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Angular Routing - Angular Hack Day Melbourne 2019


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Presentation for Angular Hack Day 2019 in Melbourne for Angular routing, presented by Jernej Kavka (JK).
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Angular Routing - Angular Hack Day Melbourne 2019

  1. 1. Enterprise Software Development Join the Conversation #AngularHackDay @jernej_kavka
  2. 2. Melbourne - Angular Hack Day 2019 An introduction to Routing in Angular Join the Conversation #AngularHackDay @jernej_kavka
  3. 3. Senior Software Architect at SSW Jernej Kavka (JK) @Jernej_kavka Focusing on .NET Core, Cognitive Services and ML.NET Join the Conversation #AngularHackDay @jernej_kavka
  4. 4. Get started Navigate with arguments Navigate to a new page Table of Contents
  5. 5. Get started • Create Angular application with routing • Use ng new • Angular CLI will ask you if you want routing Join the Conversation #AngularHackDay @jernej_kavka
  6. 6. Add app-routing.module.ts in src folder Manually enabling routing Join the Conversation #AngularHackDay @jernej_kavka
  7. 7. Manually enabling routing In app.module.ts, update as follows Join the Conversation #AngularHackDay @jernej_kavka
  8. 8. Manually enabling routing Lastly, in app.module.html, update as follows Join the Conversation #AngularHackDay @jernej_kavka
  9. 9. Navigate to a new page • Create new component ng generate component Democracy • Add a route in app-routing.module.ts { path: 'democracy', component: DemocracyComponent } • Add a link in the menu in app.component.html <a [routerLink]="'democracy'">Who will sit on Iron Throne?</a> Join the Conversation #AngularHackDay @jernej_kavka
  10. 10. The Game of Thrones Join the Conversation #AngularHackDay @jernej_kavka ?
  11. 11. Navigate with arguments • Add routing to Iron Throne page • { path: 'iron-throne/:id', component: IronThroneComponent } • Add a link to Irone Throne page • <a [routerLink]="['/iron-throne',]"> • Get the character ID • In constructor: private route: ActivatedRoute • const id = this.route.snapshot.paramMap.get('id'); • Display the character as the rightful ruler Join the Conversation #AngularHackDay @jernej_kavka
  12. 12. Other ways to navigate • In HTML: • <a [routerLink]="['/iron-throne',]"> • In Code: • In constructor: private router: Router • this.router.navigate(['/iron-throne’,]); Join the Conversation #AngularHackDay @jernej_kavka
  13. 13. Learn more about Routing:
  14. 14. Thank you! Sydney | Melbourne | Brisbane