldn't trust me, and they would most likely be wondering if the group was so good, why the hell was I making cold calls to attract new members? Jerry R. Mitchell 71
  72. 72. My point is this: the sale happened with very little "closing ability" because my prospects were already 99% of the way to the finish line before they ever booked the call with me. Jerry R. Mitchell 72
  73. 73. Once you have a new customer, the fastest way to increase profits is to get them to buy more from you. In fact, the very best time to sell someone another product or service is right at the time when they are buying the first product or service. Jerry R. Mitchell 73
  74. 74. Is upselling harmful to your relationship with your customer? Not if you do it correctly. Get it wrong though, and the effect on trust can be quite detrimental. Jerry R. Mitchell 74
  75. 75. For example, suppose you go into a men's clothing store to buy a suit. Do you walk out with just the suit? Of course not. Why? Because, while you are trying on the suit, they are also showing you shirts, belts, and ties that will look very good with your new suit. Jerry R. Mitchell 75
  76. 76. Most business owners aren't getting as many referrals as they'd like. Do you ever wonder why you aren't getting as many as you'd like? Would you like to receive more? Jerry R. Mitchell 76
  77. 77. If you've done everything right up to this point, you are undoubtedly getting some referrals. The key is to put systems in place to ensure that you are receiving the maximum number possible without resorting to making those annoying calls where you put your client on the spot by saying, "Who do you know who would like to buy my stuff?" Jerry R. Mitchell 77
  78. 78. The truth is that most people don't really want to receive (or make) a call like that. Instead, they, if sufficiently impressed with you, will want to send you as many referrals as possible because doing so makes them look good. Jerry R. Mitchell 78
  79. 79. Here at our company , we use a combination of the measure of customer satisfaction using automation to ensure that we are asking our happiest customers to refer us more. By using email to reach out to these happy folks, we are accomplishing a few really important things. Jerry R. Mitchell 79
  80. 80. First, it's completely automated, so my team doesn't have to 'remember' to ask. Second, by using email, we aren't putting our customers 'on the spot like calling them would do. Jerry R. Mitchell 80
  81. 81. Before we wrap up, there is one last point that I want to draw your attention to and that is this: the Internet is FULL of "free" information, but in reality, it's not actually free at all. Jerry R. Mitchell 81
  82. 82. To illustrate this point, let me give you an example. Consider the CEO of a company who wants to improve his marketing. To do this he asks a member of the staff to go and conduct research on the Internet and that staffer proceeds to spend the next two weeks Googling for information, watching videos on YouTube, and listening to podcasts. Jerry R. Mitchell 82
  83. 83. There are several problems with this particular approach. Jerry R. Mitchell 83
  84. 84. The first problem is that it took two weeks of the staffers time to go and find, read and assess all this information. If this person's salary is $5000 per month, the cost to the company for all this free information was actually $2500. Jerry R. Mitchell 84
  85. 85. Worse, the information took a long time to find, it's not organized in any meaningful way, and as it comes from a wide variety of sources the quality of the information is sure to be in question. Jerry R. Mitchell 85
  86. 86. So was all of this free information actually free? Definitely not! Jerry R. Mitchell 86
  87. 87. As a content marketer, this problem translates into huge opportunity for you. If you choose to create high-quality content, and then you create a structured way of delivering content, you are going to save your perspective customer a significant amount of time and frustration. Jerry R. Mitchell 87
  88. 88. If you've done a good job of setting expectations upfront, your prospect will now immediately see that they don't need to spend the next two weeks of their lives searching every corner of the Internet to get all of the information that they require to improve their marketing program. Jerry R. Mitchell 88
  89. 89. Instead, they will spend more time consuming the content that you have created, and they will consume it order that you deliver it to them. And because you are a smart marketer, you're going to deliver that content to them in order that makes it most likely for them to transition from being just a prospect into a paying customer. Jerry R. Mitchell 89
  90. 90. This is yet another example of the immense power of content marketing and marketing automation if done correctly. Jerry R. Mitchell 90
  91. 91. Are We Too Stubborn To Embrace Social Media? Jerry R. Mitchell 91
  92. 92. Well, are we? Does it make us uncomfortable because we don't know how it works? Or, are we just too lazy and brush it off as belonging to another generation? Jerry R. Mitchell 92
  93. 93. The official definition of social media refers to the means of interactions among people which they create, share and/or exchange ideas and information in virtual communities and networks - Well, that's the boring section out of the way! Jerry R. Mitchell 93
  94. 94. Whether we accept it or not, understand it or not, the fact is, it's an awesome tool to get your message out in a way that has never existed before. You may want to promote the local fate. You may even have a political viewpoint that you are desperate to share with the nation. You may be just trying to find your lost dog. Regardless, using these mediums can 'spread the word' in a way never experienced before. And, to make things even worse for us who pretend social media is someone else's problem, this ultra effective interacting doesn't cost a penny. Jerry R. Mitchell 94
  95. 95. Perhaps it's time to stop hiding from this. Perhaps it's time we accepted it as you would a new friend. Like anything in life, pay a small price at the beginning, but reap the rewards in the long run. Jerry R. Mitchell 95
  96. 96. Social media is here and here to stay. Let's greet it with open arms and use the power for our own personal gain. After all, we are allowed to be selfish at our age. Jerry R. Mitchell 96
  97. 97. Irresistible offer for tonight We will: Produce a video to help you gain credibility and exposure for your business or cause. (Valued at $500) Assist you in creating a compelling video script (Valued at $100) Assist you with a Call to Action (Valued at $50) Optimize (SEO) your video for getting found on Google and YouTube for important keywords ( Valued at $ 500) Create your own YouTube Channel or Enhance an Existing Channel (Valued at $50) …. Total Value $1200. Special Offer is $699.00. Special Offer (tonight only) $397.00 Jerry R. Mitchell 97