Strategy leaders: Prof. Robert Kaplan and Jeroen De Flander


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Brochure for the Strategy Leaders November event in Qatar with Prof. Robert Kaplan and Jeroen De Flander

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Strategy leaders: Prof. Robert Kaplan and Jeroen De Flander

  1. 1. Super Early Bird Book By 28 August 2013 and SAVE US$ 1,810! 17 - 20 November 2013 | Grand Hyatt Hotel | Doha | Qatar Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Transforming Businesses For A Sustainable Future NEW for 2013! Back By Popular Demand! MASTERCLASS THE FAMOUS DRKAPLAN LIVE and IN PERSON with the ICONIC inventor of the Balanced Scorecard JEROEN DE FLANDER Brand new research driven strategy management insights from his forthcoming new book For the first time in Qatar! INTRODUCING “ impressive and inspiring” FIRST TIME ever in Qatar: Jeroen de Flander, international best selling strategy management author NEW FOCUS: World class change management expertise Qatar’s FIRST EVER Hall of Fame award winner – Qatar Steel: their full Balanced Scorecard journey NEW Local Balanced Scorecard and strategy execution expertise from Ooredoo, Qatar Development Bank, QAPCO, State Audit Bureau and Doha College FOUR expert-led workshops for intensive practical training in essential strategy management skills Comprehensive four day programme – four full days of premium executive learning Organised ByAssociateSponsorsStrategic Partner
  2. 2. The Famous Dr Kaplan Masterclass Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: Strategy Leaders Qatar As businesses in Qatar continue to demonstrate their commitment to the delivery of the national vision, strategy and change management expertise take on pivotal importance for the country’s business community. Agenda at a Glance Sunday, 17 November 2013 Monday, 18 November 2013 Tuesday, 19 November 2013 Wednesday, 20 November 2013 Morning Dr Kaplan Masterclass Balanced Scorecard Forum Workshop A or Workshop B Workshop C or Workshop D Afternoon Guru Afternoon with Jeroen de Flander What’s In It For You? A unique combination of international strategy management thought leaders and Qatar’s own strategy execution expertise, developed exclusively for Qatar’s leadership and strategy community “A must for people who are in business” Rajesh Maliya, Business Unit Head Nehmeh Group, Qatar  Learn how to implement the Balanced Scorecard in your business with Dr Robert Kaplan’s famous Masterclass  Find out how the experts at Qatar Steel successfully implemented the Balanced Scorecard and became the first ever Qatari winner of the coveted Hall of Fame award  Take away international thought leadership on strategy execution and change management from best selling strategy management author Jeroen de Flander  Replicate the successes of local strategy practitioners as they achieve alignment and performance breakthroughs with the Balanced Scorecard  Equip yourself to establish an Office of Strategy Management, manage KPIs effectively, implement a risk management framework and develop an Entreprise Performance Management system through four hands-on practical workshops Few people have contributed as significantly to the art, and especially the science, of business strategy as Robert Kaplan. His Balanced Scorecard is the premier tool for aligning a company’s current actions with its strategic goals. This performance management system helps business leaders clarify their corporate vision and align people, business units, and resources with a unified strategy. In his research and writing, speaking and consulting, Robert develops ways to link cost and performance management systems to strategy implementation and operational excellence. The BSC approach is also being successfully applied by governments and nonprofits throughout the world to improve transparency, governance, and measurable social outcomes. Robert Kaplan and coauthor David Norton have written five landmark books on The Balanced Scorecard, describing how it works and outlining best practices for its implementation. Together, these books have transformed the business strategy landscape and made Robert Kaplan one of the most valuable speakers in the fields of business strategy and leadership. Robert Kaplan is Marvin Bower Professor of Leadership Development, Emeritus at Harvard Business School and a former Dean of the Graduate School of Industrial Administration, Carnegie-Mellon University. New LIVE and IN PERSON with the iconic inventor of the Balanced Scorecard “One of the most valuable speakers on business strategy and leadership today”
  3. 3. Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: 07:30 Registration And Morning Coffee           08:00 Opening Remarks From The Chairman Barbora Stankovicova, Director, Palladium, Qatar           08:05 Welcome Address Ali Bin Hassan Al Muraikhi, Director and General Manager, Qatar Steel, Qatar           08:15 Leading Change ●● Leadership and Strategy Execution: The #1 Priority of CEOs oo What is “Leadership”? How does “Leadership” differ from “Management”? oo Creating the stretch target for the enterprise, its “Big, Hairy, Audacious Goal (BHAG)” oo Complacency: the #1 enemy of change oo The Strategic Change Agenda: creating the roadmap for change ●● The Palladium Hall of Fame for Strategy Execution oo Examples of private, nonprofit and public sector enterprises from around the world that have successfully implemented their strategy for breakthrough results ●● The Six-Stage Kaplan-Norton Management System for Strategy Execution           09:15 Select Your Strategy oo Re-affirm your mission, values and vision oo The strategy formulation cycle: when do we need a major strategy refresh? When are incremental improvements sufficient? oo Major strategy refresh: selecting the differentiating strategy oo Describe your strategy in 50 words or less using the Vision-Advantage- Scope strategy statement           10:00  Networking And Refreshment Break           10.30 Create A Strategy Map And Balanced Scorecard For Your Strategy ●● Examples of excellent Strategy Maps from private and public sectors ●● A Strategy Map for a conglomerate (highly-diversified) corporation ●● Strategy Maps that reflect national priorities ●● Selecting BSC measures oo Customer and Process metrics: leading and lagging indicators oo Metrics for employee capabilities and skills ●● Selecting and funding strategic initiatives oo Budgeting that reflects strategic priorities oo Role of StratEx (Strategic Expenditures) oo Monitoring implementation of strategic projects ●● Organising the initial Balanced Scorecard project oo The 12 week journey to your first Balanced Scorecard oo Leadership team roles oo Project team roles and responsibilities           12:00 Kaplan Clinic Open Forum for Q&A           12:30 Networking Lunch And Prayer Break           13:30 Align Organisational Units And Employees To The Strategy ●● Align organisational units oo Define the corporate value proposition oo Achieve vertical and horizontal alignment among business units ●● Examples from financial services and public sector oo Align Leadership and the Board to the strategy ●● Align employees to the strategy oo Communicate strategy – 7 times, 7 different ways oo Establish employees’ personal objectives and incentive plans linked to business unit’s strategic priorities oo Balance the need for extrinsic and intrinsic employee rewards; role for nonfinancial recognition oo Recognise the dangers and risks from high-performance employee incentives ●● Case of Atlanta Public School System           14.30 Complete The Strategy Execution Cycle ●● Link strategy to operations oo Align quality and continuous improvement programs to strategic objectives oo Develop and deploy operational dashboards oo Role for BSC software and automation ●● Review and monitor strategy implementation with strategy review meetings oo Strategy Council: who attends and participates in strategy review meetings ●● Test and adapt the strategy oo Testing the causal linkages in your strategy oo Learning how to distinguish when you are implementing a bad strategy well versus implementing a good strategy poorly ●● Establish an Office of Strategy Management to facilitate and sustain the strategy execution system           15.30 Networking And Refreshment Break           16.00 Managing Risks: A New Framework ●● The Three Categories of Risk oo Preventable Risks arising from employees’ undesirable and unauthorised actions oo Strategy Risks that prevent us from achieving our enterprise’s goals and objectives oo External Risks from non-controllable events (natural disasters, geo- political and macro-economic disruptions, competitors’ unexpected actions) ●● Using values, beliefs, internal controls and internal audits to eliminate preventable risks ●● Identifying and managing the risks inherent to your strategy oo Customise your risk management to your strategy ●● What went wrong at BP’s Deep Horizons drilling platform ●● Why the Boeing Dreamliner (787) project finished three years late and $10 billion over budget ●● Individual and organisational biases that prevent companies and agencies from thinking rationally about the risks they face ●● Aligning risk management processes to your organisation’s strategy and context: multiple case studies ●● Using your strategy map and BSC to identify risks inherent to your strategy oo Examples from Volkswagen do Brasil and Infosys oo Managing the tension between strategy execution and risk management oo Selecting cost-effective risk mitigation initiatives ●● Identifying and mitigating your external risks oo War gaming oo Scenario analysis ●● Smart and dumb questions about risk management           17.15 Kaplan Clinic Open Forum for Q&A           17.45 Close Of Dr Kaplan Masterclass Dr Kaplan Masterclass Sunday, 17 November 2013 More time to put your questions to Dr Kaplan!
  4. 4. Strategic Partner Palladium Group specializes in delivering value and sustainable performance by bringing strategies to life. We provide our clients with an integrated set of services—strategy and technology consulting, education, training, and certification—that deliver tangible results and build enduring internal capabilities. We help our clients achieve superior performance through an approach that marries expertise in change management and leadership with proven methodologies, including the Palladium Execution Premium Process™ (XPP), which has at its core the Kaplan & Norton Balanced Scorecard (BSC), and other best practice frameworks that translate strategic concepts into tangible operational programs and measurable results. Palladium is the only firm that offers its clients a complete strategy execution system—a system supported by our heritage of innovative thought leadership and practical implementation expertise. Associate Sponsor ShiftIN Partners is a management consulting firm founded by some of the most experienced consultants in the field of strategy execution. Our professionals have successfully led several consulting engagements worldwide, partnering with clients in such sectors as financial services, oil and gas, utilities, and government to help them overcome their execution challenges. Like the shift key on the keyboard that transforms regular characters into something completely different, ShiftIN Partners helps organizations achieve the Shift necessary to transform them — from within. Working hand in hand with clients, we “co-enable” customized approaches and efficient solutions to help you embrace and embed change to overcome strategic challenges. By ingraining a commitment to strategy execution, we guide your organization on its ever-evolving journey toward performance excellence. ShiftIN Partners is headquartered in Abu Dhabi, with main offices in Dubai and Kuwait. Sponsors & Partners Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: Balanced Scorecard Forum Monday, 18 November 2013 07.30 Morning Coffee 08.00 Opening Remarks From The Chairman Mazen Dauleh, CEO, Vision Strategy Management Consultants, Qatar 08.10 CASE STUDY: Mastering A New Performance Culture To Successfully Implement And Embed The Balanced Scorecard At Qatar Steel This session will take you through Qatar Steel’s ten year journey to embed a truly robust strategy management system and deliver sustainable growth, excellent financial performance and a stronger competitive market position. Yousef Ahmed Al Muhannadi, Rolling Mill Manager, Qatar Steel, Qatar Hall of Fame Award Winner 2012 08.45 CASE STUDY: Ensuring Alignment Of Strategy And Execution Within A Mature Balanced Scorecard Organisation ●● Collaborative process leading to the formulation of strategic options ●● War gaming and scenario planning to visualise strategic options ●● Cascading strategic objectives within the organisation ●● Managing an effective performance culture through financial and non-financial measures Mansoor Al Khater, Chief Strategy Officer, Ooredoo, Qatar 09.20 CASE STUDY: Securing Employee Buy-In And Engagement As A Critical Success Factor For Achieving Strategic Alignment ●● Moving beyond an operational focus to develop and embed a strategic mindset: building strategic capability through awareness and education ●● Getting off the starting block: what comes first, the measures or the system? ●● Communication, communication, communication: the key to ensuring the scorecard is cascaded effectively throughout the organisation ●● The proper usage of systems Nada Abduljalil Al-Mahmeed, Corporate Planning Officer, Qatar Development Bank, Qatar 10.00 Networking And Refreshment Break 10.30 CASE STUDY: Developing Meaningful Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) And Strategic Initiatives That Are Aligned To The Organisation Strategy And Objectives ●● Selecting the right metrics for your organisation: developing “in-house” KPIs or using “off the shelf” measures? ●● Having selected your KPIs, what next? ●● Setting the right baseline for your KPI target ●● Gaining employee buy-in for adopting a measurement framework and embedding a measurement culture ●● Identifying, prioritising and delivering the right strategic initiatives at a corporate and departmental level Akram Shehata, Head of Strategy and Corporate Planning, Qatar Petrochemical Company (QAPCO), Qatar 11.05 CASE STUDY: On-The-Ground Experience: Driving Strategy Execution Success In The Kingdom ●● Strategy execution in practice: demonstration of the strategy framework model flow ●● Effective strategy review meetings using advanced reports ●● Business technology as enabler for strategy management: automation ●● Linking people to strategy: how to make strategy everyone's job Pedro Pereira, Vice President, Middle East Operations, Corporater, UAE 11.40 CASE STUDY: Successfully Delivering Change And Implementing The Balanced Scorecard At The State Audit Bureau Of Qatar (ABQ) ●● Dealing with the greater challenge of change at mission-based organisations ●● Getting top leadership to drive the evolution using a BSC case-for-change tool ●● Migrating the government culture at ABQ to a performance one based on projects and KPIs ●● Using a great free and friendly IT tool for project management ●● Developing and agreeing ABQ’s top ten KPIs from scratch Bilal Sabir, Performance Management Consultant, State Audit Bureau, Qatar Mazen Dauleh, CEO, Vision Strategy Management Consultants, Qatar 12.15 Driving Change With The Balanced Scorecard ●● Commitment through participation ●● Mapping strategy implementation ●● Easy wins; positive support ●● Continuous improvement Mark Vidler, Chairman of the Board of Governors, Doha College, Qatar 12.50 Lunch And Networking Break
  5. 5. Associate Sponsor The KPI Institute is the global authority on Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) research and education, providing through its publications and training courses insights on how to measure and learn with KPIs. It developed the first KPI Management Framework and coordinates several research programs dedicated to performance management, strategy, Balanced Scorecard and Key Performance Indicators. It operates, the result of the research program dedicated to documenting and cataloguing how KPIs are used in practice, an online portal containing the largest collection of well documented KPI examples, supported by a community of tens of thousands of members. Associate Sponsor Corporater is a specialised vendor for Balanced Scorecard and Performance Management software solutions that are flexible, ready-to-run, and that can be easily managed and configured by business users. Founded in the year 2000, Corporater has over 1000 customers from all key domains with an international presence in over 29 countries through its offices and strategic partnerships. Corporater recently established its operations in Dubai to support and grow key partnerships in UAE. Corporater EPM Suite is a Palladium Kaplan-Norton Balanced Scorecard Certified Software. Please visit for more information. Associate Sponsor IYCON is a leading Technology Solutions and Services Company with a focus on providing high quality business and technology solutions to organisations across EMEA, the Asian Subcontinent, North America and Oceania. IYCON helps companies discover and maintain their competitive advantage, as well as empowering them with the ability to master change. (Sustaining Your Adaptive Advantage™). IYCON's offerings include QPR Suite 2012. IYCON is the Strategic VAR for QPR Software as well as a QPR Global Implementation Partner for QPR. QPR Suite 2012 is composed of out-of-the box software for process, risk and performance management. It is applicable to all industries and to the needs of the private as well as the public sector. QPR software is used by 1,500 customers around the world in both the private and public sector. Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: The Execution Shortcut by Jeroen De Flander 14.00 The End Of Strategy Tourism: A 2020 Outlook - A No-Nonsense 2020 Perspective On Strategy And Strategy Execution In this session, Jeroen takes you on a journey. He shows the future of strategy and strategy execution, how your company could benefit from these insights and what you need to do today to beat your competitors. ●● Five things every leader should know about strategy ●● A 2020 outlook: a peek into the future of strategy and strategy execution ●● Find out just how the world’s top companies are faring in executing their strategy with reference to the world’s leading strategy execution benchmarking data covering over 20,000 managers, 1400+ companies, 36 countries and 29 industry sectors 15.30 Networking And Refreshment Break Plus Book Signing with Jeroen de Flander   16.00 When Strategy Meets Change Management: Four Hidden Paths To Strategy Execution Success In this session, leaders learn strategy execution secrets from the best- in-class. You will discover new insights and receive practical tips to boost strategy execution in your own company. ●● Realise your strategy potential: how to change things when change is hard - learn to navigate the human complexities on the execution road ●● Remove strategy graffiti: learn to communicate your strategy into the head, heart and hands of your people without losing the core message ●● Re-measure: the value of KPIs is overrated - learn a different approach to measuring success ●● Raise micro-commitment: learn about the small execution battles and how to win them ●● Develop the right performance and accountability culture to get things done  17.30 Close Of Strategy Leaders Qatar impressive and inspiring highly engaging speaker amazing the wow of the event What People Said About Jeroen De Flander “A strategy, even a great one, doesn’t implement itself” “Strategy is thinking about a choice and choosing to stick with your thinking” Best selling strategy management author and guru, Jeroen de Flander shares the best tips from his book Strategy Execution Heroes along with brand new insights from his new book, The Execution Shortcut. As a hugely popular speaker at Balanced Scorecard Forum 2013 and Balanced Scorecard Saudi Arabia 2012, Jeroen now brings his inspirational, high energy session to Qatar for the very first time. New Guru Speaker Aligning your organisation’s image with that of Dr Kaplan positions your organisation as a leader in strategy management and deployment. Supporting Strategy Leaders Qatar is a unique opportunity to showcase your expertise in front of senior decision makers across a wide range of Qatari organisations currently investing in strategy execution and change management capability. Jeroen’s first ever appearance in Qatar! Sponsorship Opportunities Talk to Charlie Bark-Jones on +971 (0)4 407 2608 or contact him at to find out more about sponsoring Strategy Leaders Qatar.
  6. 6. Expert Led Workshops Tuesday, 19 November 2013 Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: Workshop timings: Registration will commence at 08.00. Workshops will begin promptly at 08.30, with refreshments being served at appropriate times. The workshops will conclude at 14.30 at which time lunch will be served. Building A Successful Office Of Strategy Management Workshop Overview A critical component of strategy execution is the creation of an Office of Strategy Management (OSM) or similar. Made up of a select number of cross- functional executives, the OSM serves to facilitate the strategy management process so that strategy development and execution is accomplished in an integrated way across the organisation and ensures an ‘execution bias’ is built into all formulation activities. Included in this facilitation role, the OSM serves to drive, coordinate and support the activities, principles, and best practices of the strategy management process. Key Topics ●● A thorough guide to the roles and responsibilities of the OSM ●● A deep dive into how the OSM functions to bring all the strategy management parts together into a coherent all ●● Instructions on the design of the OSM ●● OSM meeting agendas and frequency ●● The nine OSM strategy management principles which should be implemented in your own organisation ●● Best cases to demonstrate how the theory is applied in real life implementations Benefits Of Attending ●● The workshop provides a clear line of sight on who should be part of the OSM ●● You will leave the workshop with a clear understanding on the roles and responsibilities of the OSM ●● The workshop covers a set of principles and guidelines which are ready to be applied, as soon as you resume your work ●● Gain a clear understanding of how other organisations have successfully implemented an OSM and how they overcame some of the most current challenges Who Should Attend ●● Strategy and corporate planning managers ●● Business excellence professionals ●● Functional heads and managers Your Expert Workshop Leaders James Creelman Knowledge Centre Director Palladium EMEA Francisco Lafuente Senior Consultant Palladium EMEA Guarantee the success of your strategy execution programme with an effective OSM Achieve your corporate goals by creating an agile and information-driven business A OR Developing And Delivering A Strategy-Focused Enterprise Performance Management System Workshop Overview Developing an effective fit-for- purpose performance management information system will empower key stakeholders to make better, more informed business decisions and equip your business to deliver on its strategic goals. One of the biggest mistakes companies make is to focus entirely on the technology, while failing to align the people, processes and technology (the enterprise performance framework) with the organisation’s corporate strategy and goals. This workshop will show you how to build an enterprise wide intelligence strategy and framework that meets the needs of your business, and to implement it effectively using a disciplined change management process. Key Topics ●● Creating an enterprise wide strategy-focused performance management system that aligns with the corporate strategy and has broad stakeholder engagement ●● Moving from data to informed decision making and value creation ●● Understanding the performance management framework: people, processes, technology ●● Ensuring business need drives the strategy-focused performance management system (and not the technology) ●● Current state vs future state analysis and the roadmap for moving between the two (the change management piece) ●● Determining the right technology or mix of technologies for your organisation (including how an automated scorecard/ dashboard would fit into an enterprise wide business intelligence solution) ●● Managing data quality, data definitions: a single source of truth Benefits Of Attending ●● Understand what an enterprise performance management system is and why it is important for your business ●● Identify the key steps involved in building a strategy-focused performance management system that meets the needs of your business ●● Learn about the most common pitfalls companies face when implementing a business intelligence framework and what you can do to overcome them Who Should Attend ●● Strategy, performance management and business excellence professionals looking to understand how an enterprise performance management system can help the organisation deliver on its strategic objectives ●● Chief Information Officers, IT Managers involved in developing and implementing business intelligence solutions Your Expert Workshop Leader Pedro Pereira Vice President Middle East Operations Corporater, UAE B Limited Spaces Available Book early to secure your first choice
  7. 7. Expert Led Workshops Wednesday, 20 November 2013 Tel: +971 4 335 2437 Fax: +971 4 335 2438 Email: Web: Workshop timings: Registration will commence at 08.00. Workshops will begin promptly at 08.30, with refreshments being served at appropriate times. The workshops will conclude at 14.30 at which time lunch will be served. Enterprise Risk Management Workshop Overview In the dynamic Middle East business environment, risk is a fact of life. Businesses and organisations are now more than ever aware that “things can go wrong” and risk events can impact the profitability, reputation and sustainability of your business. Enterprise Risk Management (ERM) is an important discipline for identifying, evaluating and managing risk in a holistic, joined-up way across your whole organisation. This workshop will give you the tools you need to establish an effective risk management framework for your organisation. In adopting ERM, you will better mitigate the key risks which might otherwise impact your business’s ability to achieve its strategic goals and sustain a successful business. Key Topics ●● What is ERM and why is it important for your organisation? ●● Establishing and embedding a risk management framework and risk aware culture ●● The risk roles and responsibilities of the board, the risk management function, senior management and internal audit ●● Understanding the concept of risk ●● Identifying and prioritising the key risks facing your organisation ●● Using a heat map to evaluate the probability and impact of risks for your business ●● Developing and using a risk register ●● Establishing ownership and accountability for key risks ●● Understanding and evaluating risk management and mitigation options ●● Designing effective controls to manage key business risks ●● How risk management links with the business continuity programme Benefits Of Attending This workshop will give you the tools and techniques to: ●● Establish a well organised and focused risk management process ●● Identify and prioritise the key risks facing your organisation ●● Assess how effectively risks are being managed in your organisations ●● Design and adopt appropriate controls to mitigate the impact of potential risks Who Should Attend ●● Senior management ●● Strategy, planning and performance management functions ●● Risk managers and directors ●● Internal auditors Your Expert Workshop Leader Alexander Larsen Risk Manager Lukoil UAE Keep your business on track by mitigating key risks with a comprehensive risk management process Maximise the impact of KPIs on your organisation’s performance C OR Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) Workshop Overview In a recent poll conducted by The KPI Institute over 51% of the respondents nominated KPI selection as the most challenging aspect of working with KPIs. This session will present the fundamental techniques for KPI selection that ensure a rigorous process and quality result. Practical exercises will be combined with best practice examples from a variety of industries and functional areas. Key Topics And Tools ●● KPI naming standards and use of terminology ●● KPI lifecycle ●● KPI selection process ●● Techniques for KPI selection (Value Flow Analysis, KPI balancing) ●● Examples of KPIs in practice Benefits Of Attending ●● Learn about the KPI naming standards that ensure quality assurance for the selection process ●● Practice KPI selection techniques (Value Flow Analysis, KPI balancing) ●● Review KPI selection good and poor practice ●● Identify the essential KPIs by industry and functional area ●● Test your KPI selection IQ with a short quiz Who Should Attend ●● Experienced strategy and performance management practitioners interested in improving the use of KPIs as part of existing systems ●● Professionals who are about to embark on KPI selection projects ●● Everyone interested in being up to date with the latest thinking in KPI selection Your Expert Workshop Leader Adrian Brudan Research Director The KPI Institute Australia D Limited Spaces Available Book early to secure your first choice
  8. 8. 17 - 20 November 2013 Grand Hyatt Hotel Doha | Qatar DELEGATE DETAILS First Name: Surname: Job Title: Company: Address: Postal Code: Country: City: Tel: Mobile: Fax: Email: PAYMENTS A confirmation letter and invoice will be sent upon receipt of your registration. Please note that full payment must be received prior to the event. Only those delegates whose fees have been paid in full will be admitted to the event. CANCELLATION If you are unable to attend, a substitute delegate will be welcome in your place. Registrations cancelled more than 7 days before the Event are subject to a $200 administration charge. Registration fees for registrations cancelled 7 days or less before the Event must be paid in full. Substitutions are welcome at any time. All registrations are subject to acceptance by IIR which will be confirmed to you in writing. Due to unforeseen circumstances, the programme may change and IIR reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers or topics. AVOID VISA DELAYS – BOOK NOW Delegates requiring visas should contact the hotel they wish to stay at directly, as soon as possible. Visas for non-GCC nationals may take several weeks to process. EVENT VENUE: Grand Hyatt Hotel, Doha, Qatar Tel: +974 4448 1234 ACCOMMODATION DETAILS We highly recommend you secure your room reservation at the earliest to avoid last minute inconvenience. You can contact the IIR Hospitality Desk for assistance on: Tel: +971 4 407 2693 Fax: +971 4 407 2517 Email: © Copyright I I.R. HOLDINGS B.V.STRATEGY LEADERSBU303IK/VH AZ3023A Please þ the session/s you wish to attend: Conference fees include documentation, luncheon and refreshments. Delegates who attend all sessions will receive an Electronic Certificate of Attendance. All registrations are subject to our terms and conditions which are available at Please read them as they include important information. By submitting your registration you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions in full. CALL: +971 4 335 2483 E-MAIL: GROUP DISCOUNTS AVAILABLE Five Easy Ways To Register +971 4 335 2437 +971 4 335 2438 IIR Holdings Ltd. P.O Box 9428, Dubai, UAE 17 - 18 November 19 November 20 November  Conference  Workshop A  Workshop C  Workshop B  Workshop D OJ Strategy Leaders Qatar Book before 28 August 2013 Book between 29 Aug and 9 Oct 2013 Book after 10 October 2013 4 Days (Entire Event) $3,395 $3,595 $3,795 3 Days (Strategy Leaders & One Workshop) $2,895 $3,095 $3,295 2 Days (Strategy Leaders Only) $2,495 $2,595 $2,695 2 Days (2 Workshops Only) $2,095 $2,195 $2,295 1 Day (1 Workshop Only) $1,155 $1,205 $1,255 OROR