Think big make it happen in business and life by b the trumptser does it good


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Think big make it happen in business and life by b the trumptser does it good

  1. 1. Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life by Bill Zanker Great Book Fast Shipping...Donald J. Trump is an icon: the very definition of the American successstory. The star of The Apprentice and developer of some of the planetsmost prestigious real estate, hes been on the bottom and risen to becomeone of the worlds wealthiest men. Bill Zanker started The Learning Annex with $5,000 and grew it into a $5million a year company. That was before he met Donald Trump. Thirtymonths later, after Zanker learned to think BIG himself, The LearningAnnex is generating over $100 million a year in sales--and still growing. Together, theyre living examples of how thinking BIG and knowingwhen to back up your opinions aggressively--regardless of what yourcritics or opponents might say--can help you maximize your personal andprofessional achievements. For the first time ever, you too can learnTrumps secrets to thinking BIG and kicking ass! Learn:
  2. 2. Momentum: the Big Mo. How to get it and how to get it back. Revenge: how and when to get it (and why its so sweet). I love you, now sign this! Why contracts in business and personal lifeare so important. Real-life stories from people whove applied the think BIG formula intheir own lives. These strategies are proven and attested to by those who ve learnedto think BIG from Donald Trump and found success in their own lives. BillZanker used Donalds strategies to grow the revenues of The LearningAnnex twenty times in under three years. Both of them have been downand out, and know what its like to feel the whole worlds against you--andboth have risen to dizzying heights of success by thinking BIG and kickingass! It is an attitude that can be easily learned. Questions for Donald Trump Was there ever a timewhen you didn’t think big enough? Trump: I dont think so. I always hadbig plans, even when I was very young. I would build skyscrapers with mybuilding blocks. What was your first impression of your co-author Bill Zanker when you started doing business with the LearningAnnex? Trump: Bill Zanker had tremendous enthusiasm and focus, andhe still does. I knew hed succeed in a big way, and the success of TheLearning Annex proves that I was right. What has becominga television star on The Apprentice meant for your business? Trump: Mybrand became more famous as I became more famous, and moreopportunities presented themselves. I was already very well established,so I was well prepared, but things escalated and in a good There are stories everywhere that the real estate market isin trouble. How should an investor or an entrepreneur respond to thecurrent market? Trump: This is actually a very good time forentrepreneurs or investors. I would say to be positive and look for theopportunities, because the opportunities are there. Yourecritical of the give me attitude that you see in many young people today.What do you look for in a young person you are bringing into yourbusiness? Trump: They have to be eager to learn and willing to workhard. I work hard and I expect the people around me to have a strong workethic. I need people who can be part of a team and yet be able to thinkindependently. Thats one of the qualities I look for on The Apprentice--theyhave to be capable of both dimensions. Did you really make Lee Iacocca cry? [See Think Big andKick Ass for more details.] Trump: No, he made himself cry.
  3. 3. Personal Review: Think Big: Make It Happen in Business andLife by Bill ZankerA book about success, managing and leading ideas has to include TheDonald. This is a very well written book - also a quick and easy read - withmany stories about the greatness of Mr. Trump. And when he feignsmodesty, Bill Zanker, the founder of the Learning Annex, steps up withsome great Trump stories. However, Donald has done and accomplishedmuch - he has been at the top only to fall toward the bottom and then torise up even higher. This alone is an accomplishment that businessmanagers and future leaders should read about and can learn from.The book gives specific circumstances and ways to handle them. TheDonald, being such a well known public figure that always appears to tell itlike it is, brings to the book a familiarity and personality that we know an dcan relate to - even though very few can much the wide breath of Trumpsactivities. Bill Zanker started a small business that grew after he made abold move by paying Donald Trump $1,000,000 to make a presentation athis Learning Annex and promising Tr ump he would deliver 15 to 20 timesmore students than had previously attended a single program.The book is written in a parallel style with Trumps stories and advise andZankers experiences growing his business. I like it - if anything it keepsthe pace moving. The main focus of the book is thinking big, bold and outof the box. The kick ass part is not much of my liking, but because of thegossipy style, keeps the book moving.Some of the specifics in the book are the need to surround yourself withgreat dedicated and bright people, recognize the time that bold moves arenecessary and acting on them, have a passion for what you do,importance of the right timing, using your instincts but only after youvedone all your homework and gathered all your backup support - no onebecomes successful like Trump without planning, preparation and hardwork. Trump uses a quote by golf legend Gary Player who has said "theharder I work, the luckier I get." Not to fall into clichés, some are fullyappropriate and there is a chapter subheading that says "Good luckhappens when opportunity meets preparation."Other things in the book talk about being open to new ideas andopportunities, making learning fun, leveraging momentum, be focused,branding is important - it tells people what to expect and a high end qualitybrand makes it easier to deal, always have a prenuptial agreement - and abusiness shareholders or partners agreement, look successful - how youdress is important, and enjoy what you do.I dont agree with the revenge part of the book. My way of dealing withpeople who screwed me is put them out of my mind and forget about themand not waste any energy on them - except if I cross paths with them in anew deal and then I do what I could to have them not get too far in thatendeavor.
  4. 4. For More 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price:Think Big: Make It Happen in Business and Life by Bill Zanker 5 Star Customer Reviews and Lowest Price!