Mac box set family pack [old version]


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Mac box set family pack [old version]

  1. 1. Mac Box Set Family Pack [OLD VERSION]MAC BOX SET FAMILY PACK-INT Read moreGive your Mac the upgrades it deserves with thelatest versions of the Apple software for yourMac--all in one box: Mac OS X v10.5.6 Leopard,the worlds most powerful operating system; iLife09, featuring the new iPhoto, iMovie,GarageBand, iWeb, and iDVD; and iWork 09,Apples productivity suite including the new
  2. 2. Pages, Numbers, and Keynote. Its the next bestthing to getting a new Mac. Install the Mac BoxSet Family Pack on up to five Mac computers inyour household. Mac Box Set Family Pack TheFamily Pack Software License Agreement allowsyou to install and use one copy of the Applesoftware on up to a maximum of five (5)Apple-labeled computers at a time as long asthose computers are located in the samehousehold and used by persons who occupy thathousehold. By "household" we mean a person orpersons who share the same housing unit such asa home, apartment, mobile home, orcondominium, including students who areprimary residents of that household but reside ata separate on-campus location. This license doesnot extend to business or commercial users. Thenew Mac Box Set. Give your Mac the upgrades itdeserves with the Mac Box Set. And save 40%.Get the latest versions of the Apple software foryour Mac--all in one box: Mac OS X v10.5.6Leopard, the latest version of the worlds mostpowerful operating system iLife 09, featuring thenew iPhoto 09, iMovie 09, GarageBand 09, iWeb09, and iDVD iWork 09, Apples productivitysuite for home and office including Pages 09,
  3. 3. Numbers 09, and Keynote 09 Mac OS X Leopard.More fun. More productivity. More Mac. With MacOS X Leopard, the worlds most advancedoperating system is now even better. Leopard isloaded with innovations--starting with anamazingly trouble-free installation if youreupgrading your Mac. Then its never been easierto find, arrange, and share everything on yourcomputer. Organize your files in stacks, browsefiles with Cover Flow, use Quick Look to previewfiles without even opening them, go back in timeto restore old files with Time Machine, send emailusing personalized stationery, add effects tovideo chats, and much more. Desktop Enjoy agorgeous new look, with Stacks to keep your filesorganized. Finder Preview your files in the Finderand flip through them with Cover Flow. QuickLook View, play, or read the contents of a filewithout even opening it. Time MachineAutomatically back up everything on your Macand find old files. Spaces Group your windows indifferent spaces and quickly switch betweenthem. Mail Email personalized stationery, createto-do lists, and take notes. iChat Add effects tovideo chats and show off photos, movies, andpresentations. Safari Surf the Internet using the
  4. 4. fastest browser on the Mac. Parental ControlsMake sure your kids have a safe experience usingthe computer. Boot Camp Run Windows softwareright on your Mac at native speed. See the MacOS X Leopard product page for more information.iLife 09. Get the most out of your photos, movies,and music. iLife 09 makes it easier than ever toget the most out of the photos, movies, andmusic on your Mac. In iPhoto 09, you canorganize and find your photos in two new ways:Faces, based on who is in your photos, andPlaces, based on where they were taken. iMovie09 lets you make the movie you want in the timeyou have. With new themes, you can give yourmovie a professional look in seconds. Or use thenew Precision Editor to fine-tune yourmasterpiece. With Basic Lessons in GarageBand09, you can learn to play piano and guitar. Andyou can compose and record your own songs withnew guitar amps and stompbox effects. iPhoto09: Organize and search your photos by facesand places. Organize and find your photos in twonew ways: Faces, based on who is in your photos,and Places, based on where you took them. WithFaces, iPhoto automatically detects and evenrecognizes faces in your photos to help you
  5. 5. organize and find photos by people. Places letsyou search and sort photos by location, usingdata from a GPS-enabled camera or the cameraon iPhone to categorize photos by location.iPhoto 09 also offers a number of great ways toshare photos. Create an instantslideshow--complete with animated titles andcaptions. Publish them on your Facebook pageand automatically notify Facebook friends. Orcreate a beautiful, professionally printed photobook, complete with photo-wrapped cover andmatching dust jacket. iMovie 09: Create a moviein minutes or edit your masterpiece. Make agreat movie in the time you have. Give yourmovie a professional look in seconds by applyingApple-designed themes with matching titles andtransitions. You can even enhance your vacationvideos by using eye-catching, animated travelmaps. Refine your masterpiece with the newPrecision Editor: Use the magnified filmstrip tomake precise cuts--even reposition and adjustthe duration of titles, transitions, and effects.With enhanced drag-and-drop editing, you canreplace or insert clips using a single pop-up menuor even add cutaways, picture-in-picture, andgreen-screen effects. Smooth shaky clips with
  6. 6. automatic video stabilization. And add furtherpolish to your movie by choosing animated titles,transitions, and cinema-quality video effectsfrom the new Preview Palette. GarageBand 09.Learn to play: Start a jam session. Record andmix your own song. Now you can learn to play aninstrument right on your Mac. GarageBand 09introduces Basic Lessons to help you learn pianoand guitar. Interactive video lessons teach youthe fundamentals at your own pace. And whenyoure ready, you can purchase an Artist Lessonand learn how to play a hit song from the artistwho made it famous, including Sting, Fall Out Boy,Colbie Caillat, and others. With GarageBand 09,you can rock like a legend with new amps andstompbox effects that re-create the sound oflegendary guitar rigs--right on your Mac. Jamwith virtual instruments in Magic GarageBandJam, using a new full-screen view that lets youmix, play along, and record. iWeb 09: Design,publish, and update your own websites just theway you want them. Now you can design, publish,and update your own websites just the way youwant them. With iWeb 09, you can create a sitequickly using Apple-designed themes and pagetemplates. Then customize it by adding photos or
  7. 7. movies and typing text into placeholders. Youcan also add dynamic, interactive widgets to yoursite, such as RSS feeds, HTML snippets, iSightphotos and videos, or a countdown timer, usingthe handy iWeb Widget Browser. Ready to go live?Publish your site with one click to MobileMe. Oruse built-in FTP publishing to publish your site tovirtually any hosting service. With iWeb 09, youcan even link your site to your Facebook accountand automatically update your Facebook profilewhen you publish. iDVD: Hollywood-style DVDsmade easy. Create your own DVD in less timethan it takes to watch one. With iDVD, you canpremiere your movies and photo slideshows on aprofessional-quality DVD with animated menus,buttons, scene selection, and more--allcustomizable to suit whatever youre sharing. Oryou can use Magic iDVD. Choose from a collectionof themes, select the movies and photos youwant to feature, then have Magic iDVDautomatically create a complete DVD project,with main menu, buttons, menus, and more,thats ready to burn and share with family andfriends. See the iLife 09 product page for moreinformation. iWork 09. Documents, spreadsheets,and presentations. The Mac way. iWork 09,
  8. 8. Apples office productivity suite, is the easiestway to create documents, spreadsheets, andpresentations the Mac way. Pages is both astreamlined word processor and an easy-to-usepage layout application. It allows you to be awriter one minute and a designer the next,always with a perfect document in the works.Numbers, with its great-looking templates,easy-to-create formulas, and dynamic tables andcharts, gives you simple ways to make sense ofyour data. Use Keynote to create yourpresentations, and youll be a hard act to follow.Its powerful yet easy-to-use tools and dazzlingeffects put the show in slideshow. Packed withover 250 Apple-designed themes andtemplates--including 60 new designsoverall--iWork lets you create projects that lookpolished from the first page or slide. And iWork iscompatible with Microsoft Office, so its easy toshare your work. Pages 09: Creating the perfectbrochure, flyer, report, or resume is faster andeasier than ever. Pages is both a streamlinedword processor and an easy-to-use page layoutapplication. It starts with an enhanced TemplateChooser that lets you skim more than 180Apple-designed templates. You can easily create
  9. 9. stunning documents, from a simple letter to aprofessionally polished resume to a multipagenewsletter and more. Or start with a blank pageand let your words and creativity take their owncourse. Reports, resumes, brochures, newsletters,invitations--whatever you write, Pages putspowerful tools at your fingertips. So you cancreate beautiful, media-rich documents inminutes. Numbers 09: Create spreadsheets,organize data, and write formulas with simple yetpowerful tools. Plan a wedding. Save forretirement. Track your workouts. Keep a babyjournal. Spreadsheets can help you organize andplan, and great-looking, Apple-designedtemplates will help you get started. Choose from30 templates to use for home, work, and school.Tables are already made. Formulas have beenfigured out. Fonts are in place. Theyre all readyto go. Just find something you like and make ityour own. If youre starting with a blank sheet,thats easy, too. Spreadsheets are built on aflexible, free-form canvas. So you can movetables, charts, graphics, and text anywhere youwant on the page. Effortlessly create formulasusing an intuitive browser with more than 250functions. Add interactive controls such as
  10. 10. sliders, steppers, and checkboxes that let youplay "what if" in real time. Scale your documentwith a drag of the mouse to create the perfectprintout using the interactive print view. You caneven add photos, movies, and music to yourspreadsheet with just a few clicks. Keynote 09:With great new features in Keynote, creating ashow-stopping presentation is surprisinglysimple. Even if youve never used Keynote before,youll find creating a presentation surprisinglysimple. An enhanced Theme Chooser lets youskim through an impressive collection of 44Apple-designed themes. Once youve chosen theperfect canvas for your presentation, simplysubstitute placeholder text and graphics withyour own words and images. Easy-to-use tools letyou add elements such as tables, charts, shapes,photos, and videos to slides. Finish off yourmasterpiece with cinematic animations andtransitions that look as though they were createdby your own special effects team. With Keynote,you have all the tools you need to make anamazing presentation amazingly simple. See theiWork 09 product page for more information.Read more
  11. 11. Product FeatureMac OS X LeopardThe worlds most advancedqoperating system, Mac OS X v10.5.6 Leopardinstalls easily, works with the software andaccessories you already have, and is packedwith over 300 new featuresiLife 09 Get the most out of photos, movies,qand music on your Mac.iWork 09 Get everything you need to makeqimpressive documents, spreadsheets, andpresentations in minutes.