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Barter web flyer


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Barter web flyer

  1. 1. BCommerce 647-932-3485 WHY USE CASH WHEN YOU CAN USE BARTER Welcome to the world of barter where you save your moneyUse Barter Card For: Barter Network Website Design I would like to invite you to experience a business card and network unlike no other. With the B Commerce SEO & Online Business Barter card your business can buy without using cash. Marketing The B Commerce Business Barter Card gives your business the cash flow it needs. It will give you access Print & Radio to Restaurant, Website Design, and Car Repair without Advertising using cash or interest payments. Get up to $2,500 instantly credit on apply and see your Restaurants business saving cash flow faster. It a card that says “Yes” to your business needs and now your business can grow without costing it cash. and MORE… Change the way you buy from cash to Barter and SAVE BIG TIME Call Today 647-932-3498