Escape from Excel - Retail Can't Survive and Thrive on Spreadsheets


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Surprisingly, more than 70% of retail companies use Excel as their principal tool for planning, demand forecasting and optimization. Many of these companies are in “Spreadsheet Hell”, a continuing state of inefficiency and disruption related to using Excel for cross channel merchandise and assortment management. Dozens, and even sometimes, hundreds of spreadsheets are used throughout an organization and its extended enterprise with incorrect or inconsistent formulas, inaccurate numbers, no central repository of information, and no version control. This leads to major inefficiencies, frustration, and decisions made based on incomplete information. And even with this enormous amount of data everywhere – information on sales, inventory and profits – it is generally not available in an aggregated view to intelligently take action.

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Escape from Excel - Retail Can't Survive and Thrive on Spreadsheets

  1. 1. Sponsored by
  2. 2. Today’s Presenter Jerry Inman Chief Marketing Officer 7thonline
  3. 3. What You Will Learn Today I. How to get off Excel II. How to have more intelligent information at your fingertips III. How to get a Monday morning aggregated sales/inventory/profit report IV. Where does your organization fit on the Merchandise Maturity Model
  4. 4. Industry Market Drivers Increase Revenue • Increase Sales • Improve Margins Improve Inventory Management • Increase Channel Visibility • Earlier Demand Visibility • Reduce Markdowns • Reduce Out-of-Stocks • Improve Inventory Turns Reduce Operational Costs • Decrease Error Rates • Improve Personnel Productivity • Minimize Cost of IT Radically Reduce Excel Spreadsheets
  5. 5. Consumer Centric Retailing Cross Channel Merchandise & Assortment Management
  6. 6. Merchandise Planning Maturity ModelHIGH Think Locally, Think Globally, Think Globally, Think Globally, LOW Act Locally. Act Locally. Act Collectively. Act Globally. Risk Consumer Centric Cross Channel Merchandising Merchandise Planning & Forecasting Integrated with ERP, PLM, POS, CRM Business Intelligence & Analytics Point SolutionsProcess Improvement (Financial, Planning, Pricing, Purchasing, Inventory) Data Export to Common Repository Data Feed into Excel Common Excel Template ExcelLOW HIGH REACTIVE PROACTIVE ALIGNED GOVERNED People, Policies, Technology Adoption
  7. 7. 7thOnline Consumer Centric Retailing Escape Excel from
  8. 8. Industry Acknowledges Market Leadership…
  9. 9. Enterprise Class Platform and Cloud Infrastructure • Standards Based • Extensible • J2EE, Oracle, MS SQL Server, • Web services browser based • Integration services • Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) • Industrial strength security • Cloud • Elastic scalability and resource • Scalable allocation • Horizontal clustering • Dynamic provisioning • Service multi-threading • Fine-grained control of computing • Database optimizations resources • Network compression • Enterprise class interoperability and access • Global • Security, privacy, integrity and SLA’s • Multi - language • Extreme- transaction-processing • Multi - currency (XTP) grade performance • Multi - division enabled • Multitenant configuration, customization and • Global deployment version control
  10. 10. The 7thOnline Difference Key Differentiators • Retail Industry DNA • Only Solution Provider with Cross Channel Strategy • Advanced Proprietary Algorithms • Consumer Demand Centric Solution • User-Driven Embedded Business Intelligence & Analytics (No IT Required for Reporting) • Familiar “Excel-like” GUI • Scalable, Enterprise Class & Cloud Infrastructure • Fastest Time to Value – Rapid Implementation Approach • Proven ROI • Proven Track Record with Leading Retailers, eCommerce and Vendors in Apparel, Footwear & Accessories
  11. 11. Thank you Questions? Please contact me at or call 212.997.1717 ext 327