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If you live outside of Western Europe, you may not have heard of the Dordogne region of France. The region is in southwest France, south of the Loire Valley with its famous chateaux, east of Bordeaux, the top wine region of France and north of Toulouse, the industrial centre of southern France.

It is primarily a rural area, without large cities or Royal residence. Because of its narrow river valleys and limestone cliff, it is a very beautiful part of France. But the region is well known for its prehistoric cave paintings.

Historically Dordogne and this area of France was once the possession of England. Dordogne was effectively a troubled frontier between England and France. It was here where the Hundred Years’ War took place, from 1337 to 1453. So fortified villages, chateaux and churches are common. Dotted across this once frontier area are strategic located towns, on hill top, designed to control the fertile valleys.

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Dordogne France

  1. 1. DordogneAll rights reserved. Rights belong to their respective owners. Availablefree for non-commercial and personal use. First created 4 Dec 2012. Version 1.0 - 11 Dec 2012. Jerry Tse. London .
  2. 2. La Roque Gageac
  3. 3. La Roque Gageac
  4. 4. Gouffre de PadiracTo travel along the underground river, visitors have to descent 35m into the chasm.
  5. 5. Gouffre de Padirac
  6. 6. Gouffre de Padirac
  7. 7. MonpazierMonpazier is a bastide town (fortified) found in 1285. It is one of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (beautiful villages).
  8. 8. Monpazier
  9. 9. Monpazier
  10. 10. Monpazier
  11. 11. Beynac
  12. 12. Beynac
  13. 13. Beynac
  14. 14. Beynac-et-CazenacThe town was one of the location used in the film Chocolat.
  15. 15. Beynac-et-CazenacIt has a medieval castle, Chateau de Beynac.
  16. 16. Beynac-et-Cazenac
  17. 17. SarlatThe main market town of the area.
  18. 18. Sarlat
  19. 19. Sarlat
  20. 20. SarlatA street musician belonging to a group, Paris-Londres playing their New Age music.
  21. 21. Domme
  22. 22. Domme
  23. 23. DommeA section of the River Dordogne.
  24. 24. DommeThe hill town of Domme.
  25. 25. DommeA section of the River Dordogne.
  26. 26. Vitrac Bridge
  27. 27. Vitrac Bridge
  28. 28. Vitrac Bridge
  29. 29. Vitrac Bridge
  30. 30. Vitrac Bridge
  31. 31. Vitrac Bridge
  32. 32. Vitrac Bridge
  33. 33. Vitrac Bridge
  34. 34. Bourgeoisie, Domme
  35. 35. Bourgeoisie, Domme
  36. 36. Bourgeoisie, Domme
  37. 37. Bourgeoisie, Domme
  38. 38. BrantomeThe Abbey of Brantome. It has a bell-tower, which is the “oldest in France” (on paper only).
  39. 39. Brantome
  40. 40. Pech MerleDordogne area is known for its cave paintings. There are many paintings inside this cave. This is its most well-known. TheLeopard Spotted Horses was approximately 25,000 year old. Note the hand prints of the artist.
  41. 41. Pech MerleA female Chassean divinity about c3000 BC old. Pech Merle Museum.
  42. 42. St Cirq LapopieSt Cirq Lapopieis one of the Les Plus Beaux Villages de France (beautiful villages), by the River Lot.
  43. 43. St CirqLapopie
  44. 44. St CirqLapopie
  45. 45. The EndAll rights reserved. Rights belong to their respective Music – Roxane’s Veil, composed by Vangelis and playedowners. Available free for non-commercial and personal by Vanessa Mae.use.