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Jeremy Wood Visual Resume


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Short visual resume created for professional communication and presentation.

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Jeremy Wood Visual Resume

  1. 1. Jeremy Wood I can be strong for youWood 4x4 under the pressure of 48,000 lbs of steel
  2. 2. Basic InformationJeremy Ray wood Age: 26 Currently live in Highland Heights, Ky
  3. 3. My Strength
  4. 4. LeadershipMy Strength
  5. 5. LeadershipMy Strength Teachable
  6. 6. Leadership My StrengthTeachable Creativity
  7. 7. LeadershipA wise man once told me...
  8. 8. LeadershipA wise man once told me... Do not ask others to do something that you would not do yourself. Thats my dad!
  9. 9. LeadershipMy journey of leadership started in Virginia Beach, Va I went to take part in a music internship
  10. 10. LeadershipWithin a year... (Not me, just how I felt) I was leading that internship
  11. 11. Being thrust into leadership at a young age also forces you to become teachable.
  12. 12. Teachable Humility is essential!!!
  13. 13. TeachableI have learned it is okay to admit when you are wrong as long as you are willing to allow that moment to change you
  14. 14. Teachable I still pursue opportunities to learn...
  15. 15. Teachable I am 5 months away from Donald Miller Earning a B.S. in Music Production with a 3.6 GPA And I read as many informative books as I can
  16. 16. But I love to create!!!And sometimes I get a little excited about it
  17. 17. Creative Tools I use http ://ww w.fli ck m/p hoto s/joe lmo ntes /476 23 8439 9/siz es/l/ in/ph otos t ream /
  18. 18. CreativeThis means I will always be looking for creative ways to save money and streamline processes for the greater good of my employer.
  19. 19. Creative through words makes me well versed in theart of communication. This means I can find several ways to make a point and make sure it gets heard
  20. 20. Want to know more? Email: Jeremy_Wood@me.comLinkedIn: Flickr: Jeremy_Wood SoundCloud: Jeremy_Wood
  21. 21. Image Sources