Adobe illustrator cs2 (mac)


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Adobe illustrator cs2 (mac)

  1. 1. Adobe Illustrator CS2 (Mac)Adobe Illustrator CS2 lets you realize your ideasquickly and powerfully. Instantly convert bitmapsto vector artwork and paint more intuitively.Save time with intelligent palettes and optimizedworkspaces. Take your graphics to the printedpage, Web sites, video, mobile devices, andvirtually everywhere you want to go. See foryourself how vector graphics have been
  2. 2. reinvented -- and rediscover what you love aboutillustration. Use Adobe Bridge to browse andpreview your creative assets, run automationscripts, access Adobe Stock Photos, and moreAdobe Photoshop layer comp support - controlopen Photoshop files within Illustrator CS2 PDF/Xsupport creates reliable, press-ready layoutsRead moreAdobe Illustrator CS2 is the latest (April 2005)release of Adobe Illustrator, theindustry-standard vector graphics software.Illustrator CS2 gives designers new creativefreedom so they can realize ideas quickly andpowerfully. Users can instantly convert bitmapsto vector artwork with Live Trace, paintintuitively with Live Paint and save time with thenew context-sensitive Control Palette andoptimized workspaces. Plus, tight integrationwith other software, both within the new AdobeCreative Suite 2 and with other applications, letsdesigners produce extraordinary graphics forprint, video, the Web, and mobile devices. WhatsNew with CS2? Live Trace Quickly and accuratelyconvert photos, scans, or other bitmap images toeditable and scalable vector paths with the LiveTrace feature. Live Paint Apply color to any area
  3. 3. of your artwork and use overlapping paths tocreate new shapes with the Live Paint tool, whichintuitively colors artwork and automaticallydetects and corrects gaps. Control PaletteDiscover new features and find existing featuresfaster in the context-sensitive Control Palette.Accessing selection-based tools from a singlelocation eliminates the need for multiple palettes.Custom Workspaces Work more efficiently andoptimize your screen area using CustomWorkspaces that display only the palettes youneed for a specific task. Save, share, or accessany workspace at any time or use workspacetemplates. Adobe Photoshop Layer Comp SupportControl the visibility of layer comps in linked,embedded, or opened Photoshop files fromwithin Illustrator CS2. Adobe Bridge Use AdobeBridge to efficiently browse and preview yourcreative assets, run automation scripts, accessAdobe Stock Photos, and more. Mobile ContentCreation Optimize rich graphical content formobile wireless devices by saving artwork in anySVG format, including SVG-t, with improvedexport options, previewing, and more. ColorizedGrayscale Assign a spot color to a linked,embedded, or opened grayscale image, or even
  4. 4. apply a spot color to a drop shadow and beconfident that artwork will separate properlywhen printing. More About Adobe Illustrator CS23D Effects Turn 2D shapes into fully editable 3Dobjects by extruding and revolving paths. Addlighting and wrap images around 3D shapes toeasily create objects such as packaging mock-ups.Advanced Typography Easily create and controltype with over 100 OpenType fonts, paragraphand character styles, paragraph composition,underline and strikethrough, transparent effects,and more. Envelopes and Live Distortion Easilywarp, liquefy, and distort artwork any wayimaginable with envelopes and live distortiontools. Professionally Designed Content Jump-startyour projects with more than 270 professionallydesigned templates and over 100 OpenType fonts,all included with Illustrator CS2. ProductionAutomation Work at peak efficiency withtimesaving tools like dynamic, data-drivengraphics, robust scripting, action sets, andautomated processing in Adobe Bridge.Integration with Your Favorite Applications Keepyour work flowing with easy integration of yourdesigns into other Adobe applications, as well asinto Macromedia Flash (SWF), QuarkXPress, and
  5. 5. Microsoft Office products. Enhanced Adobe PDFFile Creation Create native Adobe PDF files,including multipage PDF files, so clients andothers can easily review your artwork usingAdobe Acrobat or free Adobe Reader software.Superior Web Graphics Easily create for the Webusing vector-based slicing tools, expanded SVGimport and export, Pixel Preview mode,expanded Adobe Photoshop export options,simplified SWF file export options, and more.Nearly Universal Graphic File Format SupportWork with almost any type of graphicfile--including PDF, EPS, SVG, Photoshop (PSD),TIFF, GIF, JPEG, SWF, and more. Superior PrintCapabilities Get fast consistent results with anintuitive interface that includes advanced controlover separations, transparency flattening, Fit toPage, and new support for printing page tileoverlaps. Gradient Mesh Simulate airbrush andwatercolor effects by adding multiple colors andprecisely controlling the transitions betweencolors. Symbolism Tools Enhance your artworkwith additional design elements by spraying,scaling, colorizing, and adjusting thetransparency of repeated symbols while keepingfile sizes small. Flexible Brushes Add flair to
  6. 6. paths with customized brushes. Choose fromcalligraphic, scatter, art, and pattern brushes.Live Effects Apply live effects, including thehand-drawn Scribble Effect, without affecting theunderlying artwork, so you can edit at any timewithout starting over. Unlimited TransparencyExpand your design options with blending modesand transparency effects similar to those inAdobe Photoshop software. Envelopes and LiveDistortion Easily warp, liquify, and distortartwork any way imaginable with envelopes andlive distortion tools. 3D Effects Turn 2D shapesinto fully editable 3D objects by extruding andrevolving paths. Add lighting and wrap imagesaround 3D shapes to easily create objects suchas packaging mock-ups. Adobe Photoshop FiltersAchieve a wide variety of effects by applyingAdobe Photoshop filters as nondestructive liveeffects, included with the Photoshop FilterGallery. Pen Tool Draw with precision using thePen Tool for complete control over anchor pointsand Bézier curves. Pencil Tool Draw onscreen asyou would on paper with the Pencil tool. Editpaths by simply drawing a new line near the pathyou want to alter. Expanded Stroke OptionsControl the position of a stroke on a path by
  7. 7. choosing centered, inside, or outside. Smoothand Erase tools Quickly smooth unwanted bumpsin a path or erase part of a path with the Smoothand Erase tools. Advanced Typography: Characterand Paragraph Styles Apply formatting toindividual characters, lines of type, or entireparagraphs with a single click using Characterand Paragraph Styles. Paragraph CompositionOptimize line breaks throughout an entireparagraph with minimal hyphenation and betterword and letter spacing using the Every-LineComposer. Text Underline and StrikethroughEasily apply underlining and strikethroughs toany line of text, section of text, or text element.Transparent Text Effects Expand yourtypographic options using ghosted text,transparent drop shadows with soft edges, andother effects for transparent text. OpenTypeFonts Simplify cross-platform font managementand take advantage of alternate glyphs andextended character sets with more than 100OpenType fonts, included free. AutomaticKerning and Optical Alignment Adjust the spacebetween letters using automatic kerning, andhang punctuation outside the edges of a text boxusing optical alignment. Smart Quotes and
  8. 8. Ligatures Add polish to your designs withautomatic smart quotes and proper ligatures.Alternate Glyphs Palette Access a fontsextended character set from the Alternate Glyphspalette. Read moreProduct FeatureLive Trace and Live Paint convert bitmapqimages into vector paths, while applying colorwith overlapping paths, instantly detecting andcorrecting gapsCreate custom workspaces with the palettesqyou need for a specific task - Save, share, oraccess any workspace at any time or useworkspace templatesExpanded stroke options - choose a centered,qinside, or outside strokeOptimize mobile content creation by savingqartwork in any SVG format, including SVG-tColorized grayscale assigns a spot color to aqlinked, embedded, or opened grayscale image -for proper color separations when printing