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Microsoft visual studio pro w msdn pro 2005 [old version]


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Microsoft visual studio pro w msdn pro 2005 [old version]

  1. 1. Microsoft Visual Studio Pro w/MSDN Pro 2005[OLD VERSION]Microsoft offers Microsoft Visual Studio 2005Professional Edition for professional developersworking alone or in small teams. It gives themcomplete access to the .NET Framework 2.0, arobust, fully functional development environment;support for creating tools that extend the VisualStudio integrated development environment; and
  2. 2. tools for creating multi-tier Windows, Web, andmobile device applications. Read moreMicrosoft Visual Studio Pro w/MSDN Pro 2005 isone of the most significant developer toolsavailable for building high-performance,multi-tier applications for Windows, the Web, andmobile devices. Designed for developers workingalone or in small teams, Visual Studio Pro 2005features integrated visual database tools fordesigning databases, tables, and storedprocedures. You can also design, debug, anddeploy multi-tier applications; and build a widearray of high-performance solutions faster thanever. Visual Studio 2005 combined with ASP.NET2.0 offers an improved environment forpublishing and administering a Web site. Viewlarger. The new ClickOnce applicationdeployment technology makes deploying adesktop application as easy as deploying a webapplication. View larger. The Solution Explorernow makes it easy for you to clean up unwantedfiles. View larger. With Visual Studio Pro 2005spowerful, enterprise-class application platform,you can also easily create and deploy clientapplications, and automatically publish andmaintain applications and their dependencies
  3. 3. with integrated ClickOnce support. With morethan 50 new controls and hundreds of built-inservices for site security, personalization andlook and feel, Visual Studio Pro 2005 gives youthe tools it takes to build fast, interactive Webapplications. Enhanced visual designers andeditors speed up development times significantly,while intuitive visual designers help to improveyour XML editing and XSLT debugging. In short,you can tackle just about any development task,whether its creating dynamic, data-drivenapplications using an integrated data access,design, and reporting environment, or creatingrobust applications using the Microsoft .NETFramework 2.0, the .NET Compact Framework 2.0,and native code -- all supported by MicrosoftVisual Studio 2005. You can ! also easily developfor 64-bit systems using a 64-bit version of the.NET Framework. Visual Studio 2005 ProfessionalEdition includes Microsoft Visual Basic, MicrosoftVisual C#, Microsoft Visual C++, and MicrosoftVisual J# programming languages; tools forbuilding Windows and Web solutions;SmartPhone and Pocket PC development tools forbuilding Windows CE-based applications; VisualDatabase tools; advanced debugging tools,
  4. 4. including cross-machine debugging; and muchmore. Cross Machine Debugging and Better WebPublishing Visual Studio 2005, combined withASP.NET 2.0, offers an improved environment forpublishing and administering a Web site. Withthe built-in publishing features, such asintegrated File Transfer Protocol (FTP), you cankeep files in your local project and synchronizethem with files located on a remote Web server.Visual Studio automatically logs copied fileswhich helps you to identify whether the remotesite has been updated with the latest files. Andto help protect your site and your IP, you canpre-compile a Web site to publish onlyexecutable code, no source files, to yourproduction server. The Web site configurationinterface makes it easy to set up and maintainapplications, and the new Web SiteAdministration Tool helps you manage remotesites. You can manage cache settings at theserver and Web site level to improve theperformance of your published Web sites. Andusers can manage their own sites with the newASP.NET Microsoft Management Console (MMC)plug-in. The Solution Explorer in Visual Studio2005 also makes it easy for you to clean up
  5. 5. unwanted files. Simply choose Clean Solutionfrom the Build Menu and all the intermediatefiles and output directories in your wholesolution will be removed. For Visual C++, you canalso use the Project Only submenu of the BuildMenu to clean only the project currently selectedin Solution Explorer, without cleaning any projectdependencies or solution files. Other featuresinclude a new checksum feature that matchesmultiple source file names without any confusion;provider-driven application services that let youextend the powerful features of Visual StudioTeam System by adding your own ASP .NETapplication services seamlessly, giving youcomplete control over the tools and environment.MSDN Premium Subscriptions Visual Studio 2005Team Suite also includes an MSDN PremiumSubscription. An MSDN Premium Subscriptionprovides continuous, priority access to thetechnologies you need to support Visual StudioTeam System and build a broad range ofapplications and Web services, including thelatest versions of Windows Server 2003, Windows2000 Server, Windows 2000 Professional,Windows 2000 Advanced Server, Windows XPProfessional Edition, Windows XP Home Edition,
  6. 6. and future Windows releases. (Usage rights arelimited to development and testing only.) Withthe subscription, your technical support includesunlimited usage of MSDN Managed Newsgroupsfor online support with a guaranteed responsetime of two business days, phone-based supportincidents, and free access to MSDN OnlineConcierge for nontechnical questions regardingnavigation of the MSDN site, Knowledge Basearticle searches, and MSDN SubscriberDownloads. Also, continuously updated technicalcontent is available through the MSDN Library,which offers comprehensive programminginformation, code samples, sample applications,technical documentation and articles, and theMicrosoft Developer Knowledge Base. Read moreProduct FeatureComplete development environment withqcomprehensive application developmentfeatures, including improved visual designers,code editors, and programming languages foroptimum productivity.Develop and debug mulitier server applicationsqfrom with the unified development enviroment -
  7. 7. even remotely.Build tools that extend the Visual StudioqIntegrated Development enviroment using theVisual Studio Software Developers Kit.MSDN Professional includes latest Microsoftqoperating systems.MSDN includes technical support andqcontinuously updated technical content.