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Understanding millennials (2 somethings) and how to develop their talents.

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  2. 2. ☯ Millennials• They feel special and needed.• But can be spoiled and conceited.• They own the world of technology.• But expect instant and easy results.• They love teams.• But may not act outside their clique.• They are the focus of their parents.• But may have trouble with reality.• They are high on tolerance.• But often lack absolute values.
  3. 3. ☯ Millennials• They had it fairly easy.• May lack stamina to finish.• Catch on to new ideas quickly.• Struggle with long-term commitment.• Like to multi-task.• Often can focus and are inefficient.• Have a bias for action/interaction.• May be impatient to sit and listen.• Want to be the best.• Depressed when they are not.
  4. 4. ☯ Millennials• Plan to live life with a purpose.• Often neglect tasks which seem trivial.• Are confident and assertive.• Can come across as careless and rude.• They hunger to change to world.• Anticipate doing it “this week.”• Have gotten ribbons for showing up.• May require constant praise.
  5. 5. Why MillennialsQuit…• They live in a fast paced world—they are not used to slow results.• There are more options today—eye candy is everywhere to distract.• They grow in front of screens— entertainment is omni-present.• Parents may inadvertently prioritize happiness over character.• Boredom is a top culprit, they avoid it like the plague.
  6. 6. ☯ Summary ☯• …believe they can do great things…but can be idealistic.• …want to act now…but can be impatient when results take too long.• …love interaction…but may avoid action if acting alone.• …want to explore the future…but can be paralyzed with too many options.Source: Tim Elmore blog Recommended Reading
  7. 7. Solutions• Not all Millennials fit the stereotype—hire carefully to fit your unique culture.• Coaching Leadership (Style II)—get in early and stay longer.• Provide frequent feedback.• Do informal reviews weekly the first month and formal reviews quarterly the first year.