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Villa d'Este, Tivoli, Rome

Villa d'Este "one of the most significant and complete monuments to the culture of the Renaissance, an incomparable example of the Italian Garden." UNESCO World Heritage. The garden is probaly the best historic fountain garden in the world. It contains 51 fountains, 398 spouts, 364 jets, 64 waterfalls, 220 basins and 875 linear meters of water canals, tunnels and pipes and yet there is not a single pump in the whole system!!!

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Villa d'Este, Tivoli, Rome

  1. 1. First created 28 Aug 2011. Version 1.0 - 1 Sep 2011. Jerry Tse. London . Villa d’Este All rights reserved. Rights belong to their respective owners. Available free for non-commercial and personal use. A Renaissance Fountain Garden, Tivoli
  2. 2. Villa d’Este The Villa d’Este is the most outstanding Renaissance fountain garden in the world. It Is an Unesco Heritage site. It is situated in Tivoli, just outside of Rome, about 40 minutes away on a bus ride. The villa has 51 fountains, 368 spouts, 364 jets, 64 waterfalls and 220 basins. Water are fed by an intricate network of tunnels, canals and pipes, without a single pump!!! View from the villa looking toward Rome, with the new Tivoli at the foothill.
  3. 3. Fountain Garden A view of Tivoli and the fountain garden from the villa.
  4. 4. The Porticoed courtyard
  5. 5. Fountain of Venus
  6. 6. Villa’s Garden Facade
  7. 7. Villa Terrace The Gran Loggia.
  8. 8. Fountain of Rometta This symbolises the source of the River Tiber, with the allegorical figure of Appenines mountain in the grotto and the river god Aniene on the left.
  9. 9. Fountain of Rometta
  10. 10. Fountain of Rometta This is an allegorical fountain. The pool symbolises the River Tiber, hinted by the sculpture of the she-wolf and founders of Rome, Romulus and Remus.
  11. 11. Oval Fountain Birth of Venus.
  12. 12. Oval Fountain
  13. 13. Oval Fountain
  14. 14. Oval Fountain
  15. 15. Fountain of Pegasus
  16. 16. The Fish Ponds
  17. 17. Fountain of the Organ
  18. 18. Fountain of the Organ With the water, the fountain organ can play a 4 minutes tune. It was restored recently .
  19. 19. Fountain of the Organ
  20. 20. Fountain of the Organ
  21. 21. Hundred Fountains There are over a hundred fountains spouts here. In summer the spays cool the air along the path.
  22. 22. Hundred Fountains
  23. 23. Hundred Fountains
  24. 24. Hundred Fountains
  25. 25. Fountain of the Dragons
  26. 26. Fountain of the Dragons
  27. 27. Fountain of the Dragons
  28. 28. Fountain of the Dragons
  29. 29. Fountain of the Owl The birds in the fountain sings.
  30. 30. The Garden
  31. 31. Diana of Ephesus
  32. 32. Fountain of Neptune
  33. 33. Fountain of Neptune
  34. 34. Fountain of Neptune
  35. 35. Fountain of Neptune
  36. 36. Fountain of Neptune
  37. 37. Fish Ponds
  38. 38. Villa – Hall of Hercules
  39. 39. Villa – Hall of Nobility
  40. 40. Villa – Hall of Hunt
  41. 41. Villa – Hall of Hunt
  42. 42. History of the Villa A corridor around the entrance courtyard. Cardinal Ippolito II d’Este, after the disappointment of a failed bid for the papacy, decided to build a fountain garden here in 1550. The garden was nearing completion at his death in 1572 . From 1605, Cardinal Alessandro d’Este repaired and extended the gardens. Water from the river Aniene is used to feed the garden. The hydraulic facility was based on an understanding of ancient Roman technology and operates only by gravity alone.
  43. 43. Old Tivoli
  44. 44. Music – Handel’s Alla Hornpipe from his Water Music, 1717 All rights reserved. Rights belong to their respective owners. Available free for non-commercial and personal use. The End