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5 Simple But Effective Steps To Social Media Success


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Do you know the 5 steps to a social media success?
In this Slide, I share with you some established practices that you can use in your marketing efforts in a field that continues to twist, turn and is developing at an extraordinary speed.

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5 Simple But Effective Steps To Social Media Success

  1. 1. 5 Simple But Effective Steps To Social Media Success There is no shame if you still haven’t gotten an idea about how to use social media to improve your brand. I had an opportunity to introduce myself at a conference. I told the gathering…I help businesses with brand repositioning through social media. So you are asking… How can Social media help me effectively reposition my brand? V. Kumar and Rohan Mirchandani in2012 wrotean articletitled Increasing the ROI of social media marketing. They gave 7 step approaches to having a better return on investments (ROI): 1. Monitor conversations around your brand.
  2. 2. 2. Identify influential individuals by using the data assembled through these conversations. 3. Identify common traits of these consumers and create profiles to suit their messages, influence and social impact. 4. Locate influencers who could be important to a new campaign. 5. Engage those influencerswith a view to ‘‘recruiting’’them asadvocates of the new product or service to provide positive word of mouth (WOM) for your business. 6. Create incentives for positive WOM by offering freebies or online recognition. 7. Identify rewards of activity by linking WOM to product and brand growth. What are the 5 steps to Social Media success? #1: Create policy guidelines Have a strategy in place that outlines your goals, who your audiences are, how you’ll measure your campaign success, the tactics you are hoping to employ, your competition, content plan, budget, resources, and key performance indicators. #2: Use Social media as a customer-relationship building tool You can use themedium to listen and see how you can distinguish yourself and appeal to consumers your competitors are missing. Consumers can also offer inspiration, through a clever user-generated content campaign. #3: Get Employees/Departments to participate in Social Media drives
  3. 3. Have a straightforward social media policy that’s easy for everyone to understand. Get employees involve in social media campaigns. Explain to managers of departments about the potential advantages of having their workers participate in social media activities. #4: Free advertising –See where your target audience is operating and engage them for free. #5: Move media management inside If you have the right expertisein-house, there’s no need to outsource social media marketing, since it has the benefit of bringing brands even closer to their markets. Social media as a brand repositioning tool What isone thing that you can do todaythat you have learnt from thispost? It’s the time to go all in on developing a sustainable presence on this medium. You can send me an email at We can also connect on Twitter @JerryAduAsare and my Facebook fan page at Jerry Adu-Asare. The complete post of 5 Simple But Effective Steps to Social Media Success first appeared on the blog.