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Work From Home Bingo

During these unprecedented times, staying focused and trying to remain positive can be daunting. Utilize this bingo sheet to get you through your week! Can you fill all boxes by weeks end!?

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Work From Home Bingo

  1. 1. SmartSelling.Guru     Work From Home Bingo    Create A Checklist Of   5 Things You Will  Accomplish For The Day  Start Your Day On Time  Thank Someone Who  Supports You  Have An Empty Email  Inbox by End Of Day  Read An Industry   Specific Article  Take 2 Fifteen Minute  Breaks During The Day  Join An Online   Group Of Peers  Give Kudos In Linkedin  Help Someone  End Your Work   Day On Time  Post Something   On Linkedin  Have A Healthy Snack    Drink 2 Cups Of Water  Sign Up For A Free  Industry Webinar  Read An Article  From Outside Of   Your Industry  Participate In A   Video Chat  Thank Someone Who  Supports You  Try To Connect With 5  New People On  Linkedin  Finish The Checklist Of   5 Things You Wanted To  Accomplish Today    Take A 20 Minute Walk    Learn Something New  About A Colleague  Comment On Someone  Elses LinkedIn Post  Try To Connect With 5  New People On  Linkedin  Turn Your   Computer Off   During Lunch    We can’t always control our circumstances, but we can make the most of our situation by remaining calm and focusing on the positives that exist.