Hip Hop Genre Research


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Hip Hop Genre Research

  1. 1. Hip-Hop Genre Research Jeric Richard Tuano
  2. 2. History: Originated from an African-American communities during the 1970’s in New York City, Morris Heights, Bronx Later spread to influence Latin American communities Characterized by four different elements in broader senses of hip hop culture of rapping, DJing, breaking and graffiti First started off as an underground urban movement known as “hip-hop” developing in the South Bronx area of New York City focusing mainly on emceeing (MCing), breakbeats and house parties Referred to as a culture or cultural based source of music First emerged and created by DJ Kool Herc and credited as the “father” of the art form and creator of the hip-hop culture at his home at a high-rise apartment through the mixed samples of existing records with his own shout outs to the crowd and dancers Developed rap inside and outside of the hip-hop culture through influential and building upon the Jamaican tradition of boastful poetry and speech over music (present day is now what is known as rapping through rhythmic wordplay)
  3. 3. Key Artists:Past Artists: In Development & These of the many past artists have Current Biggest Chaka Chan impacted majorly on the music Profiles: Grandmaster Flash industry especially specializing in hip-  Kendrick Lamar The Furious Five hop music genres because these are  50 Cent Dr. Dre the people who first started the era of  Meek Mill Ollie & Jerry this particular type of music in terms of  Rick Ross Afrika Bambaataa its flow and meaning. Some of these artist state real life story experiences  Drake Newcleus within the song which has been  Lil Wayne Run DMC influenced by many new current artists  French Montana Taja Sevelle today to also story tell. Through the  Tyga Salt N Pepper flow that these artists have started  Jay-Z have been passed on to todays music 2Pac taste and trend as artists have been  Kanye West Eazy-E influenced by the music and carried on  Busta Rhymes Ice Cube the tradition of the flow or rhythmic  J. Cole Notorious B.I.G wordplay.
  4. 4. Case Study of Artist – Rick Ross  Real name: William Leonard Roberts II  Born on the 28th January 1976  Signed by the record labelled group called the “Maybach Music Group” & Def Jam  Specialized genre: hip-hop/rap  Occupations: rapper, ghost-writer  Career debut – 2001 to present Rick Ross’ source of music relates to the whole definition of hip-hop through the lyrical wordplay that is expressed within the songs in relation to real life experiences that he may have encountered through story telling which is a traditional method of hip-hop music. Also the flow and rhythm used through instruments and tone of voice such as upbeat instrumentals and catchy phrases/flow has become a trendy method of expressing emotions through tunes.
  5. 5. Case Study of Artist – Tupac Shakur  Real Name: Lesane Parish Crooks  Other Stage Names: 2Pac, Makaveli, MC New York  Born on the 16th June 1971  Died on the 13th September 1996  Occupations: Rapper, movie actor, record producer, poet reader, screenwriter, writer  Career Debut – 1991 – 1996  Signed by record labels called “Interscope” and “Death Row” Tupac has been popularly known through the type of real life societies being mentioned in his songs and story telling of real life experiences. Many of the themes in which he had based his music around was through violence and hardship within inner cities of America, racism and social problems. He told stories about leaving the “rap game” or music industry due to government conspiracys leading to the change of his name from 2Pac to Makaveli as this was something that he may not have been pleased with and something he wanted to get away from.
  6. 6. Audience/Fans: Who are they?  Demographic:These can be teenagers or adults Gender Base: Both Male & Femaleaging round 16 – 50 years of age.Reason for this is that teenagers Age: 16 – 50 (80’s hip-hop & 90’s rap)from 16 – 20+ listen to upbeat Religion: Christian/Catholicssoundtracks with mashups andmixes from past songs that have Ethnicity: Black Americans/British,been dubbed on in a new present Whiteor maybe even the newergeneration trend type of music. Class: Working ClassReasons for hip-hop audiences to Region: Urban Cities Worldwidealso be 25+ years of age of people (typical locations: America/Unitedis because maybe in their Kingdom)generation or time/prime day fromwhen they were younger, the Sexuality: Heterosexualsource and type of musicdistributed, around and popular waship-hop in relation to the clothing
  7. 7. Sub-Genres:Some of the typical sub-genres of “hip hop genre” are listed below. There are only afew certain sub genres that I have picked out especially because these haverelations to current and past music artists within the music industry in which werepopular in their prime or present day. They also are categorized into other genresthat their music is based or related too depending on their type of music flow andsorts of instruments used. Some of the present and past music artists are withinthese sub genres.  Alternative Hip Hop  Hip Hop Soul  Christian Hip Hop – Tupac, Kanye West  Jazz Rap  Comedy Hip Hop  Mafioso Rap  Country Rap  Political Hip Hop  Crunk  Pop Rap  Electro Hop – Flo Rida, Pitbull, Black Eyed  Gangsta Rap Peas, Akon  Grime  Freestyle Rap – Styles P,  Hardcore Hip Hop  G-Funk
  8. 8. Public Perception: Is it a popular genre with mainstream appeal or more niche?Hip-Hop genre is more popular with mainstream appeal due to the fact that alot of people listen to hip-hop based music. Through the mainstreamappeal, our generation has adapted into a new age, associates with the trendthat music artists set within music videos with props such as clothing items andjewellery which later on trend and appeal many listeners/watchers. If hip hopmusic was not popular, the generation present wouldn’t be influenced by theway artists dress and wouldn’t be trying to replicate by dressing similarly to anartist or acting in a way that a specific artist acts. Other reason why hip hop is apopular genre with mainstream appeal especially to listeners or watchers isbecause through hip hop music and the videos and flow produced by the artisthas influenced everyone to try and turn to hip hop music and become one ofmany hip hop artists through producing their own pieces of music anddisplaying them publicly on streaming websites such as YouTube.
  9. 9. Competition:What other magazines cover the genre? XXL, The Source, Vibe, The Women Of King, Hip Hop ConnectionHow many do they sell each issue? N/AHow often do they come out? The majority of music hip hop magazines issue or release at least every week but some magazines may prefer issuing or releasing their magazines monthly or maybe even yearly depending on the sources of content they want to includeWhat sort of features do they contain? These particular magazines that I have specifically picked out feature and contain images of famous present day hip hop artists that are categorized in this genre due to their type of music
  10. 10. Cross Media: What other media sources covers the genre?TV Stations/Shows MTV Charts Channel AKA X-Factor Britains Got Talent - singing, performingRadio Stations Within the UK, hip hop genre sources of music is stationary at big well known radio stations such as Kiss 100 FM, Capital FM BBC Radio 1 and Choice FM. These specific radio stations specialize themselves to distribute trendy music as hip-hop currently mainstream.Websites WorldStarHipHop.com – unreleased music tracks and video links, up coming/underrated music artists ITunes – app store, apple website, specialized section for specific genre and artists HotNewHipHop.com Xxlmag.com – through the magazine promoting current existing, popular artists, hip hop gossip, new tracks and featured articles in relation to the music industry and genre type MTV Rap City (YouTube streaming site)
  11. 11. Predictions – for the future?How might the genre develop? What direction does it appear to be heading in?From the type of music that is distributedand categorized within the hip hop genre The suggestion made for the directiontoday and before is that the perspective that the hip hop genre is heading inof the legacy of hip hop relies on could be that the type of music producedenlightening listeners and teaching the or categorized in this genre hasvalues of life through complex story traditionally stayed the same throughouttelling within the song/track itself the years as the same methods haveproduced by the artist. Basically, through been used such as rhythmicthe music being produced by previous orpresent artists today will be based upon wordplay, instruments, beat flow andtrue life story telling and past experiences rhyming and but developed in some wayin which they want to express through that our generation interprets it. So it willmusic. This therefore can show that the traditionally stay the same throughoutgenre might develop as music artists may the coming years keeping the style ofstory tell real life experiences in songs to music the same but may change inexpress a sense of feelings and terms of trending images of up comingemotions. artists in clothing style and song meaning.