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Multimedia presentation jeremy folkerson-200228944

  1. 1. Jeremy Folkerson 200228944
  2. 2. “Technological progress is like an axe in the hands of a pathological criminal.” Albert Einstein
  3. 3. • Over use of earths natural resources • Advanced weapons • Antibiotic resistant viruses • Human curiosity • Self aware machines • Overpopulation • Climate change Factors that can lead to the destruction of earth
  4. 4. Over use of earths natural resources to feed technological advancements and societal growth could lead to the destruction and collapse of society and ultimately the planet itself .Once these non-renewable resources are depleted they are lost. Every new substitute will have to be engineered which would require time and more resources. Over use of earths natural resources
  5. 5. Advanced weapons could spell the end of earth.The amount of destructive power that a nuclear bomb could unleash is immense. As countries advance technologically the likelihood of advanced weapons become greater. Advanced weapons “I know not with what weapons WorldWar III will be fought, but WorldWar IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” Albert Einstein
  6. 6. This means that developing countries that may be unstable or have unstable leaders could have the ability to produce nuclear bombs in the future.These countries and leaders will care little for the ramifications that a nuclear detonation will cause
  7. 7. With the advancement of medicine come the advancement of antibiotics. As more and more antibiotics are used there is a greater risk that the bacteria or viruses they are trying to get rid of will adapt and there will be no effect on them. Antibiotic resistant viruses
  8. 8. This opens the door to a potential virus that is resistant to all antibiotics.This could cause a global pandemic that could have no cure.
  9. 9. People and society's using technology to reach out and attempt to make contact with other sentient beings in the universe. Human Curiosity
  10. 10. Technology will allow for use to attempt to make contact with these beings( if you believe in aliens that is) whiter it be from transition of signals of visiting other worlds (mars, the moon).If contact was made who's to say that these beings wouldn’t want what we have and want to destroy us
  11. 11. As we advance technologically our computers are getting smarter and smarter.There is potential that as we and our computers are advancing they will become self aware to the point were they may see humanity as a threat and rise up. Rise of Self aware machines
  12. 12. As earths population is growing at an unsustainable rate. Modern technology is extending lifespans and bringing life to those who would otherwise be unable and infertile. With a growing population come the demand for more space, space which could be used for farms or other means of renewable energy.This loosely ties into the factor of over using resources. Over Population
  13. 13. Society's advancements haven't come without a great cost to the environment. Industrial growth around the world sets the stage for global warming and climate change. If nations around the world don’t try to regulate emissions from industry there could be dire consequences since nature is unpredictable Climate Change
  14. 14. These factors are just some of the potential ways that technology can destroy our planet and we can be sure that as we advance there will be more factors that appear. Technology will Destroy our Planet “It has become appallingly obvious that our technology has exceeded our humanity.” Albert Einstein
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