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Engagement framework, jeroenpaco, jeroen heydendael, tam tam


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Engagement framework, jeroenpaco, jeroen heydendael, tam tam

  1. 1. Engage or die. Brian Solis in his book “Engage!”
  2. 2. What YOU thinkAttitudes Predicts actual beh aviour Behavioural Behaviour intentionSubjective norms What YOUR FRIENDS think Theory of Reasoned Action @jeroenpaco
  3. 3. Public domain Forums, blogs, 3rd party Facebook pages, Social Media 3rd party moderates campaigns, ads. Monitoring, SEA, SEO.(surrounding) content. Corporate Facebook page, Twitter Google Analytics, Facebook account, LinkedIn group, e-mailing. Insights,, Hootsuite. Owned domain Google Analytics, 100% ownership of Website & Facebook page. Facebook Insights. content. Phone / Appointment CRM. @jeroenpaco
  4. 4. /fakecorp /fakecorp@fakecorp Mr. Fake @jeroenpaco
  5. 5. @jeroenpaco
  6. 6. Page Likes Click Likes Page LikesComments Reply Comments CommentsWall post Retweet Shares Wall post shares shares Followers PollPost likes Post likes FavouriteWall views Wall views Viral @jeroenpaco
  7. 7. Your online eco system. Everything can bemeasured.
  8. 8. @jeroenpaco