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Oakley and eCommerce - Critical Success Factors for Multi Channel Planning


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In the new world of integrated, multi-channel retailing, consumers should be able to find the products they want quickly and efficiently through the channel of their choice. A higher level of customer service is more critical than ever to survive and thrive, but this adds new complexities to integrating an operational patchwork of information systems, organizations, people and discreet business processes.

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Oakley and eCommerce - Critical Success Factors for Multi Channel Planning

  1. 1. Oakley & eCommerce Merchandising Critical Success Factors for Multi-Channel PlanningSponsored by
  2. 2. Retail’s Major Disruptions© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  3. 3. U.S. eCommerce on the Rise $202B $226B $327B 7% (2011) 7% (2012) 9% (2016) 10.1% Compound Annual Growth Rate Source: Forrester Research© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  4. 4. eCommerce: Global Spread UK 10% Asia-Pacific Latin 3% America 2% Global digital retailing: 15-20% of TOTAL SALES© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  5. 5. Mobile as Key Enabler 7thonline •8B Handheld Devices •Est. Sales: $31B -2016 •Growth Rate: 39%© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  6. 6. Social Media Plays a Major Role© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  7. 7. eCommerce Merchandising II. Introduction III. The Changing Consumers IV. Embracing Multi-Channel Retailing V. Organizational Reality for Retailers VI. Best Practices to Multi-Channel Integration VII. Conclusion© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  8. 8. Today’s Multi-Channel Reality© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  9. 9. Multi-Channel Consumers Shop for Brands  Outspend traditional shoppers by over 20%  Exhibit strong loyalty to brand  More likely to influence others to endorse a retailer or brand© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  10. 10. Multi-Channel Creates Greater Business Value Inventory optimization via integration of virtual and physical stores© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  11. 11. Organizational Reality for Retailers Technology Organizational Legacy© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  12. 12. Collaboration Across Channels True cross-channel convergence is about making all retail channels operate in coordination and collaboration with each other. Create operational efficiencies Reduce complexity & redundancy Provide consistent brand experience© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  13. 13. eCommerce Platform as Part of Larger Strategy Overall Multi-Channel Strategy Aim Grow Revenue Reduce Inventory Cost Extend Worldwide© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  14. 14. Best Practices • Define a customer experience program and implement it • Ensure true Multi-Channel transparency • Consolidate Multi-Channel supply chain management • Deliver Multi-Channel services and targeted promotions • Improve Multi-Channel loyalty capabilities • Provide web-enabled call center systems • Ensure embedded Business Intelligence throughout the enterprise© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  15. 15. Embedded Business Analytics Throughout Your Process • Business Intelligence and Analytics for everyone in the organization • Information on demand with no IT required • Track current business trends as well as predict future demand • Insights that allow you to anticipate change and proactively balance risks and opportunities© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  16. 16. Conclusion No longer manage eCommerce, retail commerce, B2B commerce separately… Provide a true Consumer Centric Commerce experience© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  17. 17. 7thonline: Multi Channel Merchandise Management© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  18. 18. Industry Acknowledges Market Leadership…© 2012 7thonline. Inc
  19. 19. 7thonline Thought Leadership Series Please visit© 2012 7thonline. Inc