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Webinar: 5 tips to significantly increase donations from email this tax time


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We walked through 5 tips to significant increase donations from email this tax time. These include:
1. Sending at the right time
2. Add bold donation buttons
3. Use emotive story telling
4. Mimic your giving amounts
5. Prefill donation amounts

We were also fortunate that Samantha Bailey, Donor Development Officer from Royal Flying Doctors QLD shared with us her experience with digital and emails in particular

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Webinar: 5 tips to significantly increase donations from email this tax time

  1. 1. Digital giving made easy WEBINAR: 5 Tips to significantly increase donations from email this tax time
  2. 2. Jeremy Tobias CEO GiveEasy Digital giving made easy An entire suite of fundraising solutions available in one click.
  3. 3. GiveEasy has developed a number of products solving genuine pain points for NFPs Crowdfunding | Peer to peer • Setup crowdfunding page in minutes • Tailor to your page with video, images and story • Receive real-time donations from your supporters via your page and integrate with SMS • Track progress of goals with tally • Share video content • Help drive engagement • Create hype • Consolidate your crowdfunding to one page Personalised donations • Automatically filled donation forms including name, email and unique amount for each donor • Reduces donor drop-off • One click giving solution, if they have donated on GiveEasy before • Quicker and easier for donors as well as a better experience • You have full control in sending your emails. As our platform integrates with Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Vision 6 and many others SMS Donations • Inbound SMS Text a keyword to donate • Outbound SMS Send an SMS to supporters to donate • Communication Good luck messages, messages to fundraisers • Live events Setup a live event thermometer bar Beautiful donation pages • Mobile responsive design • Drag and drop design • Your own look and feel with images, colour and video • Track donation source • Unlimited pages • Setup for regular giving Digital giving suite purely for charities
  4. 4. Unlocking the power of email To raise you more for charity
  5. 5. Why email is still highly effective PERSONALISED CONTENT Sending content tailored for the reader, makes your reach more impactful. You can make it a highly personal experience. INCREASES VISIBLITY With multi-channel approach COST EFFECTIVE WAY TO REACH YOUR DONORS When you want to keep your campaigns lean, then email gives you the best ROI.
  6. 6. 5 Tips to significantly increase donations from email this tax time Let’s dive in…
  7. 7. Send at the right time You spend so much time on planning, then hit send at the wrong time Think about your donor, and when is most likely to reach them. Pre-program the send time, to maximise the open rate. TIP # 1
  8. 8. Add bold donate buttons… …and LOTS of them Best practice is to use clear, bold donate buttons rather than hyperlinks. Remember: It’s all about a clear call to action. TIP # 2
  9. 9. 18 sleeps to go… TIP #2 Add plenty of donate buttons
  10. 10. Use emotive storytelling. Give true picture of the scenario Personalise as much as possible Make them feel part of the team Use first person High value or low value list TIP # 3
  11. 11. That’s why we need you and your kind support so urgently. TIP #3 Share an emotive story Now we are $45,000 short of funding to stay on the road
  12. 12. TIP #3 Share an emotive story We are not going to reach our target…
  13. 13. Mimic your giving amounts Use your data to include last gift amount. Use tangible dollar values TIP # 4
  14. 14. Time is running out DONATE $20 DONATE $25 DONATE $30 Donate a gift amount of your choice TIP #4 Mimic your giving amounts
  15. 15. TIP #4 Mimic your giving amounts Will you help Suzanne? $35 buys a baby kit $75 buys care for a month
  16. 16. Prefill donation amounts dynamically. In just a few words. Capture the reason for giving, and how your donors can help with clear dollar handles. TIP # 5
  17. 17. Desktop: Beautiful donation page TIP #5 Pre-fill amounts
  18. 18. TIP #5 Pre-fill amounts Mobile: Beautiful donation page Desktop: Beautiful donation page
  19. 19. Donate
  20. 20. TIP #5 Pre-fill amounts Samantha, what happened to Cliff wasn't a one off.
  21. 21. First time donation $ 50 Alex Legend First time donation experience Pre-filled giving amount Form pre-populated 30 seconds to donate Donate with Credit Card
  22. 22. Second time donation If they have donated before Pre-filled giving amount Form pre-populated One-click donation Token for card $ 50 Alex Legend Confirm Donation Change Payment Confirm Donation Change Payment
  23. 23. TIP #5 Pre-fill amounts Samantha, what happened to Cliff wasn't a one off.
  24. 24. First time donation Second time donation $ 50 Alex Legend $ 50 Alex Legend Donate with Credit Card Confirm Donation Change Payment
  25. 25. HOW TO SETUP PRE-FILLED EMAILS SETUP Create your own beautiful donation page DATA Send data to GiveEasy (first name, last name, email, unique amounts) LINKS GiveEasy sends unique links to you SEND Send via mail program
  26. 26. Tip #1: Send at the right time Tip #2: Add bold donate buttons Tip #3: Use emotive storytelling Tip #4: Mimic your donation amounts Tip #5: Prefill donation amounts 5 TIPS TO SIGNIFICANTLY INCREASE DONATIONS WITH EMAIL AT TAX TIME
  27. 27. Digital giving made easy Reach the skies with email, just like the Flying Doctors
  28. 28. Samantha Bailey Royal Flying Doctor Queensland Section
  29. 29. SUCCESS STORY We used GiveEasy to increase our digital footprint. It is simple to use, with the added bonus we could track the success of our campaigns. Royal Flying Doctor Service, Queensland
  30. 30. Questions? Contact the experts in giving