Wallace Collection - An Oasis of French Arts


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The Wallace Collection is a national museum situated near the busiest shopping area of London. Its tranquil surroundings is an oasis of arts in an otherwise bustling area. Among the collection are outstanding treasures of 18C French porcelain, French furniture, armoury and French and Dutch paintings. The collection is housed in the former London residence of the Marquesses of Hertford.

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Wallace Collection - An Oasis of French Arts

  1. Wallace CollectionAll rights reserved. Rights belong to their respective owners. Availablefree for non-commercial and personal use. First created 4 Sep 2011. Version 1.0 - 7 Sep 2011. Jerry Tse. London.
  2. The Entrance Hall with its beautiful bronze gilded staircase balustrade made in France in 1719.
  3. The CollectionThe museum has a large number of armours andweapons, including armours from other parts of theworld, particularly India.The museum has an impressive collection of Frenchand Italian ceramic. Its collection of Serves ware isvast and varies.The house is filled with French Rococo furniture of18C.It has a large collection of paintings, in particularFrench Rococo paintings, French Orientalism andDutch 17C paintings, supplemented by Venetianvedute paintings.
  4. The collection of artefacts are found mainly on the ground floor.
  5. Armour
  6. Weapons
  7. Armour
  8. Ceramic
  9. Ceramic
  10. Porcelain Sevres wares were formerly produced in the royal factory near Paris. The factory produced porcelain for the nobility of Europe.
  11. Porcelain
  12. Furniture
  13. Clocks
  14. The Great Gallery was specially built to display the family’s collection.
  15. French Paintings
  16. French Paintings
  17. French Paintings
  18. French Paintings
  19. French Paintings
  20. French Paintings
  21. French Paintings
  22. French Paintings
  23. French Paintings
  24. French Paintings
  25. Elizabeth Vigee-Lebrun wasthe best female portraitpainter of her times. Shepainted over 30 portraits ofMarie Antoinette and herfamily.
  26. French Paintings
  27. French Paintings
  28. French Paintings
  29. French Paintings
  30. FrenchRevolution
  31. Dutch Painting A masterpiece by Frans Hals.
  32. Dutch Painting
  33. Dutch Painting
  34. Dutch Painting
  35. Dutch Painting
  36. Dutch Painting
  37. Dutch Painting
  38. Dutch Painting Huysum is most well-known for his still life of flower paintings.
  39. English Paintings
  40. Italian Paintings
  41. Italian Paintings
  42. History & FountainThe building was the family home of Marquess ofHertford. In 1897, Lady Wallace, who wasFrench, died and left the collection and the house tothe nation. The Wallace Collection was opened tothe public as a national museum in 1990.The family had a long association with France. The3rd Marquess’ wife settled in Paris, in 1802. The 4thMarquess moved more or less permanently to Parisin 1838. The last heir Sir Richard Wallace grew upand lived in Paris.In 1872, it was Richard Wallace who donated some50 drinking fountains to Paris, after his experience ofthe 1870 siege of Paris by the Prussian army. Thefountains are common sights of Paris today.
  43. The peaceful café-restaurant of the museum.
  44. The EndAll rights reserved. Rights belong to their respective owners. Music – Parisienne Walkway composed by GaryAvailable free for non-commercial and personal use. Moore, from the album Guitar Moods.