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Diana Felicicano Spring 2016


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Diana Feliciano explains her role as a NERC knowledge exchange fellow.

Published in: Science
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Diana Felicicano Spring 2016

  1. 1. Diana Feliciano Education • Degree in Forestry Engineering– 5 years Technical University of Lisbon • MSc in Economics – Portuguese Catholic University • PhD in Geography– University of Aberdeen and JHI Working path • Portuguese Catholic University – Faculty of Economics and Managements • Macaulay Land Use Research Institute – SEGS • International Social Science Council, UNESCO • University of Aberdeen – School Biological Sciences
  2. 2. Climate change The Climate Change (Scotland) Act 2009 – created a statutory framework for GHG emissions reductions by setting a 42% reduction target for 2020, and an 80% reduction target for 2050. Source: UKCCC
  3. 3. What is the role of land use in climate change mitigation and adaptation. Why is land use so important?
  4. 4. Not an enclosed system – This is reality! Source: D. Feliciano
  5. 5. • NERC KE fellowship: Understanding Socio- Economics in the Adoption of Sustainable Agricultural Practices (USE-ASAP). Stakeholder analysis UsersCollaborative research Two-way exchange