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Retrospect workgroup backup 4.3 (20 user)


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Retrospect workgroup backup 4.3 (20 user)

  1. 1. Retrospect Workgroup Backup 4.3 (20-user)This product is a license. The software describedbelow must be purchased separately. RetrospectWorkgroup Backup protects files on any 20networked desktops, notebooks, or a local server.Retrospect Workgroup Backup supports backupof a Mac server as well as any other Macintoshcomputer on the same subnet. Install RetrospectBackup along with a storage device. Install
  2. 2. included client software on the other computers,and backup everyone over the network. As soonas they connect, notebook users are protectedautomatically. Installation is quick andeasy--Retrospect Backup immediately recognizesyour storage device and automatically loads theappropriate driver. Retrospect BackupsEasyScript wizard builds a complete backupschedule for you. Individual users dont have tocopy files to the server, as Retrospect backs upeveryone automatically. Incremental backupssave time and media. Equally important for datasecurity is having more than one backup set.Retrospect Backup supports incremental backupsto multiple complete backup sets. RetrospectBackup makes it easy to restore individual filesor an entire hard disk, including the registry, in asingle step--even after incremental backups.Other backup applications make you restore afull backup and then each incremental backupsession, one by one. After backing up, Retrospectrereads the original files and compares them tothe stored files, byte for byte. Read more