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The cow and carabao


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The cow and carabao

  1. 1. The Cow and the Carabao
  2. 2. Characters: Cow Carabao Farmer- who owned the two animals and was so mean to them.
  3. 3. Setting 1st scene - farm/ field 2nd scene - River at noon
  4. 4. Summary: The first cow and carabao wore skins that fit them exactly and they walk only by their two hind feet. They both served to a farmer who was so mean to them but one day this two animals realized that they shouldn’t work so much hard and so they decided to take a break where it was at noon where they go to a nearby river and take a bath but as soon as the farmer woke up he couldn’t find his two animals and so he searched them. He found them on the river the two animals wear their skin immediately but it was too late when they realized that their skin was switched. By that time the farmer Punished them that they could no longer walk only by their two hind feet and that they could never switched off their skin again.
  5. 5. Theme Betrayal / disloyal Free will / freedom
  6. 6. Moral lesson