Quick books premier retail edition 2007 [older version]


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Quick books premier retail edition 2007 [older version]

  1. 1. QuickBooks Premier Retail Edition 2007 [OLDERVERSION]QuickBooks Premier Retail 2007 makes it easy foryou to keep track of everything from customersto inventory, purchase orders to profits -- all inone place, and find any information within one ortwo clicks. Its the right tool for retailers lookingto get daily sales summaries, create businessplans and forecasts, customize pricing and more.
  2. 2. This special version features all the toolsavailable in QuickBooks Pro 2007, plusspecialized applications for retailers. Keep tabson sales, POs, taxes and profits automatically --10 built-in retail-specific reports help see whereyou stand in every area of your business Learn byexample with retail sample files & built-intutorials Get set up and running quickly withone-click feature access Share data withMicrosoft Word, Outlook and Excel Read moreQuickBooks Premier Retail Edition 2007 isspecifically designed for retailers--with reportsand tools to help you manage your businessfinances more effectively. Track your salesresults in one convenient place with the SalesSummary form. View larger. Save time managingyour retail activities Track your sales results inone convenient place with the Sales Summaryform, where you can enter sales for the day,week, or any period you choose. Calculatesales-tax liability automatically and quicklyidentify over/under amounts. The Home Pagehelps you jump to your key activities in just twoclicks. Save time with more than 100professionally designed forms and templates,including many designed specifically for retailers.
  3. 3. You get forms for handling sales returns, vendorreturns, and more. And you can customize themin QuickBooks with better, more advanced toolsto create professional-looking forms. Readilytransfer sales data from QuickBooks Point of SaleSave time, save effort, and avoid errors bypairing Premier Retail Edition with QuickBooksPoint of Sale for a streamlined retail-businesssystem that saves you time, reduces errors, andgives you more insight into your business.(Works with QuickBooks Point of Sale versions 3,4, 5, and 6, all sold separately.) Share data withMicrosoft Office and other applications, includingExcel, Word, and Outlook. View larger. Tracksales trends, keep tabs on vendor purchases andreturns, and analyze profitability with built-inreports. View larger. Take advantage of built-intutorials, a chart of accounts customized forretailers, onscreen help, and free QuickBookscallback support for 30 days followingregistration. View larger. Share data withMicrosoft Office and other applicationsQuickBooks breaks the language barriersbetween your favorite applications, so you canshare data seamlessly instead of tediouslycopying or retyping it. With QuickBooks Retail
  4. 4. Edition, you can share data with Excel, Word, andOutlook, which saves time and helps reduceerrors. Avoid redundant data entry with easysynchronization with Outlook. Simply downloadthe QuickBooks Contact Sync tool, and a"synchronize" icon will appear in your Outlooktoolbar. Just click once on this icon whenever youwant to sync customer, vendor, or jobinformation between QuickBooks and Outlook.Import large groups of customers, vendors, andinventory items quickly from Microsoft Excel. Orexport your QuickBooks reports to new orexisting Excel spreadsheets with all Excelformulas and formatting intact. Anytime youexport new data from QuickBooks, Excel appliesyour existing formulas and updates the resultsautomatically. QuickBooks comes with a varietyof standard customer and vendor letters createdin Microsoft Word and customized to work withQuickBooks. Select a group of customers orvendors in QuickBooks, choose a template, andQuickBooks merges the data to create Worddocuments. You can create standard paperenvelopes just as easily. Word, Excel, andOutlook integration require Microsoft Word, Excel,and Outlook 2000, 2002, or 2003 (all sold
  5. 5. separately). Synchronization with Outlook is alsopossible with QuickBooks Customer Manager(sold separately). Get day-to-day insight intoyour business Retail edition includes 10retail-specific reports, with which you can tracksales trends, keep tabs on vendor purchases andreturns, and analyze profitability. With just oneclick, you can run reports that allow you tosummarize sales by type of payment and spotsales trends, calculate sales tax liability, andprioritize bills for payment. You can also keeptabs on your vendor purchases and vendorreturns, and understand where your profits (orlosses) are coming from. Start fast and get helpwhen you need it QuickBooks makes gettingstarted so quick and easy, you could bemanaging your finances in as little as half anhour. Answer a few basic questions, and receivea customized setup that you can change at anytime. Import customers and vendors from Excel,or enter them on-the-fly as you pay bills andrecord sales. If youre already using QuickBooks,your company file and preferences will transferautomatically. Help features include built-intutorials, a chart of accounts customized forretailers, onscreen help, and free QuickBooks
  6. 6. callback support for 30 days followingregistration. Satisfaction Guaranteed QuickBooksis the financial-management softwarerecommended by more accountants than anyother, and Intuit guarantees your satisfaction oryour money back. If youre not satisfied, returnthe business software to Intuit within 60 dayswith dated receipt for a refund of the purchaseprice. With more than 3 million users, QuickBooksis the most widely used small-businessaccounting software. Its recommended byaccountants over any other product. A 13-yearhistory of continuous improvement assures youof the simplest, most flexible software for yourbusiness. Read moreProduct FeatureSpecifically designed for retailers, with reportsqand tools to help you manage your businessfinances more effectivelyTransfer sales data, including customerqinformation, instantly from QuickBooks Point ofSale versions 3, 4, 5, and 6Share data with Microsoft Office applicationsqGet day-to-day insight into your business withq
  7. 7. 10 retail-specific reportsStart fast and get help when you need it withqbuilt-in tutorials, onscreen help, and FREEQuickBooks callback support