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  1. can be viewed as a system which operates under the principle that education is a shared responsibility and accountability among school community stakeholders.
  2. BASIC CONCEPTS RELATED TO SCHOOL GOVERNANCE • A sustainable governance structure in school should produce stable and effective leadership which underpins achievement of the school’s objectives and which is sensitive to guarding the vision and values of the past, while being responsive to changes in community values and the preferences of the immediate stakeholders.
  3. INTERNAL STAKEHOLDERS EXTERNAL STAKEHOLDERS 1. Students & students organization 2. Parents of students 3. Parents association in the school 1. Various gov’t agencies 2. Non-gov’t agencies 3. Civic & social organizations 4. Alumni 5. Parents of Alumni 6. Retirees, Professionals 7. Basic Sectors (buss., fisher folks, farmers, IPs, Cultural minorities and others) COMPOSITION OF SCHOOL GOVERNING COUNCILS
  4. PURPOSE OF THE SCHOOL GOVERNING COUNCIL • Provides a forum for parents, students, teachers, community stakeholders and the school head to work together towards continuously improving student learning outcomes. • Provide opportunity and environment to develop shared responsibility in the children’s learning • Encourage and facilitate effective community stakeholders participation in school improvement process.
  5. The cooperative role of the school governing council and school staff is emphasized. Management and governance are clearly separated The focus is on improving student learning outcomes The broad definitions are set and monitored by the council The school head and the staff are responsible for reporting progress of SIP implementation to the School Governing Council. In this Model of Governance:
  6. Mission Statement of the School Governing Council • Communicates the ground of its existence • Conveys the reason of its existence • The clientele it wishes to serve • What the council intends to produce with reference to the school vision.
  7. The School Governing Council of ______________________________ National High School seeks to collaboratively work with school staff and the entire school community in incorporating learning resources into the improvement processes of the school to ensure continuous enhancement of student learning outcomes. Sample School Governing Council Mission Statement
  8. Guiding Principles for the School Governing Council Inclusive - ensures that all voices in the school community are heard and all perspective are taken into the account in the school processes. Respectful - recognizes differences among its constituents and appreciates all viewpoints Trustworthy – conducts its operation in an open and transparent manner Responsible – strives to respond to the needs and aspirations of the community they serve Effective – continuously makes a difference in their students’ learning Committed – commits to fulfill their role as a link in school level governance
  9. Clear & shared goals Openness Positive Synergy Good Leadership Coopera- tion & Trust Continuous personal dev’t Effective Communi -cation Transpa- rency Indicators of an Effective SGC
  10. Functions of SGC • Students welfare, discipline & well- being • Development & implementation of SIP • Monitoring & evaluation of the SIP implementation • Reporting progress of SIP implementation to the SDS & the community The SGC determines the general policies of the school on:
  11. Limitations of SGC in the exercise of authority It shall not directly manage the schools as that is the responsibility of the school head The power and responsibility of the SGC shall be lodged in the SGC acting as one body and not with the individual members It shall act through the school head the conduct of its affairs It shall not act on its own in any financial transactions involving school It shall not enter into or be bound by any contractual transactions for and in behalf of the school unless authorized for such purpose in its Constitution and by- laws
  12. Roles of the School Head as the CEO in the SGC Implement the SIP Implement the policies Provide accurate & timely information
  13. Participates in the development of SIP Generates resources to support the implementation of SIP Assists the school in installing the Monitoring and Evaluation Systen for school performance Organizes committees to support the school head & staff in the implementation of SIP Role of the SGC
  14. RELATIONSHIPS: The SGC can make representation to LGUs & other stakeholder groups to get the resources needed in the implementation of SIP The SGC & the school staff must exist with mutual trust & respect & share responsibilities in the continuous improvement of learning outcomes The willingness of the School Heads to involve parents & community members for the school tasks & in decision making provides a necessary foundation for all school- family-community partnerships
  15.  SGC provides an opportunity to develop a partnership between the school & community to improve the learning & well-being of all students  The role of the SGC is to assist in planning & setting direction for the school  The role of the school head is to provide the day to day management of the school  The positive & respectful relationship between the SGC & school head will be essential to the success of the school  Clear understanding of the rules for membership, roles & procedures must be developed Summary Points:
  16.  The SGC must work for the welfare and well-being of all students  It shall not act on its own in any financial transactions involving schools  It shall not enter into or be bound by any contractual transactions for and in behalf of the school unless authorized for such purpose in its Constitutions and by-laws Summary Points:
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